Monday, November 23, 2015

5.2 - The Giekes Grow

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another Gieke update! You'll notice that I also finally got around to updating the header for Jaina. XD <--lazy

We start off today's update . . . with a very suspicious Howmoon giving Liam the stare to end all stares . . .

HOWARD - No sir, I don't like this.

SU MOON - So shady. Much suspicion.

LIAM - Guys? Really? All I did was ask how your days were . . .

In poor Liam's defense, all he's trying to do is fulfill his career's daily requirement of 'Friendly Interactions.' Kinda weird for a Secret Agent, imo, but whatevs.   

Speaking of careers though, Jaina's doing me proud and already nabbed herself a promotion to Command Center Lead.

The next morning it was time for Shakti to blow out the candles and officially enter young adulthood. Also, holy cripes the lighting. O_o

She nabs herself the Ambitious trait like daddy. Now all that remains is for mama to paint her portrait.

Downstairs Liam has the day off and he's working on his Athletic skill.

But he takes a small break from it . . .

LIAM - Hey Shakti, remember last chapter when you slapped me with Chilling Touch? Well I got something I wanna show you . . . it's called the Tranquilizing Handshake!

SHAKTI - OHGAWD I've gone cross-eyed!

Aaaand mischief managed. I'd never seen that interaction in my game before, and I was highly amused. Sorry (not sorry) Shakti.

SHAKTI - *snore, drool*

Su successfully finished her portrait and so Shakti escaped the household (and my cruel clutches), moving into the Spares mansion with her brother.

Shakti is now available up on the gallery for download, if the mood strikes.

I started to get nervous about Howard getting to the end of his age bar with the last 2 Doctor promotions still elluding us. So I caved and gave him one of our youth potions. 

Also, Liam's official portrait is making a (continuity-breaking) cameo in the background. XD

The next day it was time to make this next gen's couple official. Anakin was first on scene, with uncle Leonard, younger sis Shakti and honorary family-member Albert way in the back. You'll notice the absence of Sheldon and Penny . . . they've both passed on. D:

The bride and groom watch some TV (and phone calls) with dad while they wait for guests.

I loved how Jaina's bridal look came out, she's SUPER pretty imo.

HOWARD - I hate your FACE!

LEONARD - *gasp* Rude!

Howie, what's up with that?! He just randomly started chewing Leonard right the hell out. I have no idea why.

JAINA - So, Lola . . . thanks for dressing like crap to my wedding.

LOLA - Well excuse ME. I wasn't officially invited as a guest because you didn't actually have me in your social panel. Liam just called me to 'hang out' which doesn't require formal-wear.

LEONARD - *angry grumbly stomping*

Everyone enjoys some drinks, conversation and quality piano-playing from the hired entertainer. 

Then it was time to head outside to the arch to get this hitchin' done proper.

Rings were exchanged, vows were shared, kisses were had. It was be-yoo-tee-full. <3

Generation 5's official wall of honor.

Then the guests were sent home and it was time for the REAL party to start. It's baby-makin time! RAWR!

And success! Jaina smugly enjoys some toilet confetti the next morning.

JAINA - Liam it worked! I'm pregnant!

LIAM - Wut?!

Despite his 'wtf' face, he was quite pleased. 

HOWARD - Welp, that does it.


HOWARD - I've just reached level 8 in the painting skill, which completes my Renaissance Sim aspiration.

BAMF! Great job, sir!

HOWARD - Thank you. :>

JAINA - Congratulations on your completed aspiration, daddy!

HOWARD - And congratulations to YOU for the impending arrival of my first grandchild!

JAINA - I'm surprised you're that happy about it, considering how hard you fought against Liam and I having any sort of woohoo.

HOWARD - Oh, I just maintain that the baby will come because of magic storks. My daughter is still an innocent. I'll hear nothing different.

JAINA - Whatever makes you happy, daddy. 

Meanwhile the 'magical stork' in question was busy trolling teh forums, building his Mischief skill.

Then he and Jaina headed out to the Blue Velvet for another date (for his aspiration). 

LIAM - This is great, eh?

