Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5.1 - An Inauspicious Beginning

Welcome everybody to the beginning of the 5th Generation! The Giekes are officially half-way through completing Chester's dream of a geek-tastical legacy! HOW EXCITING ERMEGERD! <3

Since Howard has the day off and his wife has an aspiration that continues to torture me, our budding heiress gets to celebrate her birthday to YA-hood with a party at the Blue Velvet nightclub!

The family and boyfriend are all invited!

Most everyone celebrates as Jaina blows the candles out on the pink cake her mom had baked before traveling.

See? Celebration. Confetti and Seussian horns say so.

YA Jaina, everyone, officially gaining her final trait of Genius (Great-Great-Grandpa Chester would be so proud <3 )

Also, random autonomous hug between Leo and Sheldon that makes me d'aww on this side of the screen.

Next up to the caking is Liam. The family isn't quite as celebratory, mostly because his aging up cancelled their 'Take a Piece' of cake action and they hold grudges.

After becoming YA Liam wisely cleared the way to the coveted dessert and things smoothed over. The heiress and her beau got a table and caught up on their social while everyone else nommed cake and left them to it.

And another successful party is logged in the books. This actually completed Su's 3rd milestone. Now she needs to throw something like TEN more parties and attend FIFTEEN? Ugh. Shoot me now, Mohawk Hotdog Man. Shoot me now.

MOWHAWK HOTDOG - Sorry, dood. No guns in TS4, just freeze rays and shock rings.

Seriously though, multi-colored mowhawk, shades and a hot-dog suit? That townie is almost too cool to be contained on screen.

After the successful party the fam returned home, dragging Liam along with them. Jaina didn't waste time asking him to move in. He accepted, of course.

And it was here that I was delivered such a shock that it required several hours and a slight freak-out on the forums to figure out how to handle it. Allow me to introduce you to the Gen 5 spouse . . . the REAL Liam Cantrell.

I knew Liam had the Hot-Headed and Materialistic traits already in child and teenhood, neither of which bothered me. Trevor (the Greatest Spare of All-Time) was Hot-Headed after all, and Jaina herself is Materialistic. I now learned that his final trait was Squeamish. Not IDEAL certainly, but nothing too terrible.

His Lifetime Aspiration however . . . was Serial Romantic. As in, Liam wants to sleep with ALL of Willow Creek (and beyond). After looking at his aspiration my jaw literally dropped open and I stared mute at the computer screen for a good minute, I was that stunned. And then unsure. Forgive me as I take a break from the story here and rant just a little bit on the topic;

As you might have surmised by my generally humorous writing style, I don't really like to inject too much drama into my sims games. I play for a sense of escapism and, to me, recreating and re-enacting such things as cheating and heartbreak and sadness just don't entertain or interest me. It stresses me out, to be perfectly honest. So I really, REALLY didn't want to embark on such a twist with my thus-far light-hearted and fun Gieke Legacy. I put serious consideration into abandoning Liam as a spouse entirely because of it, no matter how much I liked the sim otherwise. Yet that idea didn't really sit well with me either. I was in quite the pickle.

So I took to the forums and asked for my readers' input. I was not disappointed. I got some lovely (and very insightful) responses from such wonderful simmers as Aroseinbloom, ThePlumbob and FloorRaisin. They encouraged me to see where the sims themselves took me (pay attention to the whims they roll and the way they interact with each other). And that, in the end, I didn't necessarily HAVE to allow Liam's dirt-bag aspiration rule my game-play if I didn't want to.

So, keeping all of that in mind . . . we're going to keep Liam. He will be the father of the next generation. Jaina is head-over-heels for him, and--despite his crummy aspiration--Liam seems really crazy for Jaina too. So I think . . . yah, I think I can work with this.

LIAM - I can work with this too. Rawr.

Down boy.

Okay then, back to our regularly scheduled sillies. Now a young adult, Jaina signed herself up for the Astronaut career. Due to her high Fitness skill (I assume) she was hired at level 3 of the career, a Technician. 

