Saturday, July 7, 2018

Generation 2 HEIR VOTE!!! - CLOSED

Here we are at the first heir vote of our Gieke Legacy 2.0! I hope you've got a favorite picked out, or will after looking over the prospects here in more detail, because I honestly don't think I can pick myself. There are things I like (and don't like) about all three of them. I do not envy you the decision!

First off we have first-born, Alistair Gieke!

Toddler Trait : Angelic
Child Trait : Hot-Headed
Teen Trait : Geek
Young Adult Trait : Clumsy
Special Traits : Collector (Nature Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Physically Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Scouting Aptitude (Llamacorn Scout), Good Manners (Manners Value), Responsible (Responsibility Value)
Lifetime Aspiration : Freelance Botanist
Career : Gardener
Spouse-Hopeful : Emilia Cottrell

Notes : Alistair is the first-born, so he does have a special little place in my heart. He didn't get the famous red hair but I think he has the most personality out of the three (at least in my head-canon). He probably didn't get a whole lot of screen time in his teen years due to spending most of his time outside in the garden. 

Toddler Trait : Clingy
Child Trait : Active
Teen Trait : Geek
Young Adult Trait : Genius
Special Traits : Quick Learner (Knowledge Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Socially Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Good Manners* (Manners Value), Responsible* (Responsibility Value), Incredibly Friendly (Purchased)
Lifetime Aspiration : Renaissance Sim
Career : Unemployed Archaeologist
Spouse-Hopeful : Cassidy Alonzo

Notes : I think Cailan's biggest draw for votes will be his 'career.' He won't be getting a traditional job. Since he's a Genius Geek as well as Active, I decided to have him focus on archaeology and traveling to Selvadorada.

Toddler Trait : Inquisitive
Child Trait : Perfectionist
Teen Trait : Materialistic
Young Adult Trait : Geek
Special Traits : Dastardly (Deviance Aspiration), Happy Toddler (Toddler Skills), Physically Gifted (Childhood Aspiration), Good Manners* (Manners Value), Responsible* (Responsibility Value)
Lifetime Aspiration : Chief of Mischief
Career : Criminal
Spouse-Hopeful : Bianca Kang

Notes : If I had to pick a least-favorite it'd probably be Zevran. His unfortunate lack of chin plays a part, but I'm also not overly fond of his aspiration either. Still, it might be nice to go ahead and get it out of the way early. I certainly don't HATE Zev, he just didn't stick out as much for me as the other two. Still, if he's your favorite, don't be afraid to vote!

* = They're on track to earn these traits, but they still have a week left of their teen years, so they might not get them in the end.

So do you know who you want to carry on the next generation of the Giekes? If so, be sure to cast your vote in the comments section (either here on the blog or on the forums)! Voting will end at midnight Eastern on Monday, July 9th. So don't delay! 


Welp, it's official. 4 votes and they were all for Cailan, so I guess he's our heir! Chester will have another sim-week of game-time to shine until it's time for the twins to age up, so we'll see you then!

1.5 - When Gnomes Attack

We're back again everybody, with the last update before the second generation HEIR VOTE! Who's excited? Cause I'm excited. Last time the twins had just become teens.

We start out today's update with that afternoon, and Zevran having summoned Bianca over to investigate this hamburger cake. 

ZEVRAN - With no ulterior motives in mind.

None whatsoever. 

You'll also notice Cailan running on the treadmill in the background. Being Active, he gets cranky if he doesn't work out. Alien creature that he is (glares out from under her blanket burrito at the computer chair she's not moved from in hours).

Ohey look! Bianca is now magically a teenager! *shocked face* Not great random fashion choices of course, but not eye-melting either. And she's quite pretty besides. Zev certainly approves, as the high-five would indicate.

Zev wastes no time moving their friendship to a more romantic relationship. Beginning with exchanging numbers, even though they've known each other since grade-school . . . yeah, her face says it all. But after a few 'seductive' poses . . . 

He earns his first kiss and first(only) girlfriend. <3

Next up, Cailan invites Cassidy over to view the 'innocent hamburger cake.'

The sunglasses are unfortunate, but otherwise she's quite pretty too. Cailan is sure to show his appreciation by showering her with confetti and sparkles.

Then he does his own brand of schmoozing . . .

