Friday, December 2, 2016

5.5 - Game of Giekes

Aaaaaand we're back. Again. Seriously, one of these days I'll manage to update before half a year passes by. Some day.

WADE - Doubt it. Loser.


JARVIS - Yeah, that's a great way to win heirship. Insult the Watcher.

WADE - Can't help it if it's true.

JUBILEE - I am so winning this gen. For reals, yo.

BRUCE - Imma just eat this sammich.

So yes, our current crop of children are all still alive and mostly well.

As is our Gen 5 spouse Liam who's . . . eating pancakes and drinking wine. Yeah, there's no warning bells being set off by that scenario at ALL.

LIAM - Breakfast of champions.

No, not really sweetie. More like breakfast of alcoholism. In reality he's just partaking in one of the MANY many drinks his eldest daughter has been tossing out like an assembly line.

Ohey look, basketball court/hoops! Wade and Bruce broke it in. 

WADE - Don't cry when I beat you, Brucie.

BRUCE - Says the guy with no Motor skill whatsoever, playing against the guy with 6 points in it.

WADE - It's just not manly, dood. 

Spoiler, Bruce totally won lol.

Kane Ryder ended up coming home after school, so Gamora was able to flirt their relationship into the next level.

Ya know, the totally-smitten-first-kiss-has-been-obtained-boyfriend-and-girlfriend-selfies-forever level. :D

After he left I decided to make my life even more hectic and hassle-filled by making the teens of this generation all get jobs. Since she's an aspiring mixologist, Gamora's was an easily chosen Barista.

Meanwhile around the Gieke Household, our reigning heiress continues her rocket ship upgrades. Maybe one of these days I'll actually send her up into space to, ya know, explore. XD

Jubilee plots and plans world domination browses the web.

While her brothers Jarvis, Wade and Bruce all shoot some hoops together.

Howie!! My former Gen 4 Heir Howard haunts that night, spending most of his time down in the Focus Room getting his hax on.

And eventually rounding out the evening using that giant microscope thing that almost never gets touched. I should probably start though, those prints are a collection . . . *mental note*

Jaina? You too?

JAINA - Cake and wine is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

Uh . . . I . . . I can't even.

HOWARD - Hey sweetie! How are y-- . . . are you drinking wine and eating cake? Together? At the same time?

JAINA - I have five children daddy, don't judge me.

HOWARD - No judgement. None at all. Nope.

BRUCE - I dunno Gamora, do you really think I have any shot of winning heir? I'm only going to have 1 day of being a teen before the vote!

GAMORA - I know it sounds rough Brucie, but you gotta remember--before mom won, every heir in this legacy has been the youngest. And grandpa was only a teen for 3 days before HE was chosen.

JARVIS - Yeah man, I'm sure you'll be fine. You've got the unique eye-shape going for ya, too.

Meanwhile, behind the computer console . . .

WADE - He's so screwed.

Just Gamora, workin' on that mixology skill. Mom keeps her company with yet another plate of pancakes. Sans wine this time, at least.

Jarvis and Wade randomly ditched playing basketball to go downstairs and have an impromptu dance party. In fact I'm constantly having to stop them from ditching my commands and dancing the night away. Really guys? What's with all the dancing?

WADE - You can't stop the beat!

JARVIS - Yeah! So walk like an Egyptian!

Ok ok, enough random song lyrics.

Jaina had a day off, so I finally had her actually go and attempt to explore space.

JAINA - Goodbye family! I'm off to win fame and fortune amongst the stars!

Excited, Bruce sat down to listen to the launch. Unfortunately it ended after about 20 sim minutes when she failed her very first chance card decision, becoming delirious and nearly trying to do a space walk without a space suit.

Wow. Much fail. So disaster.

So Bruce went outside to keep working on his motor skill instead.

WADE - So the way I see it, the heir vote is probably going to come down to the three of us.

JARVIS - Oh? Why do you say that?

WADE - Well I'm the cool one. You've got the best 'special friend.' And Jubi here is evil. Readers love evil sims.

JUBILEE - They do. They really do. 

Just some 'friendly' socialization before school.

That day Jarvis brought home his 'special friend' from school, Cayla. She's definitely my favorite potential spouse, looks-wise. She has pretty green eyes (which we've not had in this legacy yet), and RED HAIR. I'm kinda dying to get the red hair back. <3

CAYLA - Jarvis, what are you . . ?

JARVIS - Oh, don't mind me. Just, ya know, breaking my neck. No biggie.

OMG, child, cut that out. O_o

So instead he took Cayla outside and played a rousing game of Don't Wake the Llama, along with Jubilee and Wade. And apparently Cayla REALLY likes this game. Like, so much.

