Friday, September 26, 2014

2.5 Aspirations Abound

Heyo everybody! It's that Gieke time once again. We're opening up this update today with . . . a very cranky child coming over to visit. Little Astor needs 5 child friends, and due to the shortage she can't be . . . picky.

CANDICE - *grumble, grumble, stomp*

CANDICE - You still haven't changed your hair, poser! I can't even LOOK at you right now!

ASTOR - *sigh* Really? You're still mad about that?

No idea what she was mad about, but she sure came over angry, lol.

But our Astor was a master of socialization at this point. She successfully managed to calm down her pint-sized visitor.

ASTOR - It doesn't matter if our hair is cut the same way. Mine's a cherry Chester-Red, and yours is auburn. That means they're not the same. You're still unique!

CANDICE - Yeah, I suppose that makes sense.

Then Astor invited her inside and they watched kids network while chatting for a few hours. 5 child friends has been achieved! Now for the adults . . .

Despite age differences, Astor and Lumen are still good buddies.

It was at this point that I got frustrated with Lumen's inability to lose weight. I don't get this game's weight gain/loss parameters. They pack on the pounds/muscle SUPER fast and easy, but losing it is near impossible?

So I bought her an Insta-Lean potion. Hopefully she won't become a stick like uncle Trevor . . .

Eh, not too bad.

Astor and Dexter getting some creativity from the dollhouse and some chit-chat together at the same time. Multi-tasking ftw!

Haha! Point! Astor was sneaky and threw her plate away before I could get a shot, but that's SIX sims all sitting together and eating/talking/bamf! 

Yet another Gieke moment that wouldn't have been possible without the awesomeness that is the Trev-ster.

Lumen's PJs . . . otherwise I'm not entirely sure why I took this picture. She woke up grumpy, not sure why though.

Chester continues to bawse it up beyond the grave. I noticed we had another special channel on the TV, the music channel. It plays music videos (courtesy of some TS3 Showtime content) and sims get guitar skill from watching it.

I made the epic-sauce bear statue more 'life sized.' I love it.

It's time for our heiress to reach adulthood at last. Sophia ain't fazed, as you can see. Even though she had to bake her own birthday cake and nobody else seemed to care that she was aging up . . . .

No real change. Still cute as a button. <3

Trevor needs more friends to advance in his career, so he called up some of those kids that obnoxiously turned into teenagers before he could befriend them way back when.

This one was pretty depressed so Trev tried to cheer him up. It didn't work out all that well, but Trev still managed to get friend status out of him. Win?

This thoughtful Alexander pic would like to inform you that he's just maxed the writing skill. Can't get us any points, but yay for him.

ALEX - Does my life even have meaning?

Cut it out, there's no such thing as the Brooding trait in TS4.

 ASTOR - Hey peeps. Party in the Gieke driveway. Be there or be square, n00bs.

Astor is inviting 2 of the adults that she knows. We're getting that Social Butterfly achievement, dangit . . . .

It's the lady from the chess match a chapter or so ago--now elderly--and green-hat-dood. One is obviously much more okay with their presence here than the other . . . .

LUMEN - You're OLD!

OLD-LADY - Oh my heart!

ASTOR - School is cool, amirite?!

GREEN-HAT-DOOD - Yeah, I guess . . . 

We're killing two birds with one stone here. As soon as Astor befriends them, Lumen gets to be mean/mischievous to them for her aspiration. Yes, townies! You are all just TOOLS to further my legacy family's wants and desires!

BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . hah . . . .

Random guy walked up and Lumen started giving him crap too. Not too much though, I kinda like his genetics. Lumen might have just met her future spouse, should she win heir vote. 

LUMEN - Red deck shoes?! Honestly?!

RANDOM-GUY - What's your problem?!

OLD-LADY - A lot?

ASTOR - . . . and so I said, why bother with glue? Duct tape works much more efficiently . . . 

GREEN-HAT-DOOD - I am so confused . . .

Where was Dex in all of this? Raising my blood pressure by trying to meet the 10 emotion potions part of the Whiz Kid aspiration.

DEXTER - Fire!


What's this dapper as sh*t little girl smiling about? Why, her brand new Socially Gifted trait, that's what! Yep, she managed to get that Social Butterfly aspiration! Go Astor!

LUMEN - Seriously, guy. That cap is so ridiculous I can't even come up with a proper insult. Just do us a favor and disappear, ok?

