Thursday, October 8, 2015

4.6 - Costumes, Saunas and More

Welcome back to the Gieke Legacy everybody!

As advertised, we open up today with a spouse-hopeful kidnapping birthday. Anakin invited Lola over as soon as school let out and introduced her to the cake his mom had baked.

Su Moon oversees the entire process with a knowing look. Not too long ago it was HER being caked up by Howie, after all.

Teenaged Lola! I'm quite pleased with the way she turned out, she's probably my favorite spouse-hopeful, genetically speaking. It looks like Ani is also pleased.

He wastes no time schmoozing, laying on the charm and securing his first kiss, as well as BF/GF status.

Selfie-confirmation! One of my favorites.

Shakti invited Lucas over after school as well, to chit-chat and work toward her Social Butterfly's final milestone. I think she (and I) have decided to go with Lucas as a spouse-hopeful rather than Julio. Just look at that smile!

It was around this time that the new holiday Trick or Treat interactions were added to the game. Howard tested it out by giving Su here a treat. She enjoyed it.   :>

HOWARD - Nice glasses, son!

ANAKIN - Thanks dad! I can actually read my homework without putting my face in the book now, it's amazing.

Since I got rid of Jaina's glasses, I gave some to Ani and I think they suit him well. Can't have a generation of Giekes without SOMEone wearing glasses after all. Chester would be appalled.

JAINA - Daddy, I'm still your favorite right?

ANAKIN - Careful Jaina, your desperation is showing.

JAINA - Shut it, Ani.

Competition for heirship is heating up now, the closer we get to Jaina's YA birthday.

HOWARD - Now, now. You know I can't pick favorites of my children, Jaina. I love you all equally.

Classic parental save.

Anakin is off to his Barista job! In hindsight it was probably not the best choice -- he'll never need the Mixology skill and has no reason to be in the Inspired mood (both requirements for the job) but oh well. It's all for fun anyhow, not like the Giekes need the money.

They're sitting on a steady nest-egg of around 300k simoleons, even with Howard being the only one employed in a full-time job.

HOWARD - ACK! Headache!

JAINA - Really, daddy? You're a doctor and you didn't know eating ice-cream too fast would give you a brain freeze headache?

HOWARD - Jaina, if I WERE to pick a favorite of my children, it wouldn't be the one who passive-aggressively called me an idiot.

SHAKTI - OMP I gotta write that one down. Sweet burn.

Yep, ice cream means Cool Kitchen Stuff is installed. I am weak, I must have all the pretties. Although I think I'll actually be able to say no to Spooky Stuff. Strictly holiday-themed stuff doesn't really interest me.

SHAKTI - So, whatcha say? Wanna be friends?

COOL CHICK - Sure kid.

SHAKTI - Awesome!

Still working on that aspiration. Social Butterfly is like pulling teeth for me. I dread the day someone in this family rolls Friend of the World.

The family that yogas together, stays together! Howard is only one skill (at level 8) away from completing his Renaissance Sim aspiration. I've selected Fitness to be that skill, so he works on it in his free time.

Speaking of aspirations, Su Moon's Party Animal has been giving me fits lately but I THINK the bug might be fixed. She's currently at Earn Silver on 2/3 Thrown Events and Attend Social Events at 2/5 Unique Locations. So, to test it out, it's time for . . . .

A Costume Party! A STAR WARS themed costume party! I've been waiting to do this since Jaina was born and the naming theme was chosen for this generation. 

Our host Su Moon is dressed as Princess Leia (of course).

Since there's no Han Solo costume (LAME), Howard dresses up as Boba Fett instead.

Jaina is a twilek dancer.

Anakin is, oh so fittingly, dressed as Darth Vader.

And finally, little Shakti gets to go as Yoda! I opted to forgo the mask though, I'd rather see her cute face.

The first of our guests arrive. An elderly gentleman dressed as the Grim Reaper . . . oh snapple! That's Sheldon! The first of Gen 4 is an elder now!

SHELDON - Thus my costume of choice reeks of irony. I love it.

Leo came as a pizza delivery guy, and another townie guest dressed up as an astronaut.

It looks like Penny opted for the Reaper costume as well. And somehow manages to look way more creepy than her brother.

PENNY - It's because you know I could actually pull off the job for real.

Yep. That must be it. *backs away slowly*

Aaaand Albert is Grim as well. At this point I'm just calling you lazy.

ALBERT - Hey!   :<

You kicked over my trash can last chapter, and I have not forgotten. >_<

Much fun and mingling was had. I'm amused (and pleased) that no guests horned in on the family's Star Wars theme.