CAYLA - This is the greatest game EVARRRRR.

WADE - Is she . . . for real?

JUBILEE - . . . .

JARVIS - *oblivious*

5 children and 2 busy work schedules don't allow for a whole lot of downtime, but Jaina and Liam make the most out of the time they DO get.


Suddenly, I realize where the children get their dance obsession. I forgot it was one of Su Moon's favorite autonomous actions when she was alive, lololol.

SU MOON - It's just so tragic . . . .

How do you figure? O_o? They all died of old age! Even my beloved Ferdinand lived for several sim weeks before he bit it.

GAMORA - Um . . . gramma? Are you okay?

SU MOON - Not now, sweetie, I'm contemplating the pointlessness of our existance.

GAMORA - Ooookay then.

Gamora was up early, earlier than her siblings at least, in order to go to her first day of work. Good luck Gamora!

GAMORA - But I don't get it. We have 300k in the bank. WHY do I have to get a job?

Character building. Learn responsibility. Real world experience. But mostly because I said so.

The children are home from school and--Jarvis?! What in the heck are you wearing?

JARVIS - You like it?

I really don't. -_- Weird bug, sometimes my sim-children come home in random outfits. Not even in the outfit selection panel either, so I dunno what the heck is up.

Cayla came over again. And forced finagled another game of DWTL. 

JARVIS - This is the fifth game in a row, Cay. Can't we do something else for a while?

CAYLA - Nope!

Lol, training him early, it seems.

Kane also came over, and headed for the basketball court.

Jaina arrived home from work that afternoon with a spankin' new promotion! The mission control desk now has a chair to match. Spiff!

Liam and Jaina are by far the most active couple of this legacy to date. Liam gets in some time on the treadmill or weight machine almost every day.

KANE - Hey Jubi! How're things?

JUBILEE - Oh, s'up Kane. You know, the usual. Doing homework, maybe some extra credit . . . planning my eventual hostile take-over of the world.

KANE - What was that last part?

JUBILEE - Oh, nothing.

The little rainbow graphic over Gamora's head there is evidence that I'd gotten and installed the City Living expansion. Being a legacy, I gave the home lot the Good Schools trait. And being a GEEKY legacy, I also gave it Science Lair and Good Internet. :D

This is a rare occurrence, especially with this hectic generation; a good portion of the family seated at the table at the same time. Jaina, Wade, Jarvis and Jubilee enjoying a BLT for dinner while Liam puts the fear of Plumbobs into poor Kane.

LIAM - And so, in closing, I'd just like to assure you that if you ever hurt my daughter, they will never find the body.

KANE - *gulp*

JAINA - Liam, really?

Wade got up from the table and promptly came down with a case of Tiger-Stripes-Itis. As well as a severe dose of suspicion, it seems.

WADE - This is all Jubi's fault. I know it. Just not sure how.

Pretty sure she doesn't have the power to make you sick, Wade.

WADE - Pff, shows what YOU know.

Bruce was downstairs, putting in some play time with the oft-neglected dollhouse. Playing dolls and absolutely not drowning in an existential crisis.

Early the next morning it was finally time for MORE BIRTHDAYS! Time for the twins to join their elder sister in teendom.

They're up fairly early, most everyone else is still asleep. But Wade was awake and on-hand to help cheer their transitions.

Introducing teen Jarvis Gieke! He rolls the Art Lover trait--fitting for my new portrait slave painter. He also rolled the Angling Ace aspiration, one that I've already completed with my founding spouse. However our fish collection is still incomplete, so I let him keep it.

And introducing the (GORGEOUS HOLY CARP AND MACKEREL) teen Jubilee Gieke! She rolled the Jealous trait, and yet another founding gen completed aspiration, Computer Whiz. I'd let her keep it and go into the gaming field rather than start-up like Chester did, but it really doesn't fit her personality. Jubi is meant for world domination, after all. Not video game domination. Thus I made the executive decision to switch it to Public Enemy.

As I've already completed Computer Whiz once in this legacy, I'm going to allow myself the 'cheat' without penalty.

JUBILEE - Hah! I knew I was the favorite. Heirship in the bag.

JAINA - Getting an early start on your homework, Jubi?


JAINA - That's awesome, I'm proud of you!

JUBILEE - I need A's. I mean, how ELSE am I going to be able to work out a feasible plan of attack in order to assert my leadership over the planet?

JAINA - . . . I guess I should just be glad she has goals.

Quick, raise your hand if you're surprised that Jarvis' first act of his teen years was to start painting!

. . . .

Yeah, thought so. Lawl.

JUBILEE - C'mon, daddy. Pretty pleeeeeeaase?

