Saturday, April 18, 2015

4.1 - Over the Moon

We're back everybody! We went on a small hiatus while I waited for Get to Work to be released--and then had to wait a bit for me to be released from the iron-like jaws of Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition--but it's finally time to get this Gieke Train rolling again!

Last time we had our heir poll and you guys voted in the baby of the bunch, Howard Gieke, as our next heir! We have almost 2 weeks in-game til he hits adulthood but plenty of new things to explore while we wait.

PENNY - Like all this JUICE!

Um, I-I don't think teenagers are supposed to--


First thing's first, I built the Giekes a basement, an underground bunker if you will, to house all of their collectables. There are no stairs, so it's inaccessible to the sims themselves. Just a nifty place to put all of their collections--as well as turn their pool into a human fish-tank. Sorry it's dark, though, the lighting is weird. Says the lights are on when they're very clearly NOT . . . I dunno.

We also got a nice, quick start on the decorative eggs collection. One session of harvesting her garden caused Astor to find 6/11 lol.

Another shot of the Collections Bunker, showing all the potions and elixirs. Also, be advised ; I still have all of the available gnomes in the game. They've now been placed randomly (and not so randomly) around the lot. Feel free to play Spot the Gnome for the rest of the chapter. :P

Inside Paxton is busy at work on writing books for his aspiration. He needs 3 bestsellers and I have never seen a sim SO BAD at getting them. He has a maxed skill, he has the Creative Visionary trait, and still . . . nothing. 

LEONARD - I dunno Dad, maybe if you wrote about something else other than pancakes.

PAXTON - You shut your mouth.

Sheldon is playing on the gaming rig while Penny bakes his cake. We stopped play on the very morning of his YA birthday.

Astor would have done it, but she was busy brushing up (hehehe) on her painting skill. We can paint portraits again! Naturally my maxed painter died before that came about, but no matter. Astor is a skill-building bawse.

Penny . . . that cake would get baked a whole lot faster if you'd stop taking selfie breaks.

PENNY - Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of how awesome this duck face is.

And where was our heir, in all of this? Outside, hiding in the observatory.


Sure, sweetie.

It was soon time for Sheldon to blow out those candles. And have his own eardrums blown out. Y'know how it is.

Tadaaaah! I give you Young Adult Sheldon Gieke, in all his Chester-Look-A-Like glory. His final trait is Art Lover. He was soon shuffled off into the neighborhood to live with his aunt Lumen and uncle Dexter at the Goth Mansion.

I don't know if it's the Whitley curse or what, but the women in this family seem to have the hardest time with their weight. Poor Astor was blowing up like a balloon and no amount of exercise seemed to help. I finally gave in and gave her a lean potion.

Wow, like night and day. THAT'S the Astor I remember.

ASTOR - Um . . . my boobs didn't change.

Consider that a blessing, sweetie. Would that we were all so fortunate. When most of us lose weight, those are the first things to go.

Paxton makes sure Astor is aware that he approves of her no matter what size she is. Rawr.

The next day's harvestables finished out our decorative egg collection!

It was the weekend, and with little else to do I sent Howard out to check out the new 'hood.' It was a little disappointing, to be honest. Only 4 lots? And all of the developed lots were just random merchandise stores? I'm going to have to download some new ones off the gallery, or build them myself. Hello, BAKERY?! Pfff.

The first day back to school, I was quite excited to see how the new 'Meet Friends' option worked. I'd recently placed a handful of teenage girls into the neighborhood for our heir-to-be to chance his way into.

As luck would have it, he 'met' one his very first day back. We wasted no time inviting her over to the house that afternoon.

Everyone meet the adorable Su Moon Hwuang.

HOWARD - Welcome---

SU MOON - OMP You live HERE?!?! Seriously?!

HOWARD - Uh . . . yep.

Selfies or it didn't happen! Howard learned this vital lesson before.

But lucky for him, Su Moon wasn't going anywhere, the watcher had made sure she had a house in the hood and everything. No more disappearing girl-friends this go-around.

Still, he had time, there was no need to rush things. So they spent the afternoon talking, getting to know each other and playing lots and lots of chess. By the time she left, Howard knew, however.

Soulmates was too distant a word.

The next day it was time for another of the gen 4 brood to be released out into the world. Astor baked her a hamburger cake (I recently bought the Deluxe Edition extras, I am a weak woman) and then sang along as Penny made her transition. Her final trait is Ambitious, like her father.

Later that day, a visitor! OMG It's Lumen! She's OLD!!

LUMEN - Sure, sure, rub it in why don't ya.

Awwweh, she's sad! Normally that outfit would be so out of place on an elder, but it's friggin Lumen. Lumen owns it.

Howard invited his aunt to play chess with him to maybe help cheer her up. She cheated a few times, and Howie let her get away with it with a smile.

LEONARD - Poppy! Hey babe! What's up! Long time no see!

POPPY - Yeah . . . funny thing though, you were supposed to call me. THREE DAYS AGO.

