Wednesday, June 10, 2015

4.3 - Parties, Nooboos and Medical Malpractices

Hideeho there everybody! It's that Gieke Legacy update time once again! We last left off with our current heir Howard Gieke marrying his forever love, Su Moon. It took them several tries, but they finally managed to get a bun in the ol' oven. 

Here Su is, barfing up her tribute to the porcelain goddess of happy and healthy nooboos.

HOWARD - Ohey! Pretty lady! You're married to ME aren't ya!

SU MOON - *giggle* You're such a dork, Howie!

He really is. But an adorable one, if I do say so myself.

I love this. The wall behind the bar now sports their portraits and a photo from their wedding. <3

Su's pregnancy is coming right along! I am excite for babiessssss.

That night a playful Sophia makes a visit from the Great Beyond, chatting up Paxton while Howie decompresses on the gaming rig.

Our heir is still hard at work in his medical career. Slowly but surely getting those promotions. He can now diagnose by himself, but it takes a lot to get a compelling diagnosis still and it's a bit hit or miss in the end.

What's this? Dr. Muttonchops has been replaced? We shall dub this guy Dr. Resting-B*tch-Face.

A new orderly too! She's super cheerful though. My only complaint is she kept bugging Howard, wanting to talk while he had srs work business to see to. :P

What, ho! Muttonchops! You've been demoted to receptionist?!

MUTTONCHOPS - There was a mix-up in HR, that's all. 

Suuuure . . . .

Howard has also reached the point where he can make sims run on the treadmill. Fuuuuuun.

HOWARD - Just a little longer, you're doing great!

PATIENT - . . . if you're over there playing Blicblock I will end you.

Holy cheezus, Su's getting huge. O_o Multiples? I'd like some, actually. I even bought Howie a Fertility reward.

Tummy rubs for good luck!

Oh noes! Paxton came down with a case of the spots! A dose of medicine later . . . .

PAXTON - Um, Watcher?


PAXTON - I think Imma lay down right here.

NUUUUUUU. Poor Paxton, I can't believe it's time for him to leave already. He got cheated out of a good portion of his life due to a game glitch, so this is double-sad.

He maxed the writing skill and managed to complete the Bestselling Author aspiration, though didn't max the Business career before passing on.

Astor was heartbroken and Su rather put out as Grim came to do his thankless work.

Good-bye Paxton Beasley-Gieke. You'll be missed. :(

Astor immediately went to go cry under the covers until Howard went to work. You guys. My feels.

Howard still had work that day, though. He took a moment to talk out his feelings with Receptionist Muttonchops though. He was surprisingly supportive.

Then it was back to the grind . . . and of course he catches a cold.

HOWARD - Why not, Watcher? What ELSE can go wrong today?!

Don't jinx it sweetie.

Those are the meds he needs for his cold . . . but I wouldn't be surprised if he did sneak some juice into that bottle, if ya know what I mean. :P

Back at home . . . Astor is still heart-broken.

Howard is there to be her shoulder to cry/complain on though.

Later that night . . . .

HOWARD - Oh plumbobs, it's time! IT'S LABOR GO TIME! What do we do?! What am I gonna--ohgawdI'mnotreadyforthis!

SU MOON - Howie, calm the shit down.

DOCTOR - Don't worry, sir. Your wife is in good hands.

What?! Doctor Muttonchops?! I thought you'd been demoted?

DR. MUTTONCHOPS - Mrs. Gieke had already signed on with me as her obstetrician. So I'm back for one last rodeo, as it were.

HOWARD - OMP, we're doomed.

SU MOON - Guys? Can we go inside before my water breaks all over the side-walk?

BEANIE KID - I got the sniffles, can I--

EVERYONE - No! Go home!

HOWARD - I don't understand why they won't let me deliver the baby. I'm perfectly capable.

SU MOON - You know it's a conflict of interest, Howie. Don't worry so much, it'll be fine.

