Tuesday, June 26, 2018

1.2 - For All Things A Season

Welcome back everybody! As promised, this chapter will have the arrival of SEASONS to this land of simmies. But not quite yet. We left off last time with the birth of our first heir to the second generation, Alistair.

CHESTER - I made dis.

Yes you did, sweetie. <3

Then he promptly broke his computer. You break it, you fix it, sir! Cause we can't afford a replacement right now even if we wanted to.

PRISHA - I like a man who's good with his hands . . . .

Oookay then, moving on . . .

Alistair was a baby for a while. Not much happened. You know how it is. But then! Crib sparkles!

Oh, what, you thought you'd get a toddler shot next? PSYCHE! Lol, first I must show you the toddler-section of the lawn. Impressive, no?

NOW you get a toddler shot. And isn't he precious! He got Prisha's hair and dark brown eye color, and rolled the oh-so-fitting Angelic toddler trait.

Adorable hoodie aside, things are not so great in this picture. There's a lip wibble! Get some comfort over here STAT, I can't handle this little boy's sad face!

Dawwwwweh, much better. 

After comforts, Chester read Alistair back to sleep. I dunno how accurate it is, but I've found the toddlers have less a chance of having nightmares if they're read to/put to sleep rather than going to sleep themselves.

I also discovered another tip to help keep the scaries at bay. A stereo playing the Lullabies channel on the lowest volume setting. Toddlers will sleep right through it, and it apparently helps reduce the chance of nightmares as well.

The next day daddy Chester was off from work and focused on getting Alistair a leg up on some of his toddler skills. Also, note the new computer in the background. Paychecks, promotions and paintings be rollin' in, yo.

Flash cards! Alistair is too precious for words.

See? SEE?!?!? So cute, even when splashing in the tub like a total terror.

Oho, what's this? Fun time for mom and dad? (Alistair was asleep on the other side of the bathroom box. No mental scarring here, folks.)

Toilet confetti means next baby is on the way! . . . Prisha, you look so thrilled . . . .

PRISHA - I'm happy on the inside. On the outside however I currently stink and it's killing my Neat OCD.

Uh, Prisha? Alistair is trying to sleep. Do you HAVE to eat your grilled cheese on his bed?


But, you have a perfectly good dining table over the--.

PRISHA - Silence.

Uh . . . ok.

PRISHA - Grilled cheese are just so awesome, amirite? I mean, the gooey cheese! The toasted bread! 

MORTIMER - Yes, yes of course. Uh . . . *shifty eyes* I-I think I hear my wife calling me, if you'll excuse me . . . .

Prisha is currently stalking other sims and singing the praise of grilled cheezus. Whether they want her to or not.

She still makes time for her little man, however. And of course Bookworm Prisha would make it a priority to read to her spawn.

PRISHA - This desk is filthy. *spray spray spray*

CHESTER - Uh, Prish? D'you think you could maybe wait until I'm not still sitting here, trying to work?

PRISHA - Bacteria waits for no one Chester.

Suddenly, walls! Roof! We have our first home-box! *applause*

Not long after that, poor Prisha went into labor. And holy COW that is a big baby bump.

PRISHA - I will reach through this screen and throttle you.

I-I mean, look how she glows! Motherhood agrees with you, Prisha dear.

Off to the hospital, where Chester is freaking out, Doc McCreeperton is way too pleased with himself, and Prisha is so done.

CHESTER - Dagfrabbit Llama Poop!

Wut. Lmao, Chester just suddenly started 'Shouting Forbidden Words' and I just about died laughing.

PRISHA - Really? No receptionist? How am I supposed to check in?!

CHESTER - Why did you want to have the babies here at the hospital again, Watcher?

Hush, you. Luckily the birthing process happened automatically, even though the dead-beat receptionist never did show up.

DR. MCCREEPERTON - Alrighty then, Mrs. Gieke. Let's see if I remember how this works . . .

PRISHA - . . . .

CHESTER - *passed out somewhere off-screen*

Back home and . . . oh, sonofaplumbob . . . . twins?! REALLY?! Uuuugggggh. I really did not want multiples this early in the legacy. Not to mention, one toddler is hard enough to care for, but twins? I'm dreading it.

My internal screaming aside, allow me to introduce the newest Giekes. In keeping with our DA:O naming theme, the little guy on the left is Zevran, and the cutie on the right is Cailan.

ALISTAIR - Do. Not. Want.

Me either, little buddy. Me either.

PRISHA - Grilled cheese, amirite?!

LUNA - I . . . guess?

Luna Villareal here was our last 'extol the virtues of grilled cheese' social requirement. On to the next milestone!

Our home-box gets some much needed size upgrades. Prisha now has her own dedicated painting room filled with all the inspiring objects from her job, while Chester has his own computer study filled with what focusing objects we've gotten. Meanwhile Alistair now has his own bedroom. And you'll notice it's filled with child-age stuff instead of toddler.

That's because it was time for Alistair's birthday! Yay, I won't have THREE toddlers at once, at least.

Well look at this dapper little beast. I love him. He got all of his skills up to at least 3 as a toddler, so he gets the Happy Toddler trait, and for his child trait he rolled Hot-Headed, like mama. His childhood aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.

ALISTAIR - Dad! Did you hear?! We have SEASONS now! It's not just one endlessly perfect sunny summer day outside!

