Monday, July 2, 2018

1.3 - Holiday Hijinks

We're back everybody, for the next installment of the Gieke Legacy. And lo, it's Winterfest! Yaaaaaay! It's currently 104 degrees IRL, so I am SO jealous of my simmies right now.

The outside of the home-box gets decorated with some icicle lights.

I had Chester and Alistair decorate the tree, but oddly enough none of the decorations ever showed up except the tree topper and the lights. Weird. They still had fun though, and the holiday requirement filled, so there's that.

Snow angels! . . . . so, so jealous.

We don't have much room in the home-box right now, so that small stack of gifts was all I could fit. It still serves the purpose, but poor Prisha here got a lump of coal.

Photo proof. Poor thing.

All the kids got some sort of toy. I believe Cailan got the lump of clay, which I promptly sold because that thing is distraction 101 for sims of all ages.

And then Chester opened his gift and it was this 2,000 simoleon karaoke machine. WAT. It's probably cheaty, but I sold that sucker, lol.

Founder and first-born build a snow pal together.

Meanwhile one of the twins is desecrating the written word. Better be glad mommy didn't catch you doing that, mister.

Ah, it's round 2 of Toddler Talk, starring Zevran, Cailan and their plates of food. Which happen to be the ham grand meal, for the holidays. I love that they can get the dazed 'Food Coma' moodlet from the grand meals lol.

Alistair decided to work on his Arts and Crafts scouting badge by making a number of Winterfest-themed crafts on the new holiday craft table. They're pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

CAILAN - Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!

Oho, what's this? According to the holiday description I didn't think we'd get a visit from Father Winter, as I don't have a fireplace. But apparently it's not necessary.

ALISTAIR - I can haz?



Chester's random fist-pump of joy made my day.

Then the family went to bed, and Father Winter proceeded to steal several glasses of milk from my fridge. Awesome.

I used the holiday proceeds to build a 2nd bathroom. We're soon to have 5 toilet-using sims in the house, the extra will no doubt be needed.

It's currently a blizzard in the game. Just taking a moment to admire how AWESOME the weather effects are. <3

See? I told you it would be soon! It's the twins' birthday, and Chester takes Zevran up to the cake first while mom sings a song and Alistair clearly has better things to do than to care.

Then Prisha helped Cailan with his turn to the candles.

I give you child-aged Cailan Gieke! He rolls the Active trait and the (dreaded) Social Butterfly child aspiration. He's a little more round in the face I think, but otherwise my adorkable mini-Chester clone.

And not to be forgotten, his twin Zevran Gieke! Zev rolls the Perfectionist trait and, like his elder brother, the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Not sure what happened to poor Zev's chin, hopefully he'll grow into it (or grow more of it) in his teen years.

Another weather shot. Just a bright sunny/snowy morning. Ok, ok, last one I promise. (SO JEALOUS).

Alistair helps Zevran get started on the monkey bars.

Meanwhile Cailan is down at the beach flagging down random sims to say hi to. Oddly enough it looks like Max Villareal (and others) have also joined the scouts. Fun times!

What's this? Oh, you know, Chester just low-key completing his Computer Whiz lifetime aspiration. I completely missed documenting him maxing out the Programming skill as well, so BAM. 

I went ahead and gave him the Nerd Brain aspiration to work toward next. Dunno if we'll finish it, but we might as well try.

ZEVRAN - Man, sure is c-c-cold out here . . . 


I sent him to get a Brisk Shower for the Energized moodlet, then back out to the monkey bars not thinking anything of it. And then a minute later I get the warning that he's freezing to death. Apparently they don't automatically change into their winter clothes when they go outside like in previous games.

And they keep their winter clothes on indoors, rather than change back into their regular clothes . . . I don't even, anymore, guys.

Anyhow, Cailan pesters chit-chats with older-bro Alistair while the latter is still trying for the high score on the typing game.

Irony being that Cailan has the Active trait and gets cranky if he doesn't exercise, when his childhood (and eventual adult) aspiration have NOTHING to do with the activity. Gotta love that randomizer.

CAILAN - Was that sarcasm?

ZEVRAN - I'm gonna go with . . . yes.

Prisha is just here, maxing out her cooking skill. Like a bawse.

PRISHA - I rock.

You do, at that. Meanwhile Chester is reading a random book for his new Nerd Brain aspiration.

See? I told you I was that lazy/hermetic. Why send your child to the park lot when you can just buy a jungle gym for the backyard?!

And of course we went with the space ship one because reasons.

CAILAN - Mom, I think that cheese is going straight to your hips.

PRISHA - *choke* What?!

CAILAN - Teehee!

No, Cailan hasn't randomly turned into a little d*ck. It's Prank Day, the random mischief-themed micro-holiday. As one might expect, Hot-Headed Prisha is not a fan of this holiday. At all.

CAILAN - Prank Day! *slap*

ALISTAIR - *can't even*

ALISTAIR - Holiday complete!


ZEVRAN - Watch out dad, Cailan's going on a slap rampage . . .

He was actually over-heated because he was in his winter clothes inside the heated house, but his odd face shape makes it look like he's got a swollen jaw lol.

On another topic . . . why are you both in here?! There's a perfectly good dining room table out there!

Prisha had the day off, and came down with a nasty case of Itchy Plumbob. Gnarly rash, there, dear.

PRISHA - Good thing they make something for that! *gulp*

I don't have the patience to deal with illnesses. My sims usually end up buying/taking meds as soon as they start showing pre-symptoms lol.

