Thursday, June 25, 2015

4.4 - Giekes Stick Together

Aaaand we're back again! Time for another Gieke update! 

It's another day, another party here in the Gieke house. A preggers Su Moon is throwing a family-only dinner party tonight. All the Gen 4 siblings are in attendance, plus Penny's beau Albert.

Daww, lookit Astor! Pleased as pudding to be surrounded by her babies and grandbaby. <3

All of them at the bar eating cake . . . that brings back memories.

The party ended on a gold note, and early the next morning it was time for little Ani to bounce from the confines of his bassinet! Gramma does the honors.

Another non-redhead ladies and gents! Like his older sister Jaina, Anakin Gieke has their mother's black hair and dark brown eyes - tho his are shaped like his father.

Ani here rolls the Loner trait and the Whiz Kid child aspiration.

That night Paxton haunted the house, in a much better mood than last chapter.

And that mood only got 'better' when Astor found him in the bedroom. Rawr. No 'unsatisfying woohoo' in that room, lemme tell yah. ^_~

Shameless excuse to show Anakin's pj's. I <3 the bunny slippers.

At the hospital, Sheldon seems to have come down with a case of Bloaty Head . . .

SHELDON - asfhadsjfhnaeghg!!!11!1

HOWARD - *running STD panel* Seriously, how does one man manage to catch so many . . . .


Hey look! Dr. RBF got a toupee! Very natural-looking! *thumbs up*

As promised, Su isn't shy about taking pics of her bubbles. Like most Whiz Kids, Ani's been chained to the chess table.

Random visitor Sheldon decided to help niece Jaina with her homework. Just keep your infected-hands to yourself.

SHELDON - That's not funny.

Then Su decided to get Anakin started on his books. Family time!

JAINA - OhgawdI'mgonnadie!

Please don't sweetie. Still working on her motor skill.

Howard randomly decided to take a swim in the pool. It looks like he's doggie-paddling right now, which makes me giggle because it's very fitting.

ASTOR - Oh, it looks like it's time.


HOWARD - Mom! What's happening!

ASTOR - *laying down* Don't worry sweetie. Mom's just gonna go . . . see what the other side is like . . . .

GRIM - Hmm . . . oh hey, yeah, here's your problem. Bucket's kicked right off.

HOWARD - Are you serious right now?!

SU - Oh . . . this is really sad . . . 

You brought your plate?

SU - I'm pregnant and starving, get off me. 

JAINA - *sobs*

Saaaaaad. Unfortunately the time had come for our Gen 3 heiress to say that last goodbye. Astor managed to accomplish quite a bit in her time, birthing four babies, completing her gardening aspiration and maxing six different skills.

She's put to rest out in the Gieke graveyard beside her husband Paxton, and she'll be missed. (At least until she starts haunting us on the regular).

Meanwhile, back inside the house . . . .

ANAKIN - Seriously Watcher?

Don't look at me! I can't control him. (But seriously, stop looking right at me, that creeps me out.)

GRIM - Just want to catch the end of this newscast. Programming sucks in the Underworld.

The house is pretty broken up, of course. Poor Jaina works on getting that high score on the keyboard commander game for her aspiration, but her lip wibbles in despair the entire time. ;_;

And then, a few hours later, both Penny and Leo randomly and autonomously showed up. It was like they KNEW. Howard was able to forget his depression for a little while with the help of his siblings.

And then! Sheldon!

HOWARD - Mom died, Shelly.

SHELDON - Aw, I know little bro. That's why we're all here. Gotta stick together, right? Now more than ever.


In the midst of this Su goes into labor with the last baby.


Well, your timing is getting better! But just let her nap for now.

Seriously, my Gen 3 kiddos showing up at the house randomly went a long way to soothing the sting of Astor's loss. I've seriously missed watching these goofballs.

I mean, it's just not the same without Leo constantly nicking food out of the fridge, am I right? :D

JAINA - How come you're eating dinner in my room daddy?

HOWARD - It's just something we used to do, sweetpea. And Daddy's feeling a bit nostalgic tonight.

He's not the only one.

LEONARD - And then SHE says, 'I'm filing a restraining order!' We're practically married!

PENNY - That's not what a restraining order means, Leo . . .

