Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5.4 - A Gross of Giekes

Well howdy there y'all! :P So . . . certainly didn't mean to leave this thing un-updated since JANUARY omg, but you know how it goes. RL stuff . . . other games . . . procrastination . . . . They all play their parts. But we're here at the half-way point and I definitely don't want to give up on my adorkable Gieke Clan. 

So let's have ourselves a long overdue update, eh? Since it's been so long, we'll do a quick Gieke Check, to remind you (and me?) who all these simmies are.

First up, our current Gen 5 heiress, Mrs. Jaina Gieke. Jaina here is a Materialistic, Genius Geek (doing the family stereotype proud) with the lifetime aspiration of Bodybuilder (nobody can be perfect). She has a job in the Astronaut career with her eye on the eventual Space Ranger branch. She's also, at this very moment in time, heavily pregnant with her fifth child. Five, really? Wow, I must really want to punish myself . . .

And this grinning casanova is the father of said babies, Mr. Liam Gieke. Liam is Squeamish, Hot-Headed and Materialistic, with a somewhat scummy lifetime aspiration of Serial Romantic. I head-canon that all those shenanigans are done because of his career as a Secret Agent, as he also has plans of heading into the Super Villain branch eventually.

This cutie is the first-born in Generation 6 (who are all named for Marvel comic characters), Gamora Gieke. Gamora is Squeamish like her dad, and currently has the Whiz Kid child aspiration. And still working on completing it at this very moment.

Next up is the first in a set of twins, Jarvis Gieke. Jarvis is a Genius who broke the mold of his fellow siblings and wants to be an Artistic Prodigy. This gets him automatically nominated to be my next portrait painter by default. :)

Then we have his twin sister, Jubilee Gieke, who--contrary to her name--is actually Evil (my first of the legacy!) and who also wants to be a Whiz Kid.

And lastly (for now), is fourth-born Wade Gieke, an Active little tyke who--yes you guessed it!--ALSO wants to be a Whiz Kid. I'd complain about the repetition, but I'm just glad its not Social Butterfly. I hate that one. >_<

WADE - So Watcher? We gonna get this show on the road, or are you gonna just keep complaining?

I'm getting there!

WADE - Will that be any time THIS century? Just curious.

-_-* I suppose the sass is my own fault for naming him after Deadpool . . . . ANYhow, Wade here is home alone, as it's his first day of childhood. His parents are both at work and his siblings at school, so I sent him to the Windenburg park.

WADE - MacCaulay Culkin eat your heart out.

It's sad that some will have to google that name to get the joke . . . I'm old. ;_;

WADE - . . . yah, no comment.

Wade got one of his chess game aspiration requirements met while at the park, with this teen named Darius. I have my eye on him as a potential spouse for Gamora, who's close to hitting her teen years.

WADE - See this hand? Contained in this hand is enough awesomeness to choke a horse.

DARIUS - What?

WADE - And not a dumb little Shetland Pony, either. We're talking about CLYDESDALES my friend. 

DARIUS - I-I don't . . .

WADE - *whispers* Shhh, don't fight it. Just bask in the awesome . . . .

I had been waiting to put in a LegacyLoves family until most of the kids were here/almost here, so now that that has been achieved we invited some over to the house after school. Jubilee's first choice was this kid, Kane Ryder. I was a fan of his blonde hair and blue eyes.

KANE - Ugh, this place is so laaaaame.

JUBILEE - . . . . *inner rage building*

Unfortunately Jubi was NOT a fan of his personality. Most of their socials were negatives, so Kane was eventually dismissed.

Jarvis had much better luck with HIS potential spouse-hopeful, the pretty auburn-haired Cayla Keane. They spent a good portion of the afternoon cloud-gazing and talking about Imaginary Friends. 

CAYLA - But why do we have to lay on the hard walkway?

JARVIS - I dunno, it's just a tradition I guess.

GAH! Gen 3 feelz!

Inside Wade was challenging his eldest sister to another chess match. Since she has about 7 logic points on him, it wasn't a big surprise that she trounced him.

WADE - No-no, you see . . . I was playing by the alternate rules. 

GAMORA - Alternate how? Alternate to reality?

WADE - . . . touche.

Okay Jubilee, let's try this again!

JUBILEE - *sigh* Do I have to?

If you wanna be heiress one day, procreation IS a part of the whole process.

JUBILEE - Ugh, fine. 

Contestant #2 is Roman Boone, also blonde and blue-eyed, but a different type of each. Variety I say!

JUBILEE - Hypothetically speaking, if I were to one day gain control of the world in a hostile take-over, how could you possibly contribute?

ROMAN - Um, well . . . I AM a Genius. Maybe I could help you invent something? Like . . . a Death-Ray gun?

JUBILEE - . . . okay, I don't completely hate you.

And that's PROGRESS!! :D

Looks like Jaina is back from work, and with a promotion in tow! Super-pregger-belly in a spacesuit is a weird combination lol. But she's now a Space Cadet, yaaay.