Cailan's joke had Prisha worried about her slight chunkiness. She's nowhere near as bad as some of my sims have gotten, but she decides to take up jogging to slim back down a little.

Alistair is aaaaalmost done with his aspiration, just 2 more Motor skill points to earn. He buys an Energized potion or two to help out in the endeavor.

And it apparently turned him into a little assh*le. I've never had him make messes before, but after he drank that potion he turned into a little terror.

Unfortunately for him, mom was RIGHT THERE witnessing his rebellion. His NEAT mom.

So yeah, after getting scolded he got ordered to clean that mess right back up. No messes on Prisha's watch, sir.

CAILAN - Hey dad, look! GRASS!

CHESTER - Well I'll be, son, it's been a while hasn't it?

CAILAN - *switches pieces* 

Chester's working on his logic while Cailan works on his Social (and chess cheating).

Sonofa---!!!! Alistair!! So much for being my favorite!

Cailan needed a BFF, so of course he nominates his twin. They're as thick as thieves, as most of my twins are wont to be.

ALISTAIR - Ok so, all those messes lost me some brownie points. But! I just completed my childhood aspiration. So that helps, right?


ALISTAIR - How about I randomly and autonomously set the dining room table?

. . . ok, that was pretty cute. You're forgiven. For now.

ALISTAIR - Suweet.

Prisha's adult birthday came . . . and went. She looks exactly the same, so nothing to report on that front.

*monster screeching noises*

BEHOLD! The Gieke-malgamation!

Well then, that's not awkward at all. XD Doing homework on top of place-mats, and the plates just warp through the books. Sim-logic.

Chester has begun building a rocket ship, for 2 reasons. One, his Nerd Brain aspiration requires him to make 5 upgrades/launch 5 times. Also, Prisha's stuck on the last stage of her Grilled Cheese aspiration, which requires her to eat a grilled cheese in space, as well as talk to the Grim Reaper about said cheesy-goodness. So her aspiration will be right down to the wire, it seems. Unless a random townie sim meets with an unfortunate accident on the lot . . . . 

Also, little Cailan is working hard on a school project as well.

Big bro Alistair comes to help him out with it, too.

Prisha bought a treadmill to work out on, rather than taking random jogs around the neighborhood.

This water puddle had been bothering me for days, refusing to evaporate. It's times like this that I love neat sims (because no one else recognizes the benefits of mopping outdoors . . .)

Bouncing bed hearts? One or both Prisha and Chester must have been low on fun/social. Bwuahahah.

Chester's next promotion requires him to have a few points in Charisma, so he practices some speeches in the mirror while everyone else is out of the house.

It's here that I realized there were NO child-age females in this save. The one girl I'd had my eye on a few chapters ago was a pre-made (and now teenaged anyhow). So I placed a few random-made girl-children into the save. And several got invited over after school one day.

This pig-tailed charmer here behind Zevran is Bianca Kang.

This blond cutie is Cassidy Alonzo.

And finally we have Emilia Cottrell. (Shingo has refused to come over twice, so he has been summarily dismissed from spouse-consideration. You snooze you lose!)

Zevran was the one who 'met' Bianca at school, so he gets right to work on socializing up a storm with her.

Cailan met Cassidy here, so embracing the alliteration of their names, they get right down to the schmoozing.

Which left Alistair and Emilia.

The boys wasted no time in roping the girls into their favorite activities. Cloudgazing and chatting for Cailan and Cassidy, jungle-gym space-walks for Zev and Bianca, and monkeying around on the bars for Alistair and Emilia.

Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!!1!11

ALISTAIR - It's not my fault!

*deep breath*

After cleaning up Emilia's mess Alistair went into a phase. I forget now which it was . . . picky-eater I think. I've yet to have a child go into a bear phase in one of my own games, and I kinda want to see it lol.

Another day, another school project. Zevran's this time. Chester starts off assisting, but in the end even Cailan helps out.

Alistair's Empathy and Conflict Resolution are both really low. He starts to play doctor every now and then, to try and help the former.

Cailan's working on making friends. Have I mentioned how much I hate this aspiration? Ugggggh. I totally plan to buy him the Incredibly Friendly trait as soon as he has enough points for it.

Prisha maxing out the Painting skill? You betcha! That plus the Marketable trait means her paintings are selling very nicely nowadays.

Broken appliances? Super-Dad-Chester to the rescue!

That morning happened to be a random micro-holiday as well, a tv show premier. The boys made sure to watch it before school.

And then Cailan came home, super sad for some reason. I forget why exactly, probably some missed chance card at school. He cried it out under the covers. Poor bb.

Bianca followed Zevran home from school that afternoon, so he gets in some socials over homework.

Cailan still needs more child friends for his aspiration. So after he got done with his pity party, he joined Bianca and his twin at the block building table.

CAILAN - You might not realize it yet, Bianca, but my twin brother is a dangerous fellow.

BIANCA - Zev? Really?

CAILAN - Really!

CAILAN - I mean, just LOOK at that lack of chin! Do you really want to spread that to your children?

BIANCA - Harsh . . .

ZEVRAN - Dood, I'm sitting right here . . .

Yes, why is that? WHEN THERE'S A PERFECTLY GOOD TABLE OUT FRONT!!!1111 *hyperventilating*

Prisha and Chester were getting in some social that evening when I noticed they had the option to become Best Friends Forever. Dawwwwwwww <3

Best Friends With Benefits too. *eyebrow waggle*

Keepin' it classy here, folks. Keepin' it classy.

That's it for this chapter! Check back next time as we have more birthdays, more holidays and undoubtedly more hijinks. Until then, happy simming!

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