GREEN-HAT-DOOD - Why did I even come inside?

No idea, guy. But you did, and so you are taken advantage of. That's just how we roll here in the Gieke Legacy.

SOPHIA - Doo-dee-doo, don't mind me . . .

 Despite being done with her aspiration, Astor still likes to socialize with the rest of the family. Dexter here is playing Arithmetic Attack trying to build up that Mental skill. All he needs now is level 10 . . . .

So Astor got shoo'd out of the room to spend time with dad and big sis so Dex could concentrate.

This Nom de Plume Quill Pen means Alex has reached the status of Fan Favorite in the Author branch of Writing. Novelist (the previous rank) didn't get a promotion object. Lame.

Dex needed some socialization, so I released him from the computer to play some chess games with big sis instead. And he totally cheated again! I missed a better shot of it though.

Both Trevor and Alex have enough satisfaction points that they've gotten the Savant reward trait. I've put them to learning the handiness skill in their spare time, as I'm learning just how much that skill comes in 'handy' in this game.

Hur hur.

Trev built me two of these horse statues, normally very small. I made them bigger and turned them into entry-way statues. Awesome? I think so.

DEXTER - *yawn* I'm so sleepy . . . I should probably go to bed--

NEGATIVE! You grow up tomorrow and you're only one mental skill point away from reaching your aspiration! NO SLEEP FOR JOO!

DEXTER - I'm pretty sure feeding this stuff to minors should be illegal . . .

Just drink it!

DEXTER - Hey ma! I've been up ALL NIGHT! 

SOPHIA - You what?

LUMEN - Busted.

ASTOR - Dangit, now I'm not gonna be the only kid who completed her childhood aspiration . . .

Yep. This cocky grin is to inform you that he just hit level 10 in mental, and not a moment too soon.

Birthday cake time! Dex is thrilled.

And here he is in his awkward, hormonal teen glory! He's been cursed with his grandma's lack of chin, so some facial hair was added to try and combat it.

And it is here that I realize Lumen's purple eyes were a glitch. When Dexter grew up he mysteriously had purple eyes too. For some reason their eye colors change when they go from child to teen in my game. -_- Annoying, but not game breaking. Dexter's were fixed, and I switched Lumen's back to dark brown like they were supposed to be.

As for traits, Dexter here rolled Perfectionist, and the Chief of Mischief aspiration. That's right, both Deviance aspirations in one generation. That also means his first milestone is exactly the same as Lumen's, ugh.

Dexter alleviated some of my annoyance when he autonomously took a selfie. He's definitely living up to the socially-awkward, geeky family tradition.

First order of business? Shock the crap outta mom.

Luckily Sophia was a good sport about it and they took some pics together to commemorate.

DEXTER - So, Uncle Trev. How do you . . . you know . . .

TREVOR - I asked my father this very same question when I was your age.


TREVOR - He never answered it. I honestly have no idea. If you wanna know, ask the guy in the house that's fathered 3 children. Now, if you want to know how to flawlessly play the Scheherazade violin solo, come talk to me

SOPHIA - Pancakes!

TREVOR - Nice!

The siblings are still best buddies. This warms my heart.

Astor here has helped Uncle Trevor mentor another sim on the violin for 15 hours. This means he's COMPLETED HIS ASPIRATION! Yaaaaay!

His next aspiration is Mansion Baron, and I MIGHT actually be able to pull it off. He immediately went to the final milestone automatically. After purchasing (and then reselling) 20 columns, I started spending some of the 100k simoleons they had in the bank to get to the 350k house worth.

The master bedroom got outfitted with the most expensive bed, end-tables and dresser. Sophia and Alex officially moved into it.

Trevor's room also got upgraded with the most expensive single bed and some appropriate wall-art.

The living-room also got some more paintings, and Yogi got moved to a better corner.

The dining room got a better table and chairs (which you saw earlier if you were eagle-eyed). I just now noticed the wood doesn't match . . . dangit.

Alex and Sophia's old room got converted into a full-blown activities room.

Continuity break! Childhood Dexter and his yellow plumbob show off the newly cluttered kitchen.

His room gets a fairly expensive bed upgrade and a couple more posters.

Astor got a bed upgrade too, to match the one her sister got earlier in the chapter. 

Mr. Snuggles continues to stand sentinel betwixt them.

The outside deck got a couple upgrades as well, a punching bag and some better chairs for the card table that nobody ever seems to use.

