Thursday, October 1, 2015

4.5 - Age-Ups and Aspirations Abound

Sooo . . . hey! Long time no update-y. Several different factors contributed to that, all of which I'm sure you're not all that interested in. So, how about we just jump into it, then? Let's see how I do captioning screenies I took 2 and a half months ago!

We begin . . . with Sheldon's 'Srs Face.'

Aha, Howard is on his first house call! And . . . for once Sheldon isn't the patient? Even though the house in question is Goth Manor, where he and the other spares live? Ooookay.

Well, no matter. Howie goes inside with this random townie (who doesn't live here) and checks her vitals.

HOWARD - Yup, heart hiccups. Take two of these and don't call me in the morning.

LADY - Um, o-okay.

Another satisfied customer! Back to the hospital then . . . .

. . . of course. OF COURSE Sheldon is waiting there for his weekly STD panel. *face palm*

But no matter, because Howard has gotten another promotion! He's now a General Practitioner Doctor! Woots!

Su Moon has added Shakti's photo to her Wall of Babiez. <3

The Babiez in question are hard at work on their homework. Jaina opts to do hers alone in her bedroom.

While Anakin and Shakti have a proper homework party out in the kitchen. Is that a proud mama I spy in the background? It is indeed.

Also a mama preparing to blow out the candles on her young adulthood. It didn't strike me until this moment that Howard and Su were supposed to age up on the same day, but she's far behind him. I think sims stop aging entirely while they're pregnant, it's the only explanation I can think of.

At any rate, Su looks as byootiful as evar. :D

What's this! Candidates for Shakti's childhood friend aspiration requirements? Possible spouse material? Yes to both! The decidedly grumpy girl is Gabriella, and the pouty boy is Julio.

And this little ray of sunshine is Liam.

Jaina and Liam hit it off right away. There's definite potential here.

The other pairings had . . . varied success. Julio cheered up after a while, but Gabriella refused.

Howard apparently got a certificate of some sort . . . but for the life of me I can't remember what for. O_o Still, YAY HOWIE!

HOWARD - Weeeee!  :>

He's so precious.

Just a shameless excuse to show off Jaina's PJs I suppose.

Then it was off to enjoy a nice pamcake breakfast with dad.

Jaina wasn't the only one enjoying Father-Daughter-Time either.


HOWARD - I. am. so. proud. <3

Another day, another house call . . . Um, Leo? This isn't your house . . .

SWEATER GUY - Yes! Finally! Maybe YOU can convince him to leave.

LEONARD - I can't leave yet, not without seeing Howie. My tum-tum hurtz.

HOWARD - You can't break into other people's houses just to see me, Leo. If you need to, go to the hospital.

LEONARD - Uh, Howie? That's no where near my tum-tum. Now I know why Penny sued you.

Ohey, lookit! Dr. Muttonchops is back!

DMC - The ethics review board threw out that case of SLANDER, as I knew they would.

Uh, Howie?

HOWARD - What if there's a bug in there? Wrapped around the cerebral cortex! EWWWWWIE.

PATIENT LADY - *sigh* I need better insurance.

Back home Anakin is following in his father's footsteps (and still working on his Whiz Kid aspiration). Brewing up some Emotion Potions at the chem table.

But across town Su Moon was hosting a Black and White party . . . at the museum!

Howard and Sheldon took care of the 'play chess' requirement.

While Su chatted up the guests about all things B&W. While the party was ultimately a gold medal success, for some reason Su's aspiration didn't count it toward the completed goals. 


Back at the house Shakti greeted Julio outside, a-la hip bump.

And confirmed best-friend status shortly thereafter.

Liam also stopped by, grumpy as could be. Jaina managed to cheer him up in no time, though.

As evening fell, Su decided to throw another party - this time, a Weenie Roast in their own backyard.

Lots of guests made themselves at home, Penny and Leo among them.

Weenies and marshmallows were roasted, ghost stories were told . . .

Baked potatoes were grilled . . . .

Gold medals were earned . . . and STILL Su's aspiration refused to update or count it toward her totals. 