JAINA - I'm gonna hurl.

Not from Liam's presence or choice of venue though. Morning sickness, she be a b*tch.

Though, I will admit I questioned their standards of cleanliness when I realized the cake from Jaina's birthday party was still sitting on one of the tables . . . .

Shakti ended up putting in an appearance, so the sisters caught up with each other.

Liam and Jaina got their dance-groove on together as well.

I also caught the 2 potential spares at the bar.

LOLA - Think about it! Living in the big fancy Legacy House, in the lap of luxury! That could've been us!

LUCAS - Yeah, maybe . . . but part of me can't help but feel we dodged a bullet, too.

LOLA - Well it wouldn't be hard for you . . . having no profile and all.

Ouch, Lola. Ouch. 

Preggers pee-pee walk! <3

Howie swum some laps before work one morning and Su joined him pool-side. Some adorable flirting and splashing was had.

It seems the splashing was good luck, because later that day we FINALLYYYYY got that pregnancy emergency walk-in. Howard handled the situation like a BAWSE and got himself promoted to Surgeon!

Only one more promotion before he hits the top of his career! :D

HOWARD - I was promoted to Surgeon today . . . what have YOU managed to accomplish, if anything?

LIAM - I discovered a ring of llama poachers and helped bring them to justice.

. . . . 

SU MOON - *stare*

There continues to be a smidge of tension between Liam and his father-in-law, lol. 


Aaah, offerings to the Porcelain Goddess for happy and healthy nooboos. I approve.

JAINA - I don't! *urk* 

JAINA - Seriously! Daddy didn't say anything about this constant sickness!

Well, I'm no doctor, but maybe it's because you insist on eating nothing but ice-cream--

JAINA - NONSENSE! It's peppermint! The baby NEEDS peppermint! 

Oddly enough, as a Surgeon (2nd highest level of the doctor career) Howard has started to get job tasks that seem more suited to, say . . . Intern or Orderly. Such as mopping up messes, feeding patients and cleaning equipment.

I'm thinking it's a bug, cause I don't think the top-paid surgeon in the hospital should be running around with a mop. >_<

Then again, the plethora of messes around the hospital could be due to our new ghostly doctor. I'm pretty sure that's Dr. Resting-B*tch-Face, and if it is, I am HIGHLY amused that not even death can keep him from his work.

And then, that night, it was GO TIME! Jaina came home from work in labor.

LIAM - OMP Baby?!

Well then, he's officially the first Gieke husband to notice a baby being born in a timely fashion.

JAINA - Calm yo' shit, Liam. I got dis.


Lawl. It was time to head to the nursery.

And voila! A butterfly onesie was born! And this little cutie shall be . . . *drumroll* . . . .

Gamora Gieke!

Yesiree, this generation's (geeky) naming theme shall be Marvel characters! Gamora is, of course, one of the main characters in Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Proud grandpa Howard was immediately on hand to cuddle with the newest family member.


The next day I did a double-take, thinking Jaina randomly showed up. But no, it's just a townie with her hairstyle and lipstick. Happy to say that her horri-bad case of Itchy Plumbob was also successfully treated.

That evening Jaina finished building her own rocket. What better way to test it out than with a little 50-Mile-High Club?

The answer is none. There is no better way. >:D

And as soon as they got back? TOILET CONFETTI! We all know what that means!

JAINA - Liam! LIAM! Baby!

LIAM - C'mon bae! I got work in the morning! I almost passed out getting to the bed!

He was still happy. Promise. XD

EEE! The next morning and Jaina's already showing a tiny bump! MOAR BABIEZ.

Meanwhile Su Moon's now taken over snuggling the one we've already got.

And here's a random shot of a random townie repair-lady. She looks pretty pissed, but then I would be too if I was running in those heels . . . . Sensible footwear, ma'am. It makes all the difference.

REPAIR LADY - *beeeeep* off, I'm just here to fix your broken computer.

Well then. O_o Tell me how you REALLY feel . . .

That's it for today! Kind of a small update, but I didn't want to wait a whole month before I got one out, so here ya go! Hope you enjoyed it, and as always, Happy Simming!