LIAM - Jubi, sweetie, you know I can't give you access to the government's nuclear launch codes.

JUBILEE - Ugh! You never support my ambitions!

LIAM - Not when they involve a possible nuclear winter, no.

Just Jaina, runnin' nowhere. I believe this is where she finally maxed the Fitness skill. Now she just needs a 'perfect body.'

JUBILEE - If he won't give me those codes, I'll just have to hack them myself!

Good luck with that, sweetie. Working on her Programming skill, for future reasons.

Jarvis escaped from the easel a few times. One of those times he randomly started carving something on the workbench. I can't remember now if he actually finished it or not.

Jubilee? Was that REALLY necessary? Not a great way to earn heirship, destroying the defenseless dollhouse and all.

JUBILEE - What are you talking about? I just broke it so I could earn some Handiness by rebuilding it again.

Uh huh. Sure.

Once school was out for the day, Jubilee's buddy Roman got invited over for cakings.

ROMAN - Uh, are you sure this is okay?

JUBILEE - You want to be my Minion of Evil?

ROMAN - Yah, I guess so . . .

JUBILEE - Then those candles ain't gonna blow themselves out, son.

UGH. One of the most unfortunate fashion disasters. Other than his completely out-of-character douche look (seriously, Roman's 2 traits are Genius and Geek . . .), and eyes that are just a touch too small/close together, teen Roman is not too bad at all.

JUBILEE - Hmm . . . I can work with this.

ROMAN - Here are some specs on that freeze ray I mentioned when we were younger, Jubi.

JUBILEE - Bwuahaha, yaaasssss! I can definitely work with this.

Then it was Cayla's turn up to the instrument of arranged marriages hamburger cake.

Wow. O_o She's . . . really pretty. With CHESTER red hair all of a sudden. And . . . pink eyebrows? Oh well, those can be fixed eventually.

ROMAN - Wait, she has mismached eyebrows and my transition is still worse?

Yes. So much worse. SO MUCH.

Unfortunately it was getting late and the twins were exhausted, so no relationship progression just yet. In fact, their father was the one who had to ask Roman and Cayla to leave. 

CAYLA - But . . . I thought . . . this was a party?

LIAM - Haha, no. Sorry. Front door's that way. Buh-bye now.

Speaking of Liam, look who's progressed far enough in the Special Agent career to go into the Villain branch! High-backed, eevool-looking chair as proof!

. . . in hindsight it now makes more sense that he'd have gone into Diamond Agent, but oh well. Too late now. Also, I had to switch out the chairs again because that one apparently can't function as a computer-desk chair. Lame.

BRUCE - Monster!

What? How do you figure?! There's no smoke under the bed! The nightlight is RIGHT THERE!


Ugh. My Disney kids did the same thing. Dunno why. Maybe a lot load issue?

So Bruce got to spend an hour or two in the middle of the night dancing his cares away while waiting for that stoopid bad moodlet to disappear so he could go back to sleep.

It was at about this time in my gameplay that Thanksgiving came and went. Which, for me, is the official start of the Christmas/Holiday season. Thus, the Gieke Mansion gets a holiday makeover! Some light-strung trees, wreaths and light-up-snowman sculptures outside . . .

And a nice tree, presents, wreaths, snowflake decals and wall garland inside! Nothing too fancy or extravagant, but it makes me happy all the same.

Unlike Howard, apparently. O_o

He promptly threw a fit and broke the sink. Howie! What gives?!

HOWARD - Llama poop!


That morning it was time for Jaina to finally join her husband in full-fledged adulthood. She cheerfully blows out the candles, still in her PJs because of course.

She was decidedly less enthused after the age-up-twirl had completed.

JAINA - I have wrinkles. :[

You got some barely noticible nasolobial lines. Cry me a river.

Her two daughters shared breakfast with Miss Pouty Pants to try and cheer her up.

JUBILEE - I think you still look great mom.

GAMORA - Yeah, mom. Definitely.

JAINA - You guys know I have no control over who wins the heir vote, right? There's really no reason to kiss-up to me . . . .

GAMORA - Don't be ridiculous mama, I'm just telling you the truth!

JUBILEE - Uh . . . yeah, totally. What she said.

Gen 6 arrives home from school that afternoon, and apparently everyone (but Bruce) is done with it. SO done.

BRUCE - Hey guys, I'm feeling inspired! Let's all go have a great homework party! Wha'dya say!

THE REST - Shut up Bruce!

Wow. Tough crowd. Lol

Well that's it for now, dear readers! Join us next time as the twins officially secure BF/GFs, we have a few more birthdays, a few more promotions and who knows! Maybe an heir poll or two? :P Until then, Happy Simming!