Aaaand of course, like any other party hosted at the house, Sheldon immediately went for the gaming rig and never came off of it. Keeping it real, Shelly. Keepin' it real.

Gold medals were earned, ice llama statues were placed, and Su's aspiration milestone updated! WOO. Now maybe we can finish this beast and never look at it again.

Shakti was getting down to the wire with her Social Butterfly, but this kid here got her that final friend and Socially Gifted trait.

So that means BIRTHDAY! Her mom and sister were equally excited, too.

And here we have teenaged Shakti! She turned out better than I'd expected! Looks-wise, anyhow. Traits-wise . . . she rolls the Hates Children trait. XD Not exactly the best trait to have as a legacy heiress . . . For aspirations she rolls Joke Star, and gets the Gregarious bonus trait to go with it.

Shakti sat down to eat a piece of her birthday cake, and almost immediately Anakin grossed her out with an inappropriate joke. Yep, big brothers are still working as intended.

Up next, it was time to force Lucas to join Shakti in teenhood. Much to her pleasure, as she now had a tense 'Ugh Children' moodlet whenever he was around, lol.

Tadaaaaaah! I love his hair. <3

As her elder siblings before her, Shakti wastes no time getting that First Kiss and BF/GF. I feel like I almost have this whole process down to an assembly line-like efficiency, lolol.

Selfies! <3

Shakti wasn't the only one taking selfies and schmoozing the BF. Jaina also invited Liam over to catch up.

Anakin and Lola too. After a few minutes, I was struck with inspiration. Since they were all already here on the same lot together . . . .

Why not take everybody out on a Spa Day outing together! I'd yet to actually visit a spa venue in-game, so it was a win-win.

Jaina and Lola immediately went for the lockers to change into robes. Shakti had to be the snowflake and opted out.

Anakin went to the meditation room for a bit.

SHAKTI - Hey, what do you call a masseuse that hates women? A (massage)ynist! Eh? EH!?!

MASSEUSE - . . . .

SHAKTI - Wow, tough crowd.

Shakti got a foot massage, and tested out a few of her jokes on the most nonplussed sim I have ever seen.

Jaina went for a full body massage.

LUCAS - Back off, lady! I know kung-fu!

LADY - Wut.

I really have no idea what his problem was, lol.

Unfortunately for Jaina, her massage didn't end well. Worst. Massage. Ever. Poor sweetie.

Shakti's foot massage was great, in comparison. She followed that up with a nice relaxing mud bath. Lucas joined her for a salt soak and yes, he is completely naked. And neither of them seemed to care, lol.

Anakin and Lola snuck off to the sauna for some steamy fun timez.

They were joined some time later by Liam and Jaina.

LIAM - So even if our significant others are competing for heirship, I hope we can all still be friends!

LOLA - You are the enemy, and we will crush you. With prejudice.

ANAKIN - That's my bae. <3

When Jaina participated in one of the yoga classes and got ANOTHER negative moodlet, I decided to send everybody home.

SHAKTI - Why didn't the toilet paper cross the road?


SHAKTI - Because it got stuck in a crack.

ANAKIN - Hah! That's so corny it's actually good.

In preparation for her Joke Star aspiration, Shakti's been working on her Comedy skill and joke material.

A potential Bodybuilder, Jaina works out on the treadmill and in the pool in her spare time. And the future Computer Whiz Anakin (not pictured because computers are boring) gets his hack on. Poor Lotharios will be dirt-broke at the rate he's going.

The Costume party finished the first part of Su Moon's milestone, now she needs to have 3 parties in unique locations. I wasn't entirely sure if the first B&W museum party actually registered, so on Howard's day off she hosted another one.

Hip-bumping your elder brother is totally legitimate behavior. Totally.

Especially if you're a doctor and can perform the hip replacement surgery should one get broken in the process.

It turns out that the previous B&W museum party was already counted, so this party didn't actually accomplish much. Still, Su Moon and Howard took this opportunity to spend some time together away from the kiddos.

Flirting and teasing each other like a couple of teenagers. HowMoon 4Eva

The parents weren't the only ones getting their mack on, either.

Wow, that's an interesting couple of profiles. Lucas almost doesn't HAVE a nose bridge, while Shakti (as well as his other children) have inherited Howard's impressive schnazz. 

Perhaps they'll even each other out in whatever kids they might have? Lol

Also . . . I just now noticed that all of the spouse-hopefuls this generation have names starting with the letter 'L.' Liam, Lola and Lucas. I am amused.