Thus she gets sent to play some chess, both as her job's Daily Task as well as to start building her Logic skill.

JAINA - Hrmm . . . Does the horsie piece beat the castle turret? Or is it the other way around?

. . . yeah, she's got a ways to go.

Su Moon wastes no time completing Jaina's portrait for Legacy posterity. So cute! It gets placed on the Wall of Honor in the living-room, replacing her parents.

Those portraits get moved into the basement collections bunker, on what I now deem the Wall of Memories.

Now with six sims in the house, all with their own agendas and tasks, things can get hectic. What that translates to is that they now sometimes slip through my micro-managing grasp and have some autonomous fun every now and then.

Like here, where Su Moon decides to get her groove on. Boogie down, my dear. Boogie down.

Liam has at least one point in a bunch of different skills, but no more than that. With no other direction to go career-wise I decided to put him in the Secret Agent career. I haven't done that yet, and I'm thinking about eventually turning him down the Villain path.

Perhaps all of his eventual 'other ladies' will all be parts of some sort of elaborate double (even triple or quadruple) life he's forced to lead for his job?

At any rate, he now requires the logic skill as well so he joins Jaina at the chess table.

JAINA - So THAT'S how you're supposed to play. That makes so much more sense.

LIAM - Jaina, babe . . . you come from a family of Geeks and Geniuses. You've seriously never played chess before now?

JAINA - What can I say, I grew up on the monkey bars and then I was attached to the treadmill and the yoga mats in my teens. I'm a gymrat-tomboy at heart.

It was here that I finally remembered to give Liam a makeover. Mostly just changed his outfits, and gave him some facial hair. I think it really suits him.

SHAKTI - Today a man knocked on the door and asked for a small donation toward the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

HOWARD - Hahahaha! Good one, sweetie!

Though she's not heir and it doesn't really matter, I'm still working on Anakin's programming skill and Shakti's comedy. I like to skill. :P

You'll notice the conspicuous open, empty space where Howard's fish tank used to be. Liam kept getting the tense 'Icky Surroundings' moodlet and I couldn't figure out why . . . and then I realized it was the fish tank.

*sigh* Squeamish sims. Certainly has no qualms giving Jaina a tongue-to-tonsil exam there in the BG.

JAINA - Yay my first Wooho-- uh, dad? . . . really? Do you mind?

HOWARD - Nope. 

Howie, it's no use. Your daughter's all grown up, a woman now. Trying to glitch out the 'Woohoo With...' action isn't going to change that.

HOWARD - A man's gotta have his dreams.

OMG guys, that's HOWARD AND SU MOON'S BED!!!1!11 You have your own double bed downstairs! You know, the one I actually clicked on to initiate this happy-fun-time?!?!

Ugh. Let's not make a habit of this creepy-@ss behavior, please? I had enough if it in my TS3 ISBI. -_-* Seriously, man. Sims.

Speaking of which . . . Anakin is NOT happy to be kicked out of his cool teen room and reallocated to the one that Jaina used to share with Shakti.

ANAKIN - Dammit, the bed's even still PINK.

Oops, I'll change it I promise.

ANAKIN - *unhappy grumbling*

But I needed room for the nursaryyyyyyy. I'm excited for moar babies. But not yet. I gotta get Ani and Shakti out of the house first. I plan for this generation to be at least 4 nooboos, if not 5. So we need the room.

Su Moon continues to experiment with the ice-cream maker. With her maxed cooking skill she has access to all the flavors. Including this one, Chilling Mocha. It has some . . . interesting applications.

SHAKTI - Ooo . . . you don't say?

*moments later*

SHAKTI - Hey, Liam! My hands are FREEZING. Wanna see? *smack-slap-facial-abuse*

Lolwut. Shakti demonstrating her new (albeit temporary) Chilling Touch ability.

LIAM - *turns blue* That was totally not nice and unnecessary, I'm literally freezing now and I really have no idea why I'm smiling about it, but good show!

SHAKTI - I'm on to you buddy. If I wasn't a teenager I bet you'd try to flirt with me. Wouldn't you. 

