Saturday, May 27, 2017

Generation 6 HEIR POLL! - Closed!!

EDIT - The poll is closed! See below for the results, and thanks to everyone who voted!

Okay, here we go! It's been a long-time coming and about friggin time, so let's just get right to the nitty gritty. It's time to pick our next Gieke heir!!

As always, first up is first born, Gamora Gieke.

Child Trait : Squeamish
Teen Trait : Perfectionist
Young Adult Trait : Materialistic
Bonus Traits : Mentally Gifted, Essence of Flavor

Lifetime Aspiration : Master Mixologist
Career : Culinary - Mixology
Potential Spouse : Kane Ryder

Gamora is the eldest, sophisticated and composed compared to her more wild and rambunctious younger siblings. On the cusp of adulthood, she's more than ready to take this legacy into the next generation.

Next up, second-born and eldest of twins, Jarvis Gieke.

Child Trait : Genius
Teen Trait : Art Lover
Young Adult Trait : Evil
Bonus Traits : Creatively Gifted, Collector

Lifetime Aspiration : Angling Ace
Career : NA
Potential Spouse : Cayla Keane

Jarvis was the deceptively quiet and unobtrusive one it seems. Come adulthood it will soon be revealed that his twin isn't the only diabolical Gieke child of this generation. He's bet all his cards on the play of his potential spouse earning him the votes he needs to steal the win. A redheaded beauty, Cayla's definitely the genetic front-runner of this next generation. 

And finally, the girl with the master plan, Jubilee Gieke.

Child Trait : Evil
Teen Trait : Jealous
Young Adult Trait : Goofball
Bonus Traits : Mentally Gifted, Quick Learner

Lifetime Aspiration : Public Enemy (changed from Computer Whiz)
Career : Criminal - Oracle
Minion For Life : Roman Boone

The younger of a set of twins, Jubilee made herself distinct from a very early age with her evil plots and schemes for eventual world domination. Will it be enough to secure her the position of Gieke heir?

It's all up to you! You can vote for your pick via the poll here on the blog (in the panel to the right) or by comment (either here or on the forums. If you vote in this manner, make sure to call attention to that so I count the votes correctly). 


Alrighty, the results are in and our winner is . . . JARVIS! His masterful scheme was successful after all!

There were a grand total of 16 votes overall.

Gamora was in last place with 2 votes.

Jubilee came in a very respectable second place with 5 votes.

Jarvis pulled out a win with a leading 9 votes. So we'll see you in our next update (hopefully sooner than 6 months), with a whole new crop of Giekes. GIEKE TODDLERS!!! Gieke parenting skills! GIEKE SCIENCE PROJECTS!!! Are you as excited as I am?!

5.6 - Rocket(wo)man

Heeeeey. Remember last post, when I said I'd try not to wait half a year before posting again? Lawl, guess what? Yeeeeah . . . . But the Parenthood game pack release is looming nigh, and it's right up a legacy player's alley (IE me), so I'm pretty excited. It's time to get the Giekes ready for the next generation, eh?

So without further ado, let's just jump into it, shall we? Who do we have up first, but Jarvis in his Retail job uniform. Which I promptly had him quit shortly afterward cause I'd rather he spent his time chained to the easel pursuing his passion of painting.

JARVIS - Uh, actually, if it's all the same I'd rather be fishing . . . .

The youngest Gieke, Bruce, is trying to earn bonus points by cleaning up the dishes.

WADE - Lame, what a kiss-*ss.

BRUCE - You're just mad you didn't think of it first.

WADE . . . am not. :<

Apparently I needed Wade to stay up overnight . . . it's been 6+ months since I took this, so I have no idea anymore, lol.

WADE - I'm pretty sure this is some form of sim-child abuse.

Nonsense, drink up and get to skillin.

LIAM - Uh, Su? I'm pretty sure this is my bed now . . . .

SU MOON - It was mine first, buddy boy. Wait your turn.

Su Moon haunted that night, and decided to catch some z's with her daughter, preventing Liam from being able to get any shut eye for a bit.

The kids needed breakfast in the morning anyhow. Liam, pls stop setting things on fire.

LIAM - Working on it! *girly scream and flailing*

Also, note that Su Moon's ghost in the background is now amused. I lol'd.

WADE - I can't believe some of our siblings are resorting to doing CHORES to try and earn brownie points with the watcher.

JUBILEE - I agree, it's disgraceful.

WADE - We won't be resorting to such pathetic tactics though, right?

JUBILEE - Absolutely.

Minutes later . . . 

JARVIS - Didn't you say you weren't gonna resort to that stuff?

JUBILEE - Uh, I've got evil in my trait panel, bruh. I'll resort to whatever it takes to win.

JARVIS - Good to know.

And somehow, dishes still managed to get left behind . . . 7 sims, ugh.

