Monday, May 11, 2015

4.2 - Black and White

Back again! Time for more Gieke clan antics! We open today with Astor being a bawse at the bar, still working on that Mixology skill.

Then it's off for some fun-timez with the hubby! He got dangerously strained and it was awkward tho. >_< Sometimes that ticks me off. Not all old people suck at banging, EA.

Yet another heir/former-heir breakfast chit-chat. That's 3 gens now!

HOWARD - I'm just sayin, mom . . . dad's got a bad hip . . . .

ASTOR - Keep your medical nose out of my bedroom, Howie.

HOWARD - Yes ma'am.

Later that morning he invited Su Moon over to see the birthday cake his mom had baked . . . Yep, that's right. Gieke clan, kidnapping teenaged townies and aging them up/assimilating them since '14.

Howie stayed on hand and cheered her on as she blew out the candles and transitioned, of course.

Yes! She's so cute. I love her. She was one of my favorite new transplants, so I was stoked when Howie met her at school. Now that she's part of the household, her traits and aspirations are as follows ;


Party Animal (DANG IT, her only flaw. I hate throwing parties, lol. Oh well, might as well bite the bullet and get this one over-with this generation).

HOWARD - So, Su, how about you move in with me and my parents. We're flithy rich, you'll never have to work a day in your life.

ASTOR - Truth.

SU MOON - Oh . . . um. Okay? Sure, Howie!

UNF! They are so CUTE!!!

Astor didn't raise no fool, either. Howard wasn't gonna wait to put a ring on it. And Su accepted, of course (thank plumbobs).

Ahem . . . well, y'know how it is. No attempts at a baby just yet, just some fun to celebrate the engagement.

I love this shot of Astor. That smile is her personification, for realsies. Also, you'll notice the picture in the background. I've decided to let Su Moon test/build the photography skill since I don't think I'll be putting her in a career.

The backyard gets one of the fancy photo backdrops to help her along.

And of course Howard is one of her first test subjects.

I love this!!! I didn't realize just how much I missed taking in-game photos of my simmies until I got it back. So, uh . . . expect some photo spam. Just warning you.

That evening Su Moon got started on her (dreaded) aspiration, throwing a house party. She invited all the people she knew, which included Penny and Albert. Besides the latter, it was a house full of women.

Well, Howie too. He had to step in and help Su with the flirtatious party requirements. Not that he MINDED of course.

Giekes gettin' their groove on. So awkward. So, so awkward lol.

BRUNETTE - This family is so weird . . . .

You have no idea!

And here's where I got pissed. Astor baked a carrot cake for the party, then went to bed. And for some reason the carrot CAKE didn't count toward the EAT CAKE requirement. So I got a silver instead of a gold.

LAME! It's cake!!! *fume* Oh well, at least it still counted for Su's aspiration.

Howard was back to work at the hospital the next day, treating his first patient of the day who was NOT a fan of the shot he had to get.

Next patient . . . it's DEXTER! Old Dexter! Looks like the poor guy caught the tiger-stripes-cold that Astor had last chapter.

DEXTER - These aren't gonna turn me purple or anything, right Howie? You wouldn't do that to your ol' uncle Dex, right?

HOWARD - Of course not! This is my job, I take it very seriously. Besides, not everyone is a shameless prankster like you are, Dex. 

DEXTER - And that's a sad, sorry state of affairs if I ever heard it.

HOWARD - Just take the pills, Dex . . . .

Howie coaxed his uncle to take his medicine eventually, and Dex was discharged with a clean bill of health. Until next time Dex!

After that there were no other patients, so Howie went to the lab to get some more testing done. Dr. Muttonchops is also near-by, doing his thing.

Oh look! Patients! And both of them are little tykes.

*one minute later*

Holy crap, is it an epidemic? O_o First I don't have any, now I've got a traffic jam.

Unfortunately Howie still has to out-source all of his diagnosis so there was no way in hell he'd get around to all of them before his shift ended.

*ducks* Please don't set the house on fire, Astor.

Su Moon was across the street, cornering people and introducing herself. The more sims she knows, the more party guests she can potentially invite.

Renaissance Sims need a bunch of different skills, so Howie's zeroed in on Handiness as well as Logic and . . . I think Charisma? I can't remember atm.

But enough of that! It's the weekend! That means WEDDING PARTY! I decided to go with a white and black theme for this one. I had Su host it, but it ended up being a waste because weddings don't count toward throwing parties?

And this meant that extended family--like Lumen and Dex--didn't get invited because Su didn't know them. :(

Howie, it's your wedding day. Put the book down, sir.

Penny was one of the first guests to arrive, I thought it was adorable.

Wedding cake!

And the wedding area!

Bride and groom do some flirties while we wait for more of the guests to arrive.

Except it ends up being just family, and not even the entire family. :( Only Penny and Sheldon show up. I was pretty cheesed.

Oh well, no time for that. Let's get this show on the road!

See, now I can do cool things like take WEDDING PICTURES. :D

I give you Mr. And Mrs. Howard Gieke. So precious.

Blarg, the 'cut the cake' action is still borked. Also, just now noticed Paxton and Sheldon are wearing the same suit lol.

LOL I have no idea what Sheldon just said but Penny's expression is priceless.

Cake for everybody! . . . I want cake.

Sheldon autonomously hugged mama, which warmed the heart cockles.

I love this shot, too. This would be their couple-pic I think.

Or . . . this one. I totally pic-spammed these two. I'm not even sharing half of them.

The wedding was over, the guests went home. Howard and Su decided to head off to the observatory for some . . . out-of-this-world fun, if ya know what I mean. *eyebrow waggle*

Except, no toilet confetti. Sad. :( She even got the Failed to Conceive moodlet.

ASTOR - I just mastored Mixology!

Grats! Now finish Baking so I can get that point!

SU MOON - Wow! What's in this drink?! I feel . . . I need Howard. Now.

ASTOR - *reading Baking book*

Howard 'fell on that sword' and took care of his new bride's sudden desires. Unfortunately we STILL didn't get any toilet confetti. -_-* He doesn't have enough aspiration points or I'd make him Fertile.

Paxton finally managed to write me 3 Best-Sellers! That completes the Bestselling Author aspiration (with a sim that it counts for).

After a day or so, it was time for Astor to join Pax in elderhood. She decided to go all out and make herself another Black & White cake.

She wasn't terribly thrilled with the end results.

You'll notice Howie has different colored scrubs. I realized (after the fact) that he needed to reach lvl 3 in 3 different careers for his aspiration. Thanks to his skill points I was able to quit and then join (in rapid succession) a few different jobs and then went right back to Medical.

Hax. But legal hax.

It's a slow day at the hospital though. Howard ends up cleaning and repairing/calibrating things for most of it.

Then it was back home to do some more 'calibration.' Yup.

YES! Finally! Success! It seriously took them trying 4 times before she finally got preggers. Someone's getting a Fertility treatment before the next attempt.

Su immediately went to go tell Howard the good news, of course.

HOWARD - Sweetie, you're in your . . . dad could walk in here or something . . . . 

SU MOON - So take me back to bed. 

HOWARD - Yes ma'am.

Same picture of a little while back, but now I figured out how to frame it. Yay. But OMFGEEZORZ they're still so precious. Howmoon? Suward? We need a ship name for realsies.

Welp, that's it for this installment! Check back next time as we start popping out Gen 5! What will the naming theme be? Tune in to find out! And as always, happy simming!