After all that I managed to get to the 250k range, lol. The household bills are now just over 11,000.

But now, back to the action. Dex needed to be disliked by 3 sims and there's no way I was gonna use his family members for that. So he got sent on an outing to Oasis Springs' lounge.

Where it was apparently Elders' Day.


ALL OLD PEOPLE. Even the bartender was a senior citizen.

OLD LADY #1 - Man, my hip is killing me.

OLD LADY #2 - I know just how you feel!

DEXTER - Kill me now.

DEXTER - Old people are gross! Gray hair! Wrinkles! Saggy bewbz. 

OLD LADY BRIGADE - Now see here!

DEXTER - You have no business wearing that shirt! You suck!

OLD GUY - Wat?!

Dex tossed around some insults and yellings and managed to get disliked. Then he went back home. Mission accomplished.

I came home to find Lumen hiding under her covers. Apparently she had an embarrassing day at school . . . Lumen?

LUMEN - Go away!

Sophia is now an Illustrious Illustrator, as evidenced by this adorable Premium Prima Ballerina statue.

Just FYI, Sophilex is still alive and well.

They're Soulmates. For realsies.

Sibling homework party! It's always the best kind.

I'd recently installed a mod that was supposed to prevent muscle gain, so I started sending Sophia out gathering the rocks around the house in an attempt to complete some more collections. I'm only missing a handful of the MySim statues.

The weekend was upon us and I decided it was going to be a Skill-Fest-a-thon.

Dexter here got tasked with building a rocket ship. For . . . future reasons.


*sigh* Really, Astor? Why are you following your sister into the bathroom?

She retreated to the motion gaming rig to try and recapture her youth. Sorry kid, it can never been done. Meanwhile dad is busy writing books and mom is painting away for her painting  aspiration. Like Trevor, Sophia might actually manage to complete TWO of them in her lifetime. I'm curious to see if I can pull it off.

That plumbob there over the observatory is actually Lumen's. I had her working on her logic skill for a whole day before I realized it wasn't logic she needed (for reasons), but programming.


Really, Sophia? Cheesecake for breakfast.

SOPHIA - And I'm not even sorry.

You might not be, but your thighs are. 

SOPHIA - This is cruel and unusual punishment. I'm jogging under protest.

I put some expensive statues in the dining room, just because. Higgins the Butler Statue (with elephant friend), and the snazzy TS3 reward statue. It will be forever known as Ralphie and his trusty llama steed (former Outta the Wood Work freezer bunny gnome).

Lumen and Dexter spam each other with mischievous socials here and there. A friendly shoving match?

LUMEN - Hmm . . . what should I do about that?

Clean out that nasty tea pot, maybe?

LUMEN - Your hair is flat!


DEXTER - Oh, hahaha! Nice one, sis!

LUMEN - I rawk, don't I?

Uh, guys? Nasty tea pot? Not gonna clean itself.


Either I didn't install that mod right, or it doesn't work. -_-

I had to use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to fix her back to normal size. I hope they fix that stupid bug soon.

Dex managed to successfully build his rocket! Now get to upgrading that suckah!

DEXTER - Aw, maaaan . . . .

This beauty here is called The Muse. This bookshelf means that Alex is now a Bestselling Author. One more promotion til he's at the top of the Author career.

These are most of my collectables so far. I gave up trying to display them cleverly and just plopped them on the ground at the back of the lot.

Laziness wins in the end, folks.

I purchased the most expensive stove and fridge, and Alex is now busy upgrading them for points.

What's Trevor up to? Just maxing out the piano skill. Just another day of awesomeness for our Greatest Spare of All Time.

Sophia needed to Discuss Asthetics with a group of sims, so she cornered her children in the entryway as soon as they got home from school.

Then it was time for yet another Gieke Homework Party!

Which Astor didn't actually have to attend, since she was growing up into a teen the next day. Oops. Oh well.

Mama managed to show up and cheer her on at least.

And I give you teen Astor! She rolled the Slob trait (oh my gah not another one!!) and the Freelance Botanist aspiration! And she also rolled another CC hoodie, because . . . yes, that's why.

And here is where I leave you! I'm curious . . . do you think it's time for the heir vote? Or would you rather one more chapter (even if it's a small one) showcasing more teenage Astor? Up to you guys, be sure to let me know in the comments (here or on the forum). Until then, happy simming!