SU MOON - Fury . . . rising . . .

HOWARD - Oh plumbobs save me . . . .

New chess table proof of the gold-medal Weenie Roast.

Howie is still working out a little in his off hours, trying to shed the few chunky pounds he put on at his adult birthday.

Jaina shared some important, confidential information with the Bunny. 

JAINA - Little brothers are dumb!

Pamcake breakfasts are always better among loved ones. These pamcakes are dedicated to you, Paxton!

Later that day, Penny arrived . . . in her party outfit. Why?

JAINA - Hi Aunt Penny! Welcome to my birthday part--

PENNY - That weasel! He'll go see our brothers on house calls but he makes ME come all the way out to the hospital?!

Uh, yeah. It's Jaina's birthday, and we're attempting yet ANOTHER party. Everyone in their party clothes!

I just love Ani's little bow-tie.

And Shakti's cute dress, of course.

*sigh* It just wouldn't be a Gieke function without Sheldon on the gaming rig, I suppose.

In no time at all it was time for the main event. Blow out those candles Jaina!

The rest of her family cheers her on. Well, the immediate family does at any rate. I have no idea where Leo was in this shot, Penny's still wandering around in the living room and we all know Sheldon is still downstairs.


Oh dear. Pre-make-over. Poor thing.

And post! What a cutie! Everyone say hello to teenaged Jaina Gieke! She rolls the Materialistic trait and the Bodybuilder aspiration.

She wasn't the only one blowing out the candles, of course. We forced invited Liam up to the cake for his turn.

Oh yes . . . mama approves. ^_~

So does Jaina, it seems.

A shot of the birthday girl in her everyday wear. I eventually got rid of the glasses, though. With her personality and life's goals, it made more sense that she'd wear contacts.

In the meantime we have some budding teenage romance to get started . . . uh, Shakti? It would probably go a lot better if you didn't box-block your sister.

SHAKTI - Hey, I was here first finishing my cake! They're the ones that sat down next to ME.

Well Jaina and Liam soon corrected that oversight. Flirtations and First Kisses were had, to much applause on this side of the screen.

And as soon as Liam left . . . this face. Jaina? What's wrong? You just landed your first boyfriend only hours into your teenaged years, you should be ecstatic.

JAINA - UGH! You don't understand ANYthing!

Yeeeeah . . . teenage hormones, working as intended.

Oh, there's Leo.

LEONARD - So then I said, "my heart is no where NEAR my stomach!"

SHAKTI - Makes sense to me.

LEONARD - That's why I like you, kid. You get me.

Not necessarily a good thing, Leo.

Jaina went downstairs to get started on the exercise she'd need for her aspiration. Despite the party having been disbanded hours ago, Sheldon was still there . . . playing on the gaming rig . . . .

Hours later . . . .

SHELDON - Welp, 3 AM is a little late for me. I'm gonna have to go now. See ya!

. . . -_-* . . .

SHAKTI - Just you and me, bro. We're gonna head out to Liam's house this afternoon after school. Meet some people, make some friends. It'll be great!

ANAKIN - Um . . . if you think that's a good idea.

SHAKTI - It's not a good idea . . . it's a GREAT idea!

 True to her word, that afternoon Shakti took her brother out to Liam's home--a place he shared with a number of children and teens who'd been placed some time ago for just this purpose.

Shakti needed moar friends for her aspiration, you see.

And I . . . I needed these genetics in my legacy. O_O

Anakin seemed to agree with me. After struggling to befriend Gabriella for days and getting nowhere, our cute little bow-tie aficionado immediately hit it off with Lola here.

And Shakti charmed her way into befriending Lola's housemate, Jenna.

ANAKIN - So . . . whatcha think of the tie?

LOLA - *giggle* I love it.

And I love YOU . . . .

Why hello there . . . yet another adorable bundle of genetics. This little cutie here is named Lucas. Though not the Gieke's original cherry color (like Julio) he IS a redhead. And even better, has green eyes instead of brown.