Our current heiress, Jaina, is pumping some iron for her Astronaut career as well as her Bodybuilder aspiration. The only thing she has left to do is to acquire the 'Perfect Body,' which this manages to do. I switched her aspiration to Nerd Brain. Dunno if she'll manage to complete it, but we can always try eh?

Jarvis' potential 'special friend' Cayla randomly invited him to play hooky at a dance club. Since official GF/BF status had yet to be obtained, I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to do so and accepted. At this point I hadn't figured out a way to change NPC sim outfits without switching households (a big pain in the *ss ), so pls excuse the terrible fashion and mismatched eyebrows for now.

Jarvis got right to work flirting and kissing his way to being Cayla's boyfriend. I think visually Cayla is my favorite of all the spouse potentials, she's gorgeous.

Once inside Cayla surprised me by requesting something . . . rather risque in the club's nearby closet. This fellow creepily mustacheiod patron was bizarrely interested in the exchange, standing . . . far too close for comfort imo.

Cayla glomped onto her beau . . . seriously dood, personal space.

And into the closet they go . . .

And THIS is the face he makes when the 'frisky' hearts start flying!!!! ZOMFG man!!! Creeper much?!?!

The bartender and other patrons were properly scandalized by Cayla and Jarvis' behavior.

JARVIS - So. Awesome. OMG.

Meanwhile teenage boys will be teenage boys, and Jarvis reacts to his good fortune in typical fashion.

Afterward the two lovebirds . . . 'danced together.' That is so not it. So not.

So I got them to do some synchronized dance moves for a bit. Jarvis is fierce, yo. Lolol.

Meanwhile, back on the home lot . . . .

JUBILEE - The vote is coming up next, guys. We can't let our guard down.

GAMORA - But what can we really do, honestly? The watcher doesn't decide who wins heirship, the readers do.

WADE - Be awesome, obviously. Duh.

LIAM - I have no idea what they're talking about, and I like it that way.

Bruce was outside putting the final touches on his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. I gave him Whiz Kid but I doubt very seriously he'll be able to finish it in time.

Jarvis is back home, and back in front of the easel. Portraits don't paint themselves after all.

Now that her twin had a girlfriend, Jubilee needed to secure her own Minion For Life. Luckily she had the perfect candidate already lined up . . . in his AWFUL randomly generated clothes ugh.

Also, note the christmas tree still out. That's how old these screens are, hehehe.

JUBILEE - I'm going to do my utmost to ignore your douchey outfit and flirt.

ROMAN - Uh, ok. 

JUBILEE - You could show a LITTLE enthusiasm, Rome.

ROMAN - Oh! I-I mean . . . yay!

First kisses and BF status obtained.

Then I did some research and discovered the closet could be used to change NPC outfits. YES!

GAMORA - Why the heck am I the one who has to do this?

Because your sister is busy eating lunch before she dies of starvation.

Holy frapples, so much better. The new and improved Roman Boone, ladies and gentlemen.

ROMAN - Here, Jubi! What do you think? Is . . . is it ok?

JUBILEE - Hmm . . . acceptable. Now, apparently my twin has managed to get lucky already and I refuse to be one-upped. So we need to go take care of some business, if you get my drift.

ROMAN - Whoa, that's kinda sudden, isn't it?

JUBILEE - Roman . . . don't you think I'm pretty?

ROMAN - Of course I do, you're beautiful.

JUBILEE - And don't you want to make me happy?

ROMAN - Always.

JUBILEE - Then shut up and get nekkid.

She IS an evil mastermind, after all. What Jubi wants, Jubi gets. In her parents' bed because OF COURSE. *sigh*

Meanwhile Jaina is back to exploring space on her days off.

And successfully I might add! Our first space collectable!

Jaina playing some chess with Wade, no doubt working on her logic skill for work. Slowly but surely she's beginning to understand this game.

JAINA - Check!

WADE - Not bad mom. But, . . . *moves piece* check-mate means I win.

Mostly. Lol

Now that her fitness aspiration is done, she's devoting more time to the Rocket Science skill.

Meanwhile her currently Double Agent husband Liam keeps the family fed. Nothing like cooking dinner in a snazzy suit.

LIAM - Truth.

Howie decided to haunt that night angry, and broke one of the showers.

Then he moved on to a sink. DANGIT HOWIE! Cut that out!

HOWIE - Raaaaaage!

Jaina got nominated to fix his tantrum damage.

JAINA - Not cool, daddy. Not cool at all.

Moar skilling in the Gieke home. I've got Jubilee working on programming, because of possible future reasons.

Astronaut day off? Time for some Zero-G-Woohooin.

LIAM - Uh, are you sure about this Jaina?

JAINA - Get in the rocket, Liam, don't be a little b****.

Gamora is sure to call up her bae every now and then to keep up their relationship meter.

