Sunday, January 31, 2016

Boolprop's Golden Plumbob Winner!!


That's right! The Giekes are officially AWESOME! Thanks so much to everyone who nominated and voted, to all the other winners. And most especially, all the love and hugs in the world to my readers. <3 You guys make it all worth while, thank you so so so much!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

5.3 - The Many Lives We Lead

Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Gieke Legacy and to this, our first post of the new year!

Starting us off on the right foot is the first of Gen 6, Gamora Gieke, freshly aged up into a child! She rolled the Squeamish trait like daddy, and the Whiz Kid aspiration like so many Giekes before her.

Despite this Gamora spent the first few hours of childhood catching up on life with Uni the Unicorn, rather than head straight for the chess table.

Unfortunately as one comes in to our lives, another must leave. Poor Su Moon decided her time had come while coming back from gathering rocks. So she expired out on the driveway.

Highly undignified for our Gen 5 spouse, and also slightly terrifying as I wasn't entirely certain I'd be able to recover her urn/tombstone. (Fear not, I was able to have Liam here click on it and 'put in inventory'). 

Liam and this random passer-by were her only witnesses as Grim came to do his task.

RIP Su Moon Hwuang-Gieke. You might not have added much to the Legacy scorecard in the end, but you were a beautiful spouse and the light of Howard's life. You will be missed.

After seeing Su settled, Liam sat down at the chess table with Gamora, though his heart wasn't exactly in it.

Jaina was at work when her mother passed, so she doesn't have any terrible moodlets. Which is perhaps for the best, as she's quite far along with her 2nd pregnancy and due any moment.

Howard was also at work, but came to mourn her as soon as he came home.

< / 3

JAINA - I'm still not sure where the castles move to . . .

GAMORA - Mommy, how can you be so smart and still be so BAD at this game?

A question for the ages, sweet-pea.

LIAM - Concerning Hobbits ; Hobbits have been living and farming in the four farthings of the Shire for many hundreds of years. Quite content to ignore and be ignored by the world of the Big Folk. Middle Earth being, after all, full of strange creatures beyond count; Hobbits must seem of little importance. Being neither renowned as great warriors nor counted among the very wise. In fact, it has been remarked by some that Hobbits' only real passion is for food. A rather unfair observation, as we have also developed a keen interest in the brewing of ales and the smoking of pipe weed. But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet, and good tilled earth. For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow.

GAMORA - This is the best book ever!

JAINA - I agree.

Liam reading to Gamora, and of course he's reading the Hobbit. Because reasons. <3

Jaina is keeping up with her work-outs even while pregnant. One of her favorite things is to 'Go for a Jog,' even though pregnant 'jogging' seems to consist more of purposeful walking.

Whatever gets the job done.

Liam makes sure to continually shower her with hugs and kisses. He's a very attentive hubby.

It's the middle of the night when Jaina finally goes into labor with the 2nd born.

Mostly caught up on sleep, she decides to spend her labor socializing on the web.

An hour or so later Liam woke up for work and promptly freaked the hell out.

JAINA - Really? I'm the one with a tiny creature trying to escape my uterus.

I know, sweetie. I know.

Soon enough it was off to the nursery . . .


We have twins, ladies and gentlemen! And not just that, but mixed-gender twins! Appearing in opposite color bassinets just for the LOLs. Jaina is holding the little boy, whom will be named Jarvis (in honor of Tony Stark/Iron Man's computer AI) and the little girl in the corner is Jubilee (named for the X-Men character).

Gamora wastes no time coming in to greet the new arrivals. My sim-children rarely notice or interact with their infant siblings, so this made me smile.

Howard is home from another day of work, and officially a Chief of Staff! He's done me proud by reaching the very top of the Medical career (which is NOT easy, lemme tell ya). Great job Howie!

HOWARD - Thanks! :>

He's not the only one with promotions, either! Jaina is continuing up the ladder in her Astronaut career, earning this nifty little galaxy lamp thingy. I quite like it.

Ghost Su Moon made her first appearance one night when the twins were both screaming for attention.

She did her best to 'help', but Jarvis would rather have a bottle than be snuggled. Interestingly enough, it didn't seem as if Jaina was having any better luck at it though, lol. The twins are not amused.

Liam is home from work, rocking that dapper-as-f*ck suit. Jaina is quite a fan . . . .

For realsies, lol. The rompy-fun-timez resulted in moar toilet confetti, so we've got the next Gieke bun in the oven.