LEONARD - Uh . . . um . . . .

POPPY - I will shove this trucker hat where hats were never meant to go, Leo.

SHELDON - So whipped. So, so whipped.


Even more visitors!

Sheldon caught up with his dad during his stay.

Astor caught a sad Lumen out by the microscope and did her best to cheer her eldest sibling up. Not sure why she was so sad, but Astor was successful and Lumen left not long after that.


OMG I am so glad to see her. After I installed GTW, her and Alex's gravestones went blank like Chester and Whitley's. I was afraid I'd lost their ghosts too, but not to worry.

She even managed to paint me another 1500 masterpiece before heading off to the afterlife once more. Thanks Soph!

Paxton's getting a bit pudgy in his old age too. What is UP with these pudgy sims! I swear they don't overeat! Just because they lead mostly sedentary lifestyles . . . .

Quit being true 2 lyfe, game. -_-*

It was date night and-- . . . Howie?

HOWARD - She walked right past me.

Oh stahp it.

Howard had invited Su Moon out to the Blue Velvet. Not as an official date, not just yet. Though it didn't take long for things to start shifting in that direction.

First Kiss Touchdown!

Inside I was tickled to find Penny and her beau Albert sharing a hug and some dancing. So nice to see their relationship continue in autonomy.

Took my eyes off 'em for 2 seconds and I come back to this. Promising indeed!

This is them 'dancing together.' It's more like Penny and Su Moon are gossiping while Howie and Albert pretend not to be completely out of their element. 

But whatever, game. Whaaaatever.

Back home the family was having an old-fashioned bed-party. Astor reading a Baking skill book while Howie and Leo do their homework.

Of course Paxton had to join them with his french toast.

PAXTON - Hey! It's not pancakes!

. . . true. Take your victories where you can.

LEONARD - But I don't WANT to fix the sink!

Then stop breaking it! I swear, this was the tenth or eleventh piece of plumbing he managed to break that day. All the toilets/showers/sinks had decided to go on strike I guess.

Paxton needs logic skill for his Business career, so Howard helps him brush up.

I had Astor baking a cake for the plethora of birthdays to come, when I noticed something . . . off about her skin. She had stripes? Wut?

Turns out sims randomly get sick now. Lawl.

She bought herself some medication off the computer and down the hatch it went.

Aaaand good as new.

Howard invited Su Moon to the house after school.

Suave kisses were had.

Promise Rings exchanged.

Selfies taken.

And laughed at uproariously on this side of the screen. Magic gnome photobomb is win.

And finally, some 'fun times' in the observatory. If you know what I mean. *eyebrow waggle*

I've been somewhat at a loss as to what to do with Astor. I got rid of her garden since it was more hindrance than anything. Since she's already maxed on the cooking skill I thought I'd go ahead and try to max Gourmet Cooking, Mixology and now Baking to maybe get that point for the scorecard. 

Astor takes up Penny's abandoned post behind the bar.

Howard is all too happy to taste-test some of her concoctions.

And--what?! Now she's got spots?!

Astor is the only one who's gotten sick so far, and more than once. XD Another batch of meds down the hatch and she's good as new (again).

At last, the birthdays were upon us. First up was Leonard. Taste-testing his way into young adulthood.

Quite successfully, too, even if his final trait is Insane.

Then it was time for Paxton to hit elderhood, since he'd been cheated out of most of his young adult phase.

That's okay though, he makes quite a cute elder. I got rid of his earring though, I didn't want any awkward Harrison Ford looks.

This is just Astor showing off the carrot cake she baked, and then decorated . . . . now I want some carrot cake. Dammit.

But first! The moment we've all been waiting for! Howard's young adult birthday!

Newly grown with an Ambitious trait to match his dad, the both of them sit down to enjoy a slice of that nummy-looking cake.

I am so jealous right now.

But the next day was when the REAL fun began. The moment we'd waited a month for . . . Howard starts his career in the medical field! He looks so nervous, it's adorable!

Our very first patient was none other than Desiree Williams, uncle Dexter's main squeeze.

Howard got right to work, checking all sorts of things--eyes, ears, heartbeat.

Then it was off to test some of the samples he'd taken, while a colleague--let's call him Dr. Muttonchops--looks on.

Diagnoses received, treatment given. All in a day's good work.

Howard saw to several patients that day, testing out all the new toys.

But in every single case he had to defer to Dr. Muttonchops to give the final diagnosis, as he wasn't experienced enough yet.

HOWARD - Really? HE knows more than me?!

DR. MUTTONCHOPS - Respect the facial hair, son.

Back home, Astor had hit level 8 in painting and Howard was officially the heir, so she got to work on his portrait for posterity.

It's not perfect, but it's way way better than nothing at all.

Well folks, that's it for this installment. Join us next time as Howard continues to advance his medical career, Su Moon joins the household and maybe we get started on the HALF-WAY GENERATION of this legacy! Until then, happy simming!