ANAKIN - I'm not sure about this stuff you want me to drink . . . 

You need to finish your homework while focused. So down the hatch!

SHELDON - Locking them up in the basement does not count as a 'courtship' bro.

LEONARD - Are you sure? She scratched the walls up and everything . . .

PENNY - Probably trying to claw her way free, Leo. Seriously, you need help.

I don't even care. I love all of you adorkable kiddos. <3

And then, it was time to usher in the last birth of Gen 5!

ANOTHER singleton! Dangit! Oh well. Everybody say hello to this little butterfly onesie, whom we name Shakti Gieke. (Shakti is a Jedi Master of the Togruta persuasion, which is my all-time favorite SW race.)

The next day Howard walks in to his first patient of the day, and . . . .

SHELDON - Hey bro! I seem to have picked up that . . . rash again. So if you could just write me a script for that cream again . . . .

HOWARD - Seriously, Sheldon. Condoms don't cost that much . . . .

And in the next room . . . .

LEONARD - It hurts when I pee. Should I be concerned?

HOWARD - *face palm*

Little Ani is still working away at his Whiz Kid aspiration. He corners any family member he can to play a game or two most every day.

Su makes sure to look after the newest and youngest of the brood.

Before heading out to the park! A quick trip into build mode to add some extra items and Su Moon arranges to host a Weenie Roast here at Magnolia Park! She needs to attend 5 parties at different locations for that dratted Party Animal aspiration.

Seriously, this thing is gonna be the death of me.

She invited everybody in her friends' list, cooked up some sausages and peppers and then sat down at the fire. Sheldon and these two townies were the first to arrive.

And then . . . Leonard . . . Leo, why are you dressed like a park hobo?

LEONARD - Heehee.

You're not homeless. You're seriously starting to concern me with the psycho behavior. I know you're Insane and all, but . . .

Moar guests!

I couldn't get many objectives completed though. Since I could only control Su, she had to try and roast 3 weenies and they took too long . . . .

Trying to tell a story caused some awkward sims fusion.


When the Grim Reaper shows up at your weenie roast, I think it's time to call it. We only got a bronze since I wasn't able to complete the main objective, but at least it counted as a party on a different lot.

Take your victories where you can and all that.

Oh look, another party!

. . . I'm sensing a pattern.

Just a random house party/dinner party with the fam.

The kiddos do their homework in between. No f*cks given.

This is our caterer. Spoiler, she never did her job. *slow clap*

Sheldon hid out with the gaming rig, which is his usual.

At least until Su Moon kidnapped them all and wrangled them into a card game.

SHELDON - Cards? Seriously? This is totally laaaaaame.

SU - *glare*

PENNY - Suck it up, Shelly.

And seriously, STAHP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.    ._.

ALBERT - You guys should come hang out at the pool! It's way cooler!

SU - This is MY party and I want to play cards . . . so DIAF!

Yeah, Su and Albert's relationship is in the red. I dunno why, lol. I never saw them fight or argue.

Party time was interrupted by a notification that it was time for Shakti to escape the bassinet. Mama goes inside to do the honors.

Another black-haired kiddo! No redheads! WHAT AN UPSET! Also, miss-matched socks!! *dies of the cute*

Shakti rolls the Creative trait and the Social Butterfly child aspiration.

In this close up you can see that she ALSO inherited her mom's dark brown eyes as well as the almond shape like big-sis Jaina.

I've got mixed feelings about the lack of red hair, but the Sim Gods have spoken.

Also, yes. poor Shakti got stuck cleaning up after the party. She was the only one who wasn't about to pass out. But luckily that grin says she don't even mind. <3

Um . . . guys? The party ended an hour ago . . .

SHELDON - Shh! We're trying to concentrate.

What happened to cards are lame?


Okay! . . . sheesh.


LEONARD - Yaaaay!

PENNY - Leo, you're not supposed to root for your opponents.

Well it's better than punching him in the face. Good sportsmanship ftw.

SHELDON - Alright then, we're outie! Thanks for the party--- oh, they're all asleep.

Well it IS 3 am . . . .

Another day, another chess match.

ANAKIN - Aw c'mon dad! I'm 7! Aren't you supposed to let me win?

HOWARD - Nobody ever learned anything that way, Ani. Check, btdubs.