DIVERSITY I say! But I'll wait and see which one Shakti prefers.

Back home, Howie and Su are keepin the spark alive.

Way, WAY alive. Rawr.

HOWARD - Penny? What's . . .

PENNY - Plumbobs forbid you come to see ME in my home, no. Make your sister drive all the way out here just for a physical . . . .

HOWARD - . . . but you didn't drive here, we don't actually have cars--.


Howie continues seeing patients and hammering on that daily work grind.

And there's nothing like a spontaneous hug from his youngest to remind him why it's all worthwhile.

Howard decided he wanted a fish tank and I aim to please my simmies. He was endlessly entertained.

A freshly installed Spa Day stuff pack has encouraged Jaina to take up yoga.

Very excited to see the different animations for this . . . and watch it, pervy celebration gnome. I see where your eyes are pointed!

What the--! ALBERT! Now I know why Su Moon hates you!

ANAKIN - Hey Dad! DAD! 

JAINA - Ani, we're not at school. You don't have to raise your hand at home . . . .

HOWARD - My children have such good manners. :D

Howard thoroughly enjoyed putting Leo through his paces at the hospital.

While Su and Jaina went through theirs at home. 

I'm getting VERY frustrated with Su Moon's Party Animal aspiration. None of the parties I throw are counting anymore. It's obviously a glitch, but I dunno how to fix it?

I'm about to say screw it and switch it out. >_<

Howard opts to go jogging out in the actual outdoors rather than use the treadmill.

Which, in retrospect, might not have been the best move as he seemingly picked up a nasty case of poison ivy. XD

What's this? Birthday cake?

It is! Seems it's Anakin's turn to join the ranks of hormonal imbalance!

ANAKIN - Ugh, confetti? Really mom?

Apparently someone started early . . . .

But I forgive him because he's QUITE the little cutie! He might be a bit of a Howard clone though, aside from his black hair. Oh wells. Anakin rolls the Snob trait and the Computer Whiz adult aspiration.

Ani's the first to take the new dishwasher for a test drive.

Then he signs up for the Barista part-time job. I've never actually had one of my teenagers get a job before, so this will be a new experience for the both of us.

The shower broke not long after that, and Howard was not amused.

See? Not. Amused.

Also, note that his eyes are a darker brown? I went ahead and removed the custom eye colors from my game. It became too much of an annoyance, how eye colors would randomly change during age-ups.

And finally, the family graveyard. Why, you ask? Because I think switching houses borked up my grave stones/ghosts. They're all blank now and I haven't seen any ghosts appear at all in the past several nights. I'm still somewhat hopeful that they'll still appear, but not a lot.

And on that sad note, we'll end the chapter here. Join us next time to see Anakin age up his chosen lady, Shakti reaches teenhood and chooses which fella she prefers, Howard continues getting those promotions and I decide whether or not I'm going to take a baseball bat to the stupid STUPID Party Animal aspiration.

Until then, happy simming!


  1. Awww!!! I'm really happy you're back. I love your updates...srsly. I always look forward to them and laugh a lot!

    Your teens are so nice looking! Congrats :)

    1. Daww, thank you so much! I'm glad to know that you enjoy my crazies, and thanks so much for taking the time to tell me so. :D

  2. OHMYGAWDYOU'REBACK! I'm so happy welcome back ^-^ !

    The next poll will be hard!
    I want Anakin to win because his *future* spouse GENATICS!! They will make adorable babiezz!!

    But i want Jania to win too because she's so darn beautiful with those braids!!

    And it won't be fair for Shakti because she so funny and cute!! I'M DEAD.

    1. Lol awweh, well hopefully the next chapter will help you solidify a choice. And if all else fails . . . roll dice! Gamer rules never fail. Thanks for the welcome back, and thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)

  3. Lovely mixed emotions, love is in the air....

    I took another look at the Tree and so you decided not to put in the names of the non-heir spouses. True, it could be a hassle.

    SO happy with the things going on this chapter! Am looking forward to the next one.

    Hey am catching up!