To get that first kiss and BF/GF selfie on lock. Bam!

Not wanting to be left out, I had Alistair invite Emilia over after that, just to refresh their relationship.

And exchange a promise ring or two.

CAILAN - Promise rings? UGH, so lame.

ALISTAIR - Lame, huh?

ALISTAIR - How's THIS for lame?!

EMILIA - Mmrmph!

CAILAN - . . . wow.

ZEVRAN - You asked for it.

Big bro, establishing dominance ladies and gents.

ZEVRAN - And then! The aliens used to find whoever used the telescope, suck them up into their spaceship, kidnap them for HOURS and when the guy came back he was PREGNANT with an alien baby!

CAILAN - Uh . . . huh. Fascinating. You haven't been eating the mushrooms out of Alistair's garden, have you?

Zev is actually practicing his mischief skill by spreading rumors and tall tales, though Cailan is barely phased. I like to think it's due to growing up with his twin and being immune to his particular brand of shenanigans.

Chester and Prisha got a new bed, because they deserve it (and the fam has pleeeenty of funds to spare now).

This just in, Zevran still wuvs Sir Prickles. And Sir Prickles . . . tolerates Zevran in return, lol. Getting humorous pop-ups now and then that allude to his night-time rave parties, attempts to escape the habitat via rocket ship and owing protection money to the mob, but so far I haven't gotten any decent screenshots to showcase it. Still, they make me chuckle.

A brisk fall morning dawns over Brindleton Bay, and it's Spooky Day! Some autumn-themed lights are put up via the decoration box and I purchased a pumpkin carving table for the duration.

The family also got the Trick-or-Treat bowl that started off inside the house (more on that later). Prisha got to live out her childhood dream and dressed as a maid for the holiday.

Cailan started out the morning having to fix the dirty sink. 

CAILAN - Awesome. Just awesome.

And Zevran did some forum trolling. 

ZEVRAN - My First Pet Stuff is OBVIOUSLY the greatest stuff pack ever made!

Yep, not touching that one with a ten foot pole. *backs away slowly*

Prisha was the first to try out the carving table. Nobody but Chester (and now Cailan, slightly) has any points in Handiness but they all managed to successfully carve a decent gourd.

Being a family of geeks, I couldn't resist letting the boys adopt a Star Wars theme for their first Spooky Day. Zevran got Boba Fett, Cailan took Darth Maul and they enthused over said choices while enjoying breakfast.

Alistair took a brief break from gardening to spin into his Luke Skywalker costume.

And our founder was, of course, Darth Vader. 

CHESTER - *ksssh* Alistair . . . *ksssh* I am your father.

Yes, that's true.

When I caught this rando astronaut strolling into the house and attempting to get a treat from the bowl (he failed and got scared instead), I realized that I should probably put the bowl outside.

So that's where it went. Alongside Prisha's cat pumpkin and Zevran's traditional white one.

This pirate guy was just as unlucky in his attempt to get some candy.

Seriously, every body got tricked out of this bowl. I think it's cursed. (FYI this witch here is actually Bianca, Zev's girlfriend <3 ).

I also lol'd when I noticed this troupe of ghosts strolling along the beach. I think every sim who had passed in the save file up to this point was out and about that afternoon. Thought that was a cool touch, especially considering Spooky Day wasn't a maxis-made holiday, I had to add it to the calendar myself.

Alistair's garden is coming right along. Here he is doing some research on the plants he's already got, looking for some fun and interesting splices he can do in the future.

Zevran has gotten enough mischief skill to unlock the voodoo doll. He was attempting to bind it to someone here, but I don't think it worked. Oh well, not a terribly big deal atm.

The next afternoon Cailan scared the eff out of me by coming home with a +50 embarrassed moodlet called 'Stop Looking At Me!' I had never seen this happen before (surprisingly) and thought it was a glitch or something. (As normally a +50 Mortified would be enough to kill a sim instantly).

I panicked and immediately had him buy (and drink) a Mood Manager potion to clear the slate. After researching afterward I of course found out that it's something that happens with teens and they can't actually die from these major mood shifts (though if you happen to age them up with the mood still active they'll die on the spot, so be careful!)

Fresh off that freak out, Zev was down at the beach making fun of people and earning the 'Be Disliked by 2 Sims' part of his aspiration.

