Saturday, May 27, 2017

Generation 6 HEIR POLL! - Closed!!

EDIT - The poll is closed! See below for the results, and thanks to everyone who voted!

Okay, here we go! It's been a long-time coming and about friggin time, so let's just get right to the nitty gritty. It's time to pick our next Gieke heir!!

As always, first up is first born, Gamora Gieke.

Child Trait : Squeamish
Teen Trait : Perfectionist
Young Adult Trait : Materialistic
Bonus Traits : Mentally Gifted, Essence of Flavor

Lifetime Aspiration : Master Mixologist
Career : Culinary - Mixology
Potential Spouse : Kane Ryder

Gamora is the eldest, sophisticated and composed compared to her more wild and rambunctious younger siblings. On the cusp of adulthood, she's more than ready to take this legacy into the next generation.

Next up, second-born and eldest of twins, Jarvis Gieke.

Child Trait : Genius
Teen Trait : Art Lover
Young Adult Trait : Evil
Bonus Traits : Creatively Gifted, Collector

Lifetime Aspiration : Angling Ace
Career : NA
Potential Spouse : Cayla Keane

Jarvis was the deceptively quiet and unobtrusive one it seems. Come adulthood it will soon be revealed that his twin isn't the only diabolical Gieke child of this generation. He's bet all his cards on the play of his potential spouse earning him the votes he needs to steal the win. A redheaded beauty, Cayla's definitely the genetic front-runner of this next generation. 

And finally, the girl with the master plan, Jubilee Gieke.

Child Trait : Evil
Teen Trait : Jealous
Young Adult Trait : Goofball
Bonus Traits : Mentally Gifted, Quick Learner

Lifetime Aspiration : Public Enemy (changed from Computer Whiz)
Career : Criminal - Oracle
Minion For Life : Roman Boone

The younger of a set of twins, Jubilee made herself distinct from a very early age with her evil plots and schemes for eventual world domination. Will it be enough to secure her the position of Gieke heir?

It's all up to you! You can vote for your pick via the poll here on the blog (in the panel to the right) or by comment (either here or on the forums. If you vote in this manner, make sure to call attention to that so I count the votes correctly). 


Alrighty, the results are in and our winner is . . . JARVIS! His masterful scheme was successful after all!

There were a grand total of 16 votes overall.

Gamora was in last place with 2 votes.

Jubilee came in a very respectable second place with 5 votes.

Jarvis pulled out a win with a leading 9 votes. So we'll see you in our next update (hopefully sooner than 6 months), with a whole new crop of Giekes. GIEKE TODDLERS!!! Gieke parenting skills! GIEKE SCIENCE PROJECTS!!! Are you as excited as I am?!


  1. I'm so looking forward to this!

  2. Yay for Jarvis! :3 He was my vote. I'm soo excited to see the toddlers!

  3. So, I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem, but I can't see any of the pictures on any of your blogs. There is just a box.

    1. It's not you. The site I used to host all my pictures randomly decided to disallow 3rd party hosting, so it's destroyed all of my blogs. I haven't decided how exactly I'm going to go about fixing the problem (it's quite daunting), so for now they're all broken/on hiatus. :(

    2. Okay, just wondering. Love your blogs, your stories are amazing!