GAMORA - What am I doing today? Oh, you know, the usual. Eat an afterschool meal while watching the Fireplace channel to quickly fill up the Fun meter, then homework before some Mixology skilling until it's bedtime. 

And that is literally what I make them do every day lol (with the skill of choice changing depending on the child). It's a well-oiled assembly line of legacy success, GDI.

On this particular day it appears as though Wade and Bruce are both working on Logic. They're just not Giekes if they don't play chess, after all.

Jubilee is still programming, hacking into all sorts of places and creating viruses because . . . evil.

JUBILEE - Damn straight.

And Jarvis, he's escaped from the easel long enough to invite Cayla over for a trip into the closet.

To change clothes this time. JUST change clothes.

I thought I got a better picture of her post-makeover, but apparently not. Take my word for it, she's stupid-pretty.

And then Wade . . . drew some pictures? I don't even know.

WADE - Neither do I.

BRUCE - So, are you any good at this game?

JUBILEE - Are you kidding? I've got skills this legacy hasn't seen since great-great uncle Dexter.

You mean, you cheat?

JUBILEE - OBviously.

Kane came home from school with Gamora the next day, so she made sure to get in some actual face-time. I didn't bother giving Kane a makeover yet, his outfit wasn't completely atrocious.

Suddenly, a wild Anakin sighting! He was unsuccessfully fishing across the street.

But for now we have more important matters to attend. Namely, BIRTHDAY! It's time for Wade to enter into teendom! *rolls drums*

.... Wow. I am disappoint. I had higher hopes for him, but he's pretty much a Howard clone with tiny eyes. Ugh.

WADE - Wow, harsh much? There's more important things than looks, you know--.


I had Wade invite Ana Lena over, and was surprised that she was already a teen. A quick trip to the closet later and she was a pretty new addition to the hood.

Wade wasted no time securing her for an official girlfriend.

And then I received a notification that Ana Lena wanted to come over . . . wait, wat?!

CHILD ANA LENA - Surprise, b****s.

Ok, now I was annoyed. This was the second time this had happened (Roman did the same thing), sprouting a child clone as soon as they became teens. What the heck kind of bug WAS this?! I headed in to Manage Households to suss out the problem . . . and soon realized I had two copies of the same Legacy Loves household in the game. 

Lawl oops. It took some shuffling and sorting, but I managed to delete all the undesirable clones.

Gamora is coming right along in her Mixology skill. Rocking those bar tricks, if I do say so myself.

JAINA - Aren't you more concerned about the heir vote coming up, Jarvis?

JARVIS - Eh, not really. I'm taking a more laid-back approach.

JAINA - You're banking on the readers and the watcher wanting the return of red hair into the legacy, aren't you.

JARVIS - . . . yeah, something like that. 

Well, it's not a TERRIBLE strategy . . .

Wade has culinary aspirations in adulthood, so he gets nominated to start making the family meals. And he kept canceling this Make Salad action to try and go play basketball. I was finally forced to put the darned thing in the family inventory for a while.

WADE - Must . . . shoot . . . hoops . . . .

Jaina attempts to fulfill Bruce's need to be read to by an adult. Not that I think I'm actually going to complete the extra Whiz Kid aspiration, but I like goals.

Wade, wtf are you wearing?

WADE - Time for my first day of Babysitting. You signed me up for the part-time job, remember?

And that requires you to dress like a frat-boy douche?

WADE - Apparently.

Last time I made the mental note to do more with that microscope thingy, in order to start collecting those prints. I finally remembered to actually do it here. Since Liam has the highest logic skill in the family currently, he got nominated.

And thanks to our collections bunker full of fossils, gems and rocks, he starts racking up the prints in no time.

WADE - Well this is it, it'll be Bruce's birthday soon. And then the heir vote.

GAMORA - Good luck guys, may the best heir win.

JUBILEE - You're all goin' down.

JARVIS - Oh look, Cayla just sent me a selfie. That red hair, tho . . .

BRUCE - I'm doomed.

Su Moon haunted angry that night, but she dealt with it like a MATURE ADULT and vented in the mirror rather than break all the plumbing.

And then, Bruce's time to cake up. Do me proud!!!

Ugh . . . goddammit. Another Howard clone? Seriously?

Okay, it is with a heavy heart that I'm making the executive decision to not include Wade and Bruce in the heir vote. I love them, but I want genetic variety. So, sorry boys.

BRUCE - I knew it. :<

As we come to the end of Generation 5, our heiress gets started on the final rocket ship upgrade, the Wormhole Generator. Are you ready to pass down the Legacy Jaina?

JAINA - Yeah, it'll be fine. And hey, if worse comes to worse I can just escape to another planet on this baby.

Well . . . that's one way to look at it I guess?

Alrighty folks, stay tuned for the Gen 6 Heir Vote! Until then, happy simming!