At some point Cayla snuck off to go cry over our graveyard. Aww, sweetie, its okay. They come out and haunt all the time. 

All. The. Time.

Bah! The gaming rig kidnaps another visitor! I don't mind that they like to use it, but why do they become completely unclickable/unable to be interacted with? >_< 

I got fed up and stuffed the thing into the family's inventory for now.

A nice, wholesome family dinner/homework party. The stuff we always like to see in legacies, amirite? Eh? Eh?

See? All the time.

SU MOON - Five kids? That's kind of a lot, sweetie . . .

JAINA - Yeah, I don't think the Watcher realized she'd have 7 sims in the house at once when she made that decision.

Nope. :D *cries inside* 

Aww, Su! There's no need to cry!

SU MOON - But Howie! He's *hic* he's DEAD!

Uh . . . so are you?

SU MOON - Wat?!

Super pregnant space ship upgrades! 'Cause a blow torch around an unborn fetus is ALWAYS a great idea. :>

Jaina has the day off, so she gets some skilling done around the house while everyone else is at school/work.

After Wade's first official day of school he autonomously invites over this little cutie so I took it as a sign. Her name is Ana Lena Juarez (I think). 

WADE - Jazz hands?

ANA LENA - Um . . . what?

WADE - Jazz hands.  

Meanwhile his siblings are hard at work on skilling/potion creating. The clock is ticking down for Gamora especially, she only has a couple days left in her child stage. Just don't burn the house down with that fire hazard please, sweetie.

GAMORA - No promises.


JARVIS - I have 3/5 types of drawings completed, and 4 available at the moment . . . but I can't remember which ones I've already done . . . .

Yah, spoiler alert. I redrew 3 that I didn't need to before I found the right one. -_-* That's what happens when you stop playing for half a year I guess.  

Wade needs to be read to by an adult for 2 hrs to complete his current milestone, so mama took a break from spaceship building to get him started.

JAINA - And so the unicorn leapt from field to glen, singing . . .

JAINA - My uterus!

WADE and ANA LENA - . . . . 

Hah! She went into labor right in the middle of the story. And another generation of scarred children, ladies and gentlemen.

WADE - Why would a unicorn sing about his uterus? . . . What even IS a uterus?

ANA LENA - Don't ask, Wade. You don't wanna know.

Taking her advice, Wade invited Ana downstairs to play chess instead.

Jubi has finished her homework AND some Extra Credit, and is quite pleased with herself. 

JUBILEE - Dumb people can't take over the world. Fact.

JUBILEE - Neither can weak immune systems. Down the hatch!!

So, true to life, all of my sim children started getting sick, one after another like an insidious microbial dominos. I only happened to screenshot Jubi shot-gunning the medicine though.

JUBILEE - Because I'm obviously more interesting.

Obviously. :P 

Down in the nursery Jaina was finally ready to bring this last terribly planned baby of Gen 6 into the world.

And of course Jubilee and her chem table experiments have to photo-bomb the shot.

JUBILEE - Naturally. >:) 

And it's a boy! (Thank all that is good and holy that it wasn't twins omg, I realized as she was standing there that she had the Fertility treatment and I was CERTAIN I was about to start crying).

But no, just little old Bruce Gieke has joined the family. Named, of course, for the Incredible Hulk's sciencey alter-ego. :)

JUBILEE - I know you're probably thinking right now, 'hey, there's a chance. I got a shot at being heir.' But lemme just tell you right now, lying to yourself is never healthy.

Jubi, leave your baby brother alone and go make some more emotion potions plz.

Lookit, it's HOWIE!!! Hiya Howie!!

HOWARD - Halloo! :) 

My adorable Gen 4 heir played on the computer in the early morning hours. In the kids' room, naturally. Luckily he didn't wake them up.

But once they DID wake up, I found it adorable that he oversaw their communal homework session.

HOWARD - That's right, grandchildren. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Our family is built on the bones of Geniuses, and you have to do that legacy proud!

So, I'm aging up Bruce a LITTLE early. I kept him as an infant for one day instead of two, because I want him to be up and about and earning potential votes before his eldest sister becomes a YA and prompts the vote. So, without further ado . . .

Meet Bruce!

BRUCE - Sup. :D

Bruce is the only child this generation that DIDN'T inherit Jaina's almond eye-shape, getting his dad's instead. He has the Cheerful trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration as well. Variety! 

BRUCE - You're welcome. 

He spent his first morning of childhood out on the monkey bars. And it wasn't until I took this screenshot that I realized Gamora had snuck off and was crying over the graveyard.

BAH! Too many sims! They slip through my little micro-managing fingers. Back inside and keep building that Logic skill, little missy. It's almost your teen birthday and you don't wanna miss out on that bonus trait!

GAMORA - But . . . grandpa!