Just in time for the twins to bounce out of their bassinets. Not entirely sure why he's so grumpy here, but Jarvis rolls the Genius trait (doing his family proud) and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Meanwhile Jubilee is the very embodiment of her name. And yet, in contrast, she rolled the Evil trait to go along with her Whiz Kid aspiration. Our first EVIL child, guys! I'm interested to see where she takes us.

Liam is trying to fill Su Moon's shoes as the primary meal maker. Unfortunately he's not very skilled at it yet . . . Pls don't burn up my fully-upgraded, most-expensive stove Liam.

Liam. Liam, pls. PLS.

Luckily we managed to put out the fire and the stove was not lost. But omg. This was the first fire we'd had in the Gieke household for a LONG time . . . like, way back in Gen 1 - 2 days, guys. O_o

A pregnant Jaina went out to work on her spaceship after that, because that's WAY safer apparently.

First day back from school (for the twins) and Gamora is done with it. I forget now what had upset her, but she was SO done. Meanwhile Jarvis and Jubilee seem totes ok.

HOWARD - I'm glad to see you've come so far along with your strategies Jubi. It makes an old man feel better.

JUBILEE - About what, grampa? 

HOWARD - Aw, nothing sweetheart. Why don't you run along now and play.

HOWARD - Oh, Watcher?

NO! NOOOOOOOOO. I refuse! HOWIE! *throws all of the things*

HOWARD - It's gonna be ok.

I beg to differ, sir.

Gamora and Liam felt similarly, sobbing everywhere while Grim consulted his tablet.

Then felt the need to go downstairs and insult a heavily-pregnant Jaina before he left. WTF Grim? Taking away my favorite heir since my founder wasn't cruel enough? -_-* GTFO.

Alas, the inevitable has come. You were an awesome heir, Howie. Quite possibly one of my favorite sims of all time. You accomplished so much in your short little sim-life, and I'll remember you always. <3

Back in the house, the children and grandchildren he left behind continue with their lives. A bit of a breakfast/homework party before heading off to school and work respectively.

Meanwhile Liam, who had the day off, invites over a female from his social panel. His aspiration requires him to have 2 more 'first' kisses, and its time we got it done.

FLORAL DRESS LADY - Well hello there . . . Sven was it?

'SVEN' - Yes indeed. I'm glad you could make it. The company I represent is eager to see this merger succeed.

FLORAL DRESS LADY - Oh my! I'm quite flattered, I never thought my father's little start-up was ever worth that much.

'SVEN' - On the contrary! It's on the cusp of something monumental! Incredibly exciting! All we need now are the server passwords so we can sync up our networks.

FLORAL DRESS LADY - Oh . . . I don't know. That seems a little dangerous . . .

'SVEN' - Not at all! *smooch* You can trust me . . .

FLORAL DRESS LADY - *dreamy sigh* You're right, Sven! The password is 12345!

'SVEN' - . . . you're serious, aren't you.

FLORAL DRESS LADY - . . . yes? Why?

'SVEN' - No reason. Uh, thanks for stopping by. I'll be in touch!

LIAM - *typing* Mission was a success. Acquired the server passwords to the international thief Inkblot Pascal's computer servers through his daughter. We should be able to find and recover the stolen paintings in no time. *sends report* . . . . Ugh, I need a shower.

I head-canon that Liam HAS to cheat on Jaina for his job, but he doesn't particularly enjoy it. <-- shameless romantic.

It was actually Liam's Adult birthday that day, so after the kids got home from school he baked himself a cake and blew out the candles.

Then shared a slice of cake with his babies while sharing tales of what had happened with them at school that day.

Liam is too much of a great dad to be such a sleaze ball. XD

And then this, as soon as Jaina got home. <3

As if on queue, Jaina goes into labor with her third pregnancy.

But naps off the worst of it. Also pictured, Jaina and Liam have moved into the upstairs master bedroom.

Ghost Su Moon seems slightly confused about this newest development.

SU MOON - But . . . but . . . that's MY bed!

And ta-daaaaah! We have another boy! This little screaming cherub is called Wade Gieke, named for the bad@ss Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Jaina hopped right back up on the treadmill, eager to work away that imaginary pregnancy weight. Liam joined her on the weight machine for a time.

When Wade needed some attention, dad was the one to take care of him. Meanwhile Jarvis exercises his Creativity skill by playing dolls. 