LIAM - No, I wouldn't. I really, REALLY wouldn't.

So far Liam's only rolled one whim that hasn't pertained to Jaina, and that was to Flirt with Su Moon. But that got squashed immediately because he's NOT busting up my Howmoon, goddammit.

Random and autonomous dance party in the gym!

Afterward Liam tried to befriend his future in-laws.

LIAM - *still blue* Goodmorning Mr. Gieke.

HOWARD - . . . It's DR. Gieke.

SU MOON - Howard.

HOWARD - Well it is!

Looks like someone is still being a protective daddy.

Poor Liam's got a few more hours to go on his Chilled moodlet. I couldn't help but laugh at Howard's seemingly smug smirk while Liam shivered next to him. The fact that he's a doctor and could probably help with the condition but had utterly no desire to do so amused me.

Liam is eventually going to need the Mischief skill to advance in the Villain track of his career. So he got started playing some pranks on the Giekes. Anakin was the first victim of his buzzer hand-shake. Ani was a great sport about it though, current expression notwithstanding. 

ANAKIN - Now the depleted health-bar on my t-shirt is more than ironic imagery.

It was Sunday in-game, the last day before Liam started his Mon-Fri job as an Agency Clerk. I decided to send Howard to work on his own for once, and take this opportunity to complete his whim (and aspiration requirement) of taking Jaina on a date.

The location was Cafe D'Amour-French Cafe, by JOL1990. A very quaint, pretty and romantic little lot.

Upon arrival I spotted Leo. An ELDER Leo! Hai Leo!

LEO - Heyo!

He makes a very cute/cheerful-looking old guy. <3

But that's not important right now. It was heir-date-time, and Liam was on a mission. A mission of LURVE.

I love the romantic restaurant atmosphere inside. So did Jaina, apparently. Liam had no trouble completing all of his flirty and social date requirements.

While knowing it was a case of social musical chairs, it struck me all the same that Liam autonomously chose to get up and move to the chair closer to her. I was mostly controlling Liam at the moment because he was the one who needed the successful date. So this flirt Jaina threw him was also autonomous.

His aspiration (and eventually his career) might require him to do some less than savory things in his life, but at his core I think that Liam Cantrell genuinely loves Jaina Gieke, and vice-versa. 

And then he actually rolled the whim to PROPOSE to her. I am not making this up (I probably couldn't even if I tried). 

So instead of having the Gieke heir propose, this time I (and Liam) broke tradition.

Liam might end up having a dozen or so girlfriends all across this save file before it's all said in done. But in the end, he'll only ever have one wife.

And that will be Jaina.

Meanwhile, in the near-by bar area . . .

SHELDON - I'm telling you, before I got this gray hair and all of these wrinkles I was quite the player in my day. I could do things during a Woohoo action that'd make your digital heart FX spin!


JACKET-LADY - Hey, didn't I see your picture in the Medical Journal? Something about the most contracted STD's in one single sim--.

SHELDON - SO! How's that Tang and Zing coming along?

LEONARD - See there? The 'B' is for Bargles.


LEONARD - The BARGLES! Bargles, boy. Don't tell me you've never heard about the Bargles!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to get some cute couple pictures for the Wall of Honor. Unfortunately this visit and the pictures taken were for naught, as my file is currently experiencing the bug that makes all pictures taken appear in landscape format and distorted. From what I've found it happens when you Paint from Reference (as with the portraits). So I'll have to wait until after Anakin and Shakti's portraits are done to fix it.

Which is a shame, because I got some REALLY cute shots. Oh wells.

This lot is also from the community, Photo Studio & Cafe Bar by pavlaprovaz.

Back on the home lot, I sold the pre-built rocket that Dexter had made and let Jaina start from scratch so she could develop her own Rocket Science skill.

That night Howard and Su Moon re-christened their own bed. -_-* As you can see, all of their couple pictures were moved into their own room. <3

The next morning it was time for the heir and youngest of Gen 4 to reach elderhood at last. He celebrated without a party or much fanfare, as Howard still had work in an hour, birthday cake or no.