Really, Shakti? Smashing the dollhouse? Was that REALLY necessary?

SHAKTI - I hate kids.

And that's relevant . . . how? -_-*

Howard's STILL hard at work at the hospital. He's been stuck at GP for a while now because a promotion requires he perform 3 surgeries. It took me a while to figure out that they didn't necessarily have to be SUCCESSFUL surgeries, so I wasted time waiting for illnesses to show up that actually required it.

Like Penny's case of Itchy Plumbob here.

OMG lookit! A GHOST NURSE! How awesome is that?! I wonder if it's a glitch?

ANAKIN - And then with a couple more keystrokes I completely cleaned them out! Future womanizers will have to go elsewhere to get their party funds!

HOWARD - Great job, son!

SU MOON - So proud of you, Ani!

Howard and Anakin were really low on social one evening, so they pow-wowwed with Su on the couch over dinner. Family bonding!

Jaina's busy building her fun need with some blic-blocks.

And Shakti's busy writing up some new joke material on the computer.

SHAKTI - Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two tired. *snicker* That's some quality stuff. *types away*

Another day off for Howard means another party for Su Moon! This time she's hosting a House Party at Goth Manor. All the usual suspects are in attendance.

But look! Another of Gen 4 has entered elderhood. Miss Penny!

PENNY - My boobs are saggy.  :(

It happens to the best of us, dear.

Howie tried catching up with Sheldon, but the elder was too cranky to do much more than yell and gripe.

Once school let out, the kids headed over as well. The hired caterer was kind enough to bake a cake, so they used that to assuage the after-school-munchies.

JAINA - I'm the eldest. Traditionally I SHOULD be the heir!

SU MOON - Sorry sweetie, this is a Democracy legacy, not a First Born. The readers get to vote to decide.

ANAKIN - And everybody knows that I'M the fan favorite.

SHAKTI - Pffft, keep tellin' yourself that, bro.

SU MOON - Hey look, Leo! CRAZY EYES!

LEONARD - As an Insane sim, I find that incredibly insensitive.

Goth manor is shockingly lacking in a bar, so the hired mixologist just hung out and was inappropriately flirty around teenaged Jaina. Not cool, sir. Not cool.

ALBERT - So when are one of you guys gonna let me play?

ANAKIN - I don't know, when are you gonna stop kicking over our trash can.

That's my boy, Ani. Making a simmer proud. *wipes away tear*

Su's regular party crowd are all starting to reach elder, it seems. Due to lack of needed objects (and an inability to add them), the party was only a bronze success. However, the important part was that it DID count toward a unique location, so Su Moon's milestone is now 3/5. Progress!

The next morning and it was skillin' time. Jaina doing sit ups, Anakin working on mixology for his barista job, Shakti telling jokes at the microphone and Howard studying Simpedia for the Focused mood for work.

Su Moon was out in the backyard, getting zen poolside.

Howard attended another house call. And Leonard managed to show up in ANOTHER house that wasn't his. Seriously Leo, this is getting creepy.


RED SHIRT - In more ways than one. Can someone PLEASE make him leave?

LEONARD - Howie, I'm SICK!

HOWARD - Not now, Leo. Here sir, just take these and you should be fine.

And then, back at the hospital, we had our first emergency. And . . . it was Leo. Wow. O_O I guess he really WAS sick this time.

But don't worry, Howard took care of it and Leo's gonna be just fine.

Yay! Ghost Nurse is back! It's not a glitch, I love it!

Yay, promotion! Howard's now a Medical Specialist with a fancy white doctor's coat. Good job, Howie!

That evening the teens decided to hold their homework party out back by the pool.

And moments later . . . yep. Teenagers. Lol

Tomorrow is Jaina's Young Adult birthday, and you know what that means . . . it's HEIR POLL time! Good luck picking your favorite, because I would be hard pressed. Each of the kids has something going for them, in my opinion. I'm really curious as to who is gonna win this generation.

Stay tuned for the Poll, and until then . . . happy simming! <3


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    Great update! Thank you for the entertainment!

    1. ZOMG thanks for drawing my attention to the fact that I hadn't updated the Chapters page. Could've sworn I did . . . FAIL SAUCE. Sorry about that. But yay I'm glad you voted! Honestly I love them all too, I'd find something to enjoy no matter who won. But you're right, it's looking like the winner is already pretty clear . . . Thank YOU so much for reading and especially for commenting. It makes it all seem worth while.


    Much to celebrate this chapter! Congratulations!! Too late to vote for Gen. 5 Heir, but am making sure that I vote for Gen. 6 Heir onwards!