Afterward Zev and Chester were nice enough to help Cailan with his weekly school project, which happened to be the mini rocket.

They had a successful launch after it was completed.

Then Chester had a successful endeavor of another kind later that evening. Rawr.

Which left poor Cailan to tend to the broken tub in the meantime.

CAILAN - *grumble grumble*

ZEVRAN - *happy whistling*

SIR PRICKLES - Yes, minion! My abode must be sparkling!

Just some hedgehog maintenance.

More emotion paintings for the collection. This one is the flirty one.

I was highly amused that Zevran roped Emilia and Cassidy into helping out with his project, when neither of them are even his girlfriend. That's some serious skill.

ZEVRAN - Indeed. And it has nothing to do with any sort of blackmail I may or may not have in my possession.


ZEVRAN - What?

CASSIDY - That's not that bad, right?

EMILIA - I dunno, girl . . . I think it might be safer to just agree to all his demands for now.

CASSIDY - I'm dead.

What is . . . what? Cat videos indeed . . . .

And then it was time for Chester's elder birthday. Noooo, I'm not emotionally ready for this!

PRISHA - Yay birthday!

You shush! Since Chester is special, I had Prisha make him a honey cake.

CHESTER - Ack! My spine!

I know that feel, hon.

Soon after, I went ahead and gave him a little mini-makeover that's more appropriate for his new age bracket. <3 Chester, you're still adorkables.

CHESTER - Aww, thanks!

It was raining (again) and we had things we needed to do outside, so Chester does some weather manipulation.

So he can continue upgrading the rocket ship for the Nerd Brain aspiration. This put him into the last milestone, where he just has to finish out the Logic skill. Can Chester complete 2 aspirations this time around?! I'm thinking it's likely!

Also, RAINBOW!!! <3

Alistair managed to earn this Bunny of Excellence at a random school award ceremony. Nice!

Of course you'd never know it from his current mood. He came home that day with the +50 sadness moodlet. Cailan meanwhile has the +50 embarrassed moodlet again, while Zevran is just cheezed in general due to low fun.

Even Bianca, who came home with Zev that day, was sad and depressed. C'mon, you guys! Stop being so depressing!

Chester enjoys some of his birthday cake while the boys attempt to write out their feelings in their journals. It might have helped lower it a bit, but didn't get rid of them completely. Whiny babies.

PRISHA - Neat, huh?

CHESTER - So neat.

Chester approves of Prisha's Focused painting.

She manages to complete a Playful one a little later on. I think the only one I'm missing now is Sadness?

ALISTAIR - I just . . . it's just so sad, dad. Know what I mean?

CHESTER - I feel a headache coming on . . . .

Lol, he actually did feel 'Headachey.' This whole house is coming down with the sicknesses, you'll see it more soon.

It is with a heavy heart I must announce the passing of Sir Prickles. Not long after this shot was taken, his little rodent spirit floated up into the nether. Good-bye Sir Prickles! Zevran will definitely miss you, (though I'm sure his nose won't.)

The next (heavily cloudy/rainy) day was Harvestfest! The twins were the first awake, and immediately headed outside to try and appease the gnomes that had appeared on the lot. Zevran tried to give this blue one a toy . . .

It was not appreciated. He attempted to beg for forgiveness . . . it didn't work.

Cailan tried to appease the red hat with a pie . . .

Yeah, that didn't work either.

Now indoors, Chester tried appeasing the business gnome with a fruit cake. He didn't like it, but at least he forgave Chester afterwards.

And despite any other attempts by the rest of the family, the first 2 gnomes refused to forgive or stop breaking appliances/dropping garbage all over the lot. I finally deleted them all in a fit of frustration and rage.

Seriously, if there's a trick to those little b*stards, let me know. -_-*

Alistair decided to randomly and autonomously set the table just before Harvestfest dinner, which amused me. Even more, when I noticed the poor thing was covered in tiger-stripe rash.

Not a sim-hour later, his mother did too. Seriously, who's spreading the plague in this family?!

In the end though, the whole family managed to sit down and enjoy a big turkey dinner together. Thankful for everything they had, and for all the adventures yet to come in this Gieke Journey.

How was that for an outro, eh? EH?! The heir vote is next, so get those voting clicks ready! Until then, happy simming!