Jaina was there to toot on the horn as his hair turned gray, though.

Dr. Gieke was off to the hospital then, ready for another day of curing the various ills that ailed the sims around him. He's stuck at his current level until he helps deliver a baby, which means I have to wait for a random pregnancy emergency to occur.

So far, no such luck. Beginning to worry that I might not be able to complete the Doctor career before Howard passes . . . I might end up feeding him a potion, I haven't decided yet.

I certainly don't want to risk his life by becoming dangerously tired, so reaching 8 Fitness skill will have to be abandoned. I redirected him to painting instead, to complete his aspiration. Thanks to the tons of inspiring decor in the art studio, his skill level is improving quickly.

If Howie is skilling, that means he's got the day off. And if he's got the day off, that means Su Moon is throwing a party.

GAWD the parties . . . *groan*

It's another birthday, a DOUBLE birthday actually. We've got the cake prepared as well as a nearly full carton of Chilling Mocha ice cream and a freshly baked apple pie.

Guests are mostly family, like Penny and Leonard here.

JAINA - Ohmahgawd Albert! *sob*

ALBERT! What have you done to my Jaina?!?!

ALBERT - Nothing, I swear!

Actually I think he 'Shared Gloomy Thoughts.' I just found it odd (and hilarious) that he did it in the bathroom and it caused Jaina to have a random emotional breakdown.

Upstairs Sheldon has joined us, and Albert and Jaina returned from their bathroom drama. Anakin is home from school, because one of the birthdays happening today is his own.

Also, holy frapples I just realized I gave Anakin and Sheldon the same exact hairstyle. That only took . . . what, several months and an entire generation? *face-palm*

The other birthday happening today is Su Moon's! That's right, she's joining Howie in the land of gray hair and bad backs.

Anakin goes next!

Albert . . . serenades him. Random.

I give you Young Adult Anakin Gieke! Now with the Lazy trait and a brand new hairstyle. Nyah. 

The Chilling Mocha ice cream on offer was taking it's toll on the party guests. Sheldon was one of the first 'victims.'

Then Jaina. Blue skin suits her, she'd make a really cute alien.

But for now she'll have to settle for space explorer. She's off to her first day of work as an Astronaut!

Su Moon drags Howard, Sheldon and Leo outside for a game of cards. And . . . Sheldon, what happened to your PANTS?!

SHELDON - Wouldn't YOU like to know?

No, on second thought, no I wouldn't. And what have I told you about that 'looking right at me' business! Cut it out, creeper!

Despite a successful card game, the 'Play game with birthday sim' requirement of the party did not complete. As a number of other requirements also did not complete. And then I finished the party and Su Moon's aspiration didn't count it.

I officially said to hell with this aspiration and switched it out. She finished 3 out of 4 milestones, I'm calling it done. >_<*

Later that afternoon, whiling away the time until his mom finished his portrait, Anakin gave his new Lazy trait a workout and snuck in a nap while relaxing in the hot tub.

But all too soon the portrait was finished and it was time for him to join his aunts and uncles in the Spares mansion.

Jaina and Anakin are now both up on the gallery for download if the mood strikes you.

I'm thinking I maybe should have waited on starting one of their careers. Right now they're on completely opposite schedules (Liam works first thing in the morning and Jaina works in the afternoon/evening), so they don't have much time to socialize.

Still, they make the most of the time they've got.

Liam puts off going to sleep and gets down into the orangey-red energy meter in order to flirt with his fiance. So much that he slumps and drags himself to their room when she's finally ready for sleep too.

LIAM - Doesn't matter, gonna have woo-hoo.

. . . fair enough.

JAINA - *ultimate smug face*

Meanwhile my Gen 4 couple continues to be just as ridiculously adorable in their golden years as they've been all throughout the rest of them. Howard might be coming to the end of his part in this legacy, but he'll never regret that.

His was a life well lived, and well loved. 


That's it for this installment! Check back next time to see Shakti leave the nest, progress is made on careers and aspirations, we might see a wedding and possible babies on the way! Until then, happy simming!