LIAM - Hangin' here with my boys . . . I'm thinking maybe 4 isn't quite enough . . . .


LIAM - Sweetheart, it's a beautiful day outside, too beautiful to be cooped up down here with the workout equipment.

JAINA - Oh really?

LIAM - Really. I think we should go outside for a bit.

JAINA - Hmm . . . just what did you have in mind?

LIAM - Hot tub?

JAINA - Ooooh, hot tub.

Once in the hot tub, it didn't take long at all for Liam to work his magic. Rawr.

And then Jaina worked hers. Yay babies! This will probably be the last pregnancy of the generation though. 5-6 is enough, lol.

JAINA - Hey babe, guess what! Baby!

LIAM - *smug* My work here is done.

I had to laugh when she sat down at the pool to share the big news, lol.

Go away, Floral Dress Lady. Your part in this story is over.

Unfortunately Liam still needed another First Kiss. As it was the weekend, with Jaina and the kids at home, Liam headed out into the neighborhood to hunt down his next quarry.

'DIEGO' - OMP, are you Sweater Stripes Girl?

SWEATER STRIPES GIRL - By some strange coincidence I am. Why?

'Diego' managed to get Sweater Stripes Girl to the bar and flirty-chatted her up throughout the afternoon.

Until F.K. was managed.

I however was far too distracted by this EPICALLY AWESOME ghost groove party. Even better? The second ghost from the right is SHELDON! <3 This was before Get Together released, and now I kinda want to make a Club for ghosts only, called Afterlifers.

Howie would be the club president, of course. :P I was super happy to see him haunt. Also, apparently I randomly forgot and had Jaina and Liam sleep in their old bedroom downstairs, lol.

HOWARD - Nothing like a nice cup of coffee. The underworld is severely lacking in caffeine options.


HOWARD - But why is the house such a mess! It's making me uncomfortable!

Uh, Howie . . . that puddle wasn't there before you made that cup of coffee.

HOWARD - . . . are you sure?

Positive, sweetie.

Instead of cleaning it up he went downstairs to play with a screaming Wade. Disregarding his need for a bottle in favor of tickling and talking to him.

His lack of ability to cheer up his grandson sent him into a Sad mood swing, which he worked out on the gaming rig. Watching a sad sim play R.E.F.U.G.E. is HILARIOUS, definitely try it out some time.

Daddy to the rescue. Liam made sure Wade was properly fed.

The other kids are hard at work on their aspirations. Gamora might have already finished hers, but Jarvis and Jubilee still have a ways to go.

But for now it's time for a party! The family was invited to Anakin's adult birthday and I couldn't possibly refuse. Shakti (and phone) greet the heiress and her brood out on the street.

And yes, my spares are still kickin' it in the Goth mansion. They're part Goths too, after all. <3

With so many sims, I sort of let them do their own thing at the party and just followed along to see what would happen. Apparently it was to follow dad upstairs . . .

Where he managed to get to the sims tablet first. The children were not amused. Every one of them had 'get tablet' in their queue at the same time, lol.

Except Jaina. She stayed downstairs to greet the birthday boy and the rest of his guests. 

ANAKIN - Thanks for coming, Jaina!

JAINA - Of course, little bro. I wouldn't miss it!

LOLA - Ani, what about meeeee!

ANAKIN - Lola, really?

She was mopey lol, not entirely sure why. But her discomfort highly amused Shakti.

Wow, Anakin has quite the turn-out for his party. Glad to see he's made so many friends on autonomy.

The caterer he hired actually managed to do their job and bake a cake, so I had Jaina add some candles and invite Anakin downstairs to blow 'em out.

Liam and the kids were sure to cheer him on.

And then it was time for the best part of any birthday party . . . CAKE!

I had to LOL when I found the birthday boy upstairs in the attic for the rest of the party, playing chess alone. Why socialize when you could disappear off by yourself?

Tru to lyfe, sims. Tru to lyfe.

And what's this? Back home again and we have the newest addition to the Gieke family! Introducing child-age Wade! He rolls the Active trait, the Whiz Kid aspiration and hopefully a life-time of smart-@ss comments like his spirit-guide Ryan Reynolds.

Can he fill those impressive shoes? What about our final child of Gen 6? Where will Liam's smutty aspiration and double-life career take him next? Will Jaina ever get to go up into space?

Find out all these and more on our next episode, and until then, Happy Simming!