ANAKIN - *groan*

Meanwhile Jaina's typing away working on her Motor skill, and Shakti keeps her company while starting on her own Social skill.

Multitasking BAWSE if I do say so myself. :P

Howard took a vacation day for work and after the kids went to school, he and Su Moon went to this newly placed pool lot from the gallery. The reason? It's Howie's adult birthday! And I was attempting to throw him a birthday party on a different lot . . . .

My usual Party-throwing skills were very apparent in the train wreck that followed.

Leo was one of the first guests to arrive . . . and he was super sad for some reason.

Sheldon too, though Howard did his best to tell some jokes and cheer him up. With some success, as shown.

I'd baked a cake back at the house before they left and then forgot it in the fridge like a dummy. So a hurriedly placed stove, counters and fridge helped Su bake another one.

Then she sat at the bar to have a drink. Albert joined . . . *uncomfortable silence* . . . seriously why do you guys get along so badly? O_o

Penny's here too now! That's her back on the left hand side. :P Moar juice!

Daww, autonomous sibling wuv.

SU MOON - *forced smile* It's my husband's birthday so I'm attempting to be civil. Don't make me regret it (and stab you with this swizzle stick).

ALBERT - I can dig it.

I did manage to get their relationship out of the red, so at least one thing went right.

Since the party required they play a game together, Howie corralled his siblings to the placed card table.

SHELDON - Ugh, cards again?

PENNY - You're not fooling anyone Sheldon.

LEO - *gulp*

And afterward I attempted to have Howie blow out his candles. Unfortunately, no matter WHERE I put the cake, the action just cancelled out. This along with several other buggy interactions forced me to end the party early (earning another subpar bronze medal) and send them back home.

So Howard gets to blow out his candles at home, with only his wife and the gnomes for company.

HOWARD - Hmm, what should I wish for . . . .

SU MOON - *toooooooot*

Was it to suddenly turn chunky?

HOWARD - Well that's a little uncalled for, don't you think?


To the treadmill with you!

HOWARD - Oh c'mon! It's my BIRTHDAY and you're making me work out?! Shouldn't I get some sort of present or something?! It's not enough that my party was a complete failure?

. . . . oh alright, fine.

*one installed stuff pack later . . . *

SU MOON - OMP Howie, this hot tub is . . . divine.

HOWARD - Tell me about it. It'll be even better once I can get all the upgrades finished.

BEAR GNOME - *peeking from the background* It's about to go down!

I think you're right, Bear Gnome. It IS Howie's birthday after all. Time for the wifey to show him some lurve. *queue Marvin Gaye*

And then Su went inside to paint her first masterpiece. NICE! We're keepin it!

And suddenly, NEW HOUSE! I'd had the same one for the past 3 generations or so and felt like a change. I double-checked to make sure it was within the rules to place a pre-built lot from the gallery (and it was, yay!) so I don't have to suffer with my own shady building skills anymore.

This MASTERPIECE was built by one of the greatest sims builders around, the super-talented ruthless_kk.

I've kept the house the same except for some minor decoration changes/replacements of already upgraded appliances/plumbing. I'm quite fond of how this part of the living room turned out, I might make this a tradition - hanging the current gen's portraits and photos on this wall. <3

I also replaced a lot of the art in the house with paintings the Giekes have done. Here's a shot of the dining room and kitchen, in a great room style with the living room. The master bedroom and a guest bedroom are also on the first/ground floor of the house.

And stairs lead down to the 'basement' level that holds the rest of the bedrooms/activity rooms/multiple bathrooms. Here's an overhead shot to give an idea.

And off to the side I redid the collections bunker. It should be noted that it still took me two and a half hours to transfer everything, even though the house was already completely built and furnished. That's how much CRAP the Giekes have managed to accumulate in 4 and a half generations, lol.

SHAKTI - Wow, I really like the new house. What about you, Jaina?

JAINA - I'm fond of this grilled cheese, certainly.

Wiped out from the move, Su Moon and Howie went off to nap. I feel you, guys. I feel you.

Alrighty! That's it for this installment. Join us next time to see how the family adjusts to the new house, our half-way-mark-generation continues to grow, and MAYBE Howie can manage to stop misdiagnosing patients so we can get some promotions! 

Until then, Happy Simming!