It took a while for the game to actually start the process, so the parents-to-be were able to grab a snack or two in the cafeteria while they waited.

DR. MUTTONCHOPS - Alrighty Mrs. Gieke, here we go!

SU MOON - Um, is this big machine really necessary--

DR. MUTTONCHOPS - Absolutely! I never got a chance to use it, after all, and this will be my last chance so . . .

Aaand he starts off by squirting a mystery liquid into the machine . . . I think I'm starting to agree with Howard on this one . . . this does NOT look kosher . . . .

HOWARD - Oh GAWD! He just ripped out her heart! PUT THAT BACK IN YOU JACKASS!

HOWARD - I can't take the stress! UNFFFF.

SU MOON - Somebody give him some valium or something.

Finally, at long last, Dr. Muttonchops managed to successfully deliver Howie and Su's first nooboo.

HOWARD - See ya, Muttonchops. The malpractice suit will be in the mail.

At home, gramma gets her first turn with the new baby. The butterfly onesie reveals that it's a girl. This generation's naming theme will be Star Wars! So this little lovely here is named Jaina Gieke (after Leia and Han's daughter).

And the parents didn't waste any time getting started on baby number two, either!

A day or so later I decided to let Su throw another party. This one was a Black and White themed party, so everyone dressed up in appropriate colors. The very preggers hostess;

Mama Astor, who will be lending her maxed mixology and cooking skills to the party.

And husband Howie, who will lend his newly developed piano skill.

Our first guest to arrive is a random townie Su Moon met . . . somewhere. I seriously just invited everybody she knew, and almost all of them showed up. The house gets packed, quick.

Astor gets started on those Zebra cocktails.

Howard corners one of the guests into a game of chess. He's still working on his Renaissance Sim aspiration, he now needs like 5 or 6 skills at level 8.

Hey look, it's Penny! :D Rockin' that dress, if I do say so myself.

Two other townies thought they'd wear the same, but not nearly as well in my opinion. Also, Sheldon! I see that look you're throwing . . . . For some reason Shelly strikes me as a major player on autonomy, don't know why lol.

Dr. Muttonchops! So happy you made it! As well as even MOAR nameless townies!

Su gathered herself a pile of guests and proceeded to chat them up about black & white topics like zebras and penguins.

Even Leonard put in an appearance! He was sad for some reason though. :(

Seriously, look at all the sims. O_o So. Many. Plumbobs.

Despite the chaos, we managed to get yet another gold medal for the event and Su Moon is one step closer to completing her aspiration. WOOT!

This piano was our reward. Suweet.

Astor is happy to take up cleaning duty, as preggers Su Moon was exhausted and Howard had work in the morning.

Hey look! It's PAXTON! Heya buddy! Why're you so sad though? :(

. . . . I don't care if you're dead and depressed, don't go around haunting and breaking my plumbing, buddy. >_< Not cool.

Early morning nooboo needs making themselves known. Jaina was NOT shy in getting her due attention, lemme tell yah.

More porcelain prayers. Nudist Gnome is scandalized.

Howie had some bills to pay before the workday got started. We're still hovering around the 14,000 range. At the moment they're keeping around 300k simoleons in the bank, since Howard is the only one working or really bringing in any money atm.

And he works hard for his money. So hard for it honey. :P

Oh look, it's Sheldon! . . . in a room full of ladies . . . you got an STD didn't you.

SHELDON - Not cool, Watcher.


HOWARD - Let's just see what the problem is here . . .

SHELDON - Trust me, bro, there ain't nothin wrong with the equipment down there!

Howard got himself a promotion that day, now an Assistant Nurse I believe? He now wears surgical goggles, cap and gloves lol. Mom was right there to give him a congratulatory hug as soon as he got home.

And all of a sudden, Jaina jumped the confines of the bassinet! I don't recall getting any notifications that it was her birthday or anything, so it took me by complete surprise. Not a redhead! What an upset! She also has her mom's dark brown eyes too.