You just saw him earlier this morning, he helped you with your math homework, remember. :P   

Now free of pregnancies, Jaina can resume work on her Bodybuilder aspiration. She's in the last milestone I believe, only needing to complete her Fitness skill and attain the 'perfect body.'

She also needs Logic for her job though, but so does Liam. So they get to spend some quality couples time over the chess board while most of the kids were at school.

LIAM - Wait, where does this piece go?

JAINA - Um . . . L-shapes I think? Or maybe diagonal . . .

It's kind of sad that all of their children can beat them at this game. Lol  

I finally remembered to put down Jaina's promotion reward object that she got earlier in the chapter--the snazzy Mission Control desk. This shot is also cataloguing Gamora's COMPLETED Whiz Kid aspiration! Wooo, Mentally Gifted trait!

Liam hasn't gotten much face-time this chapter. He's around though, I assure you. Continuing his Secret Agent career and cooking the occasional family meal. 

I'm probably not going to go much further in his Serial Romantic aspiration. Not necessarily because of the crummy implications, but mostly because the house is WAY too hectic right now and that (to me) is kind of labor-intensive. That aspiration will just have to wait until an heir rolls it, if ever.

LIAM - You mean I don't have to cheat on Jaina anymore?


LIAM - Yay!

Indeed. :) 

Jarvis actually managed to surprise me with his completed Artistic Prodigy aspiration, now the proud owner of a Creatively Gifted trait. 

JARVIS - You mean you weren't paying attention to how close I was to finishing?

There's TOO MANY KIDS! *cry*  

But luckily we're about to be one less. That very morning was Gamora's teen birthday (I told you, we were getting down to the wire with this one lol), and dad is sure to trumpet her transition.

Making a wish, kiddo?

GAMORA - Yeah . . . I think I'd like to be surprisingly pretty.

Wish granted! Everyone say hello to super-cute teenaged Gamora! She rolls the Perfectionist trait and the Master Mixologist aspiration, which gives her the Essence of Flavor bonus trait. 

Gamora actually looks a LOT like her grandma Su Moon, to me. Same face shape, even more than Jaina has.

With her traits and aspiration, Gamora's now been nominated the family chef. First order of business? Salad for lunch!

Please don't chop off your fingers, sweetie.

GAMORA - Wasn't planning on it . . . 

No one ever does. 

After that, though, it was off to the family bar to start practicing her drink mixing.

Dad kept her company through some of it.

GAMORA - Are you sure you don't want to try some of this daddy?

LIAM - Since I just saw what you poured into that cup, yes. I am very sure that I don't want to try some. But you keep at it, sweetie.

GAMORA - Hmph. Suit yourself. This cream soda is delicious.

Is it supposed to be green? O_o

GAMORA - Surprisingly, yes. 

The rest of the brood arrived home from school. Jarvis autonomously invited over Cayla to visit.

JARVIS - So I'm creatively gifted now.

CAYLA - Nice!

And Bruce called up his own potential spouse for an interview. And I can't for the life of me remember her name at the moment, I'll have to edit this later lol. Her name is Keely Dunn. :)

BRUCE - So . . . nice day, huh?

KEELY - Yep. It'll be even nicer if we can get off the lawn and go watch that huge flat-screen TV you guys have in your living room.

BRUCE - Oh, uh . . . ladies first?  

They hit it off pretty well, I am happy to report.  

Gamora? Is that . . . Kane Ryder?

GAMORA - Yeah, well, that teenager Darius that you were 'keeping an eye on' is a Young Adult now, so he's officially WAY too old for me. So I'm taking a page out of the family playbook and force-aging a kid to meet my needs.

Oh. Uh . . . good luck?

GAMORA - Thanks. I'm hoping he turns out cute, his eye-shape is a little wonky at the moment . . .

Huh. Wish granted, yet again. Let's hope you can actually get along with him though, your sister Jubilee didn't have much luck with that earlier.

GAMORA - So, welcome to the land of teenagerhood Kane!

KANE - Oh, uh . . . thanks, Gamora. You're really pretty omg.

So yah, lol, turns out these two are like peas in a pod.


Now now, don't be bitter.  

Most of them gathered together in the dining room for a big group homework party. 

WADE - Careful Gamora, your Lady-Crush is showing!


KANE - Hehehe

BRUCE - Not gonna get in the middle, just gonna do my addition tables here . . .  

KEELY - Probably for the best. 

JUBILEE - Yes, perfect . . . according to my calculations . . . I'm the coolest kid of this generation.

Oh really? You're also my 2nd official Whiz Kid of this generation as well. Congrats Jubi!

JUBILEE - All in a day's work. 

Well there you have it, guys! A little shorter than some updates, but I think it got us back into the swing of things rather nicely. Join us next time as more of Gamora's siblings join her in teenhood, more aspirations are completed, more spouse-hopefuls prematurely caked up . . . it's gonna be a blast! (or not, I can't really guarantee that . . .), so until then, Happy Simming!!