Saturday, July 7, 2018

Generation 2 HEIR VOTE!!! - CLOSED

Here we are at the first heir vote of our Gieke Legacy 2.0! I hope you've got a favorite picked out, or will after looking over the prospects here in more detail, because I honestly don't think I can pick myself. There are things I like (and don't like) about all three of them. I do not envy you the decision!

First off we have first-born, Alistair Gieke!

Toddler Trait : Angelic
Child Trait : Hot-Headed
Teen Trait : Geek
Young Adult Trait : Clumsy
Special Traits : Collector (Nature Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Physically Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Scouting Aptitude (Llamacorn Scout), Good Manners (Manners Value), Responsible (Responsibility Value)
Lifetime Aspiration : Freelance Botanist
Career : Gardener
Spouse-Hopeful : Emilia Cottrell

Notes : Alistair is the first-born, so he does have a special little place in my heart. He didn't get the famous red hair but I think he has the most personality out of the three (at least in my head-canon). He probably didn't get a whole lot of screen time in his teen years due to spending most of his time outside in the garden. 

Toddler Trait : Clingy
Child Trait : Active
Teen Trait : Geek
Young Adult Trait : Genius
Special Traits : Quick Learner (Knowledge Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Socially Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Good Manners* (Manners Value), Responsible* (Responsibility Value), Incredibly Friendly (Purchased)
Lifetime Aspiration : Renaissance Sim
Career : Unemployed Archaeologist
Spouse-Hopeful : Cassidy Alonzo

Notes : I think Cailan's biggest draw for votes will be his 'career.' He won't be getting a traditional job. Since he's a Genius Geek as well as Active, I decided to have him focus on archaeology and traveling to Selvadorada.

Toddler Trait : Inquisitive
Child Trait : Perfectionist
Teen Trait : Materialistic
Young Adult Trait : Geek
Special Traits : Dastardly (Deviance Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Physically Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Good Manners* (Manners Value), Responsible* (Responsibility Value)
Lifetime Aspiration : Chief of Mischief
Career : Criminal
Spouse-Hopeful : Bianca Kang

Notes : If I had to pick a least-favorite it'd probably be Zevran. His unfortunate lack of chin plays a part, but I'm also not overly fond of his aspiration either. Still, it might be nice to go ahead and get it out of the way early. I certainly don't HATE Zev, he just didn't stick out as much for me as the other two. Still, if he's your favorite, don't be afraid to vote!

* = They're on track to earn these traits, but they still have a week left of their teen years, so they might not get them in the end.

So do you know who you want to carry on the next generation of the Giekes? If so, be sure to cast your vote in the comments section (either here on the blog or on the forums)! Voting will end at midnight Eastern on Monday, July 9th. So don't delay! 


Welp, it's official. 4 votes and they were all for Cailan, so I guess he's our heir! Chester will have another sim-week of game-time to shine until it's time for the twins to age up, so we'll see you then!