And after her makeover!!! OMG she's so precious. I LOVE that new dress! LOVE IT.

Jaina here has rolled the Geek trait and the Rambunctious Scamp child aspiration.

LOOK AT THE ADORABLENESS OMFGGGG. Shutter-bug mama is definitely going to be taking pictures of all her babies.

Jaina was soon outside getting to work on her aspiration.

Good plumbobs look at the size of that tummy. O_o Perhaps this time we'll get those multiples?

Jaina spends some time bonding with Gramma Astor while she eats dinner.

Su Moon finally goes into labor later that night, and naps out the worst of it. We've opted for home birth this time.

Baby time!

Another single birth! BOO. Oh well, everybody say hello to the newest monkey onesie, whom we named Anakin Gieke.

Literally HOURS later . . .

HOWARD - Baby?!?!


After that though, Su got roused for another round of nooboo-makin. Multiple or not, this will be the last pregnancy of this generation. SO MAKE IT COUNT!

That's what I'm talkin about! :D

HOWARD - . . . and, I mean, if she has the baby in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping, I don't see why it's such a surprise when my reaction time is all out of whack. Know what I'm sayin?


The word is out, and apparently all of his siblings are turning to Howard in their time of medical need.

HOWARD - What's up, Pen?

PENNY - I dunno, I've just been feeling really blah lately. I think I might be coming down with something.

HOWARD - Come with me, I have just the thing.

PENNY - Howard? Are you SURE this is really necessary? It's just lethargy . . . 

HOWARD - Of course, Penny! Which one of us is the doctor here?

PENNY - Well you're still just a nurse, so neither--

HOWARD - Exactly! So lemme do my thing! I know what I'm doing!

Spoiler, he didn't. He got the diagnosis wrong and we lost job performance. Oops.

Back at home Jaina has met herself a potential spouse at school. We're still at the chatting on the phone stage, but things might develop more in the future. ^_~

Hey it's Alex! HAI ALEX!

Astor's hard at work baking like a maniac in the background. I've started getting pop-ups about her imminent demise and she's only ONE SKILL POINT away from maxing Baking, thus getting us the overall point for maxing all the food skills.

So I gave her a no-sleep potion and had her bake all night long.

You see this lava bundt cake? This means MAXED BAKING BABEH! Astor, the skill-building BAWSE, ladies and gentlemen. She's now maxed Gardening, Painting, Cooking, Gormet Cooking, Mixology and Baking. <3

Penny came over for a visit the next afternoon.

PENNY - So, a monthly check delivered should convince me not to file a medical malpractice suit against you. Sound fair?

HOWARD - Is this karma . . . ? 

Somewhere Dr. Muttonchops is laughing.

Sheldon also stopped by, and threatened to put his foot through the wall kicking at holographic soccer balls.

Daddy was on overnight baby duty. He didn't even mind tho. LOOKIT THAT PRECIOUS FACE.

And Astor, I've decided, is now free to do whatever the heck she wants for the rest of her lifetime. She's earned me enough points. 

She decided to autonomously tutor Jaina with her homework for a bit.

Then sat back and enjoyed a delicious cocktail she'd made for herself.

Retirement was goooooood. ^_~

Well folks, that's it for this installment of the Giekes! Will this next pregnancy give me the droids multiples I'm looking for? Find out next time, and until then Happy Simming!


  1. AHHH!!! All the Star Wars references! Pretty sure I had a nerdgasm when you picked Jaina as the firstborn's name, LOL

    1. Hehehe :D I didn't want to use the most known names (Luke, Leia, Han, etc) but I figured I was safe with their bbys. :) Glad to know I'm not the only Star Wars nerd here!


    The poor man didn't even get to say goodbye to his original family T_T

    ASTOR YOU ROCK!!! Congrats on your timely retirement!

    YAY hey there Alex <3

    Congrats on the birth of Jaina and Anakin, may the force be with them.

    So onwards to the next instalment, here I flyyyy~