CHESTER - I don't know, son, I kinda liked it that way.

ALISTAIR - *internal rage building*

Lmao, that face tho. But yes, it is here in my game that Seasons released and was immediately downloaded/installed.

ALISTAIR - Listen, Cailan. Dad is a freak who thinks summer is cool. But we know that fall and winter is where it's at, don't we.

CAILAN - *gurgle*

ALISTAIR - I knew I could count on you, little bro.

He wasn't fond of his little brothers as a toddler (maybe because their synchronized screaming woke him up more than once?) but he's proven to be a great big-brother now that he's a child.

I had Alistair sign up for scouts. It's a fun little side-venture to work on alongside his child aspiration. The only thing I'm not clear on, the notifications SAY that I'm being awarded trophies for earning a certain amt of badges, but I don't see them anywhere? Is it bugged? Is the game LYING to me, saying I've earned trophies when there isn't really any?

Inquiring minds.

Alistair, sweetie, you can't be pissed off while holding a rainbow unbrella.

ALISTAIR- Watch me. *grump face*

. . . nope, it just doesn't work.

I neglected to get a shot of crib sparkles, but LOOK! Red-headed babiez!

This cutie is Zevran. He's got daddy's cherry hair and mom's dark brown eyes, and rolled the Inquisitive trait.

And here's the other half of the dynamic duo, also sporting Chester's red hair and also his slightly lighter brown eyes. Cailan got the Clingy trait.

Off from work, Chester's mission of the day is to help the boys with some of their skills.

CHESTER - Come on, Zev, time to go potty.

ZEVRAN - Hmmm . . . nope. Dun wanna.

CAILAN - Potty time? YAY!

One toddler is notably easier to convince . . . Being Clingy, Cailan actually learns faster if he's being helped. So for the most part Little Mr. Independent goes off on his own with his tablet while Cailan works with Chester or Prisha.

Prisha got a notification that someone she knew had died, and then she got the 2-Day long mourning moodlet. But no joke, the dood was a complete stranger in her social panel. How?! 

PRISHA - It's just . . . so sad.

WHY?! You barely knew the guy!

And apparently being depressed means she forgets how to function. She just kneels down in the corner of the counters rather than go to sit at the table to eat her grilled cheezus.

*rubs temple slowly*

Chester tucking in little Cailan for sleepies. I can't even, you guys.

Prisha decided to do a Sad painting. And it's . . . appropriately disturbing. Also a masterpiece! *sells*

It might be a little hard to see out the windows but it's currently pouring outside. Thus little Alistair works on his motor skill by practicing his typing skillz.

First day off to a scout troop meeting! So precious.

ALISTAIR - And then we roasted marshmallows by the bonfire! Don't worry, when you're older, I'll totally show you and Cailan the ropes.

ZEVRAN - . . . .

I think Zev just wants to take his nap, Alistair. Still, sibling bonding ftw.

Prisha is (at least) level 8 in the painting skill now, so she finishes Chester's portrait in short order. This is one of the things I regretted not having in my last Gieke legacy, a visual remembrance of Chester. <3

Fall has turned to Winter in Brindleton Bay, and everyone was moved to run outside to witness their first snowfall first hand. Lookit! VISIBLE BREATH! . . . I am easily amused.

It was a weekend, so Alistair got to run off to the Willow Creek park to fulfill his aspiration requirement to play on a Jungle Gym while playful. I'm hermit enough to have purchased one for the home lot, but I can't afford it. XD

Before we get to that though, SNOW PALS! So adorable.

But soon enough it was back to business. Alistair took several sim-hours cracking jokes at people until he was finally in the playful mood. Then he managed to sneak in a Play Pirate and got his aspiration requirement just before it was time to run off to a Scout Troop meeting.

Getting Prisha to paint her own portrait was a bit of a tricky challenge. I finally resorted to covering one wall with mirrors and then had her paint the 'reflection.' A profile view, but not awful all things considered. Founding gen is immortalized! *throws confetti*

SHINGO - S'up.

This little super-star is Shingo Suzuki. Not only is he a redhead with an awesome name, but Alistair seems quite attached. They met at the park and since then he's brought Shingo home from school a couple times now. There is another little girl I've also got my eye on, but it seems like Alistair might already be making his preferences for future spouse material known.

SHINGO - It's cause I'm so awesome, isn't it.

The argument could be made.

Pink leggings aside, that is. The two of them have a great time making a snow pal together, this one of the punk-rock persuasion.

Then Shingo does Alistair a solid and helps him on his after-school project.

Meanwhile Chester was busy celebrating his adult birthday! And I neglected to take any other pictures of the event, since he looks exactly the same. 

CHESTER - Gee, thanks.

You're welecome. :P

It's a productive afternoon for the Gieke children. Zevran is getting some parental assistance for once as Prisha teaches him to speak. Meanwhile Cailan is playing the Drawing Llama game and Alistair is hard at work on his homework.

Prisha made certain to give Cailan his due attention as well, of course, in the form of a good toddler book.

ZEVRAN - Ooo, lookit. FISHIES.

CAILAN - Fascinating.

Just one of many sessions of Toddler Time on the Couch, featuring Zev and Cailan Gieke. Riveting stuff, I tell you.

But that will have to wait til next time! Hope you enjoyed this next installment of the Gieke Legacy. Join us next time for age-ups, holidays and more! Until then, happy simming!