Here we are! The very first Sims 4 Legacy challenge attempted by yours truly! Are you excited? Cause I'm excited. :P

First of all, if you have NO idea what a Legacy Challenge is then you need to go here - That is the home of one legendary simmer by the name of Pinstar (and his wife ImaginingMystic) creator of said challenge. He's got all the preliminary rules posted, scoring to come soon. There's enough for us impatient bubbles to get started at any rate, so that's what I'm gonna do!

For this legacy I'll be using my recreation of an old Sims 2 sim, Chester Gieke. Lets see what this adorkable little guy can accomplish 2 games later, eh?

I won't re-hash all the rules of the challenge, it's all posted on Pinstar's site for your perusal if desired. I will, however, go ahead and share my succession laws here for posterity (and to keep meh honest, lol).

Gender Law : Equality

Boys or girls are eligible to inherit the Gieke title. I like the idea of the Strict Equality (must go back and forth between male and female heirs) but I don't want to tie myself down to something. So I might TRY for that without it being an ACTUAL rule. Just in case.

Bloodline Law : Strict Traditional

I've never really been one for adoption in the Sims anyhow, so this one doesn't bother me. All children must be born of the heir and a spouse.

Heir Law : Democracy

My heir will be chosen by reader votes, thus Democracy.

NEW! Species Law : Tolerant

Thanks to Get To Work we now have the option of Aliens! I don't want to pigeon-hole my heirs to be yay or nay, so the middle-man 'Tolerant' works best for me. They can be human!sim or alien!sim, just so long as they spring from the loins of the former heir, it's all good in the 'hood.

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