Monday, February 23, 2015

Generation 4 HEIR POLL - CLOSED!!!

POLL CLOSED - Scroll to the bottom to see the results!

Here we go! Time for the heir poll for Generation 4!!! Are you ready? Then let's just get right to it!

Sheldon Gieke

Child Trait : Self Assured
Teen Trait : Romantic
Young Adult Trait : Art Lover
Bonus Trait : Domestic
C.A. Trait : Mentally Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Big Happy Family
Career : Secret Agent - Diamond Agent
Potential Spouse : Macy Callahan

Shelly is the spitting image of his great-grandpa Chester, beloved founder of this here Gieke Legacy. For me that gave him MAJOR bonus points. I also like that he's got a family-related aspiration. Those are almost tailor-made for legacy challenges.

Penny Gieke

Child Trait : Music Lover
Teen Trait : Clumsy
Young Adult Trait : Ambitious
Bonus Trait : Essence of Flavor
C.A. Trait : Socially Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Master Chef
Career : Culinary - Mixologist
Potential Spouse : Albert Brown

The very first child born to this legacy that DIDN'T inherit Chester's cherry-red hair. A good AND bad thing, depending on how you look at it (good for variety, bad for potentially carrying on this unintended family trait). 

Leonard Gieke

Child Trait : Glutton
Teen Trait : Neat
Young Adult Trait : Insane
Bonus Trait : Dastardly
C.A. Trait : Physically Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Chief of Mischief
Career : Criminal - Crime Boss
Potential Spouse : Poppy Hwang

A throw-back to Gen 3, Leonard looks a lot like Aunt Lumen and has a very similar life-goal to Uncle Dexter. And personally for me at least, Leo has one of the best potential spouses for this generation, looks-wise. I love how Poppy has aged up.

Howard Gieke

Child Trait : Genius
Teen Trait : Materialistic
Young Adult Trait : Ambitious
Bonus Trait : Quick Learner
C.A. Trait : Creatively Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Renaissance Sim
Career : Astronaut - Space Ranger
Potential Spouse : None

Little Howie was lucky in the looks and traits department, if not in love. His potential spouse up and disappeared from the neighborhood on the eve of the heir poll, so now he's on his own. Is that cute Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-esque smile enough to get him the votes he needs to win?

It's all up to you!! Use the poll on the right side of this blog or comment here or on the forums to cast your vote! (NOTE : If you're voting via comment and not the poll, please be sure to let me know in the comment so I know to add it to the totals). 

Thanks so much everybody! Good luck to my babies! And as always, happy simming!


Howard Gieke!!

Wow, I did NOT see that one. I guess the Joseph-Gordon-Levitt smirk did the job! It was a VERY close race this time, though. Kept me guessing right up to the end.

We had 38 votes in total, thanks so much to everybody who participated!

In last place was Penny, with a still-respectable 7 votes.
Next in line was Leonard, with 8 votes.
In second place was Sheldon with 10 votes.
And our winner Howard just barely squeaked out with 13 votes!

So this means Astor will still have almost 2 weeks in-game to remain the 'heir,' as Howie still has most of his teen years to live through. Maybe in that time we can fix his woeful potential-spouse situation. :D

Thanks again to everyone who read, commented and voted in the poll. See you guys on the next update, and as always happy simming!


  1. I love Howard so he got my vote! (I voted in the poll)
    I was upset to see his gorgeous potential gf disappeared. :( so sad!

    1. You and me both!! :( Thanks for the vote though! :) He (and I) appreciates it!

  2. I ended up voting for Leonard. Although I'm not a huge fan of his looks (I've never loved the Goth genes), I think Poppy could carry the looks department for the entire generation. Plus, his traits/aspiration/job are all super fun.

    1. Lolol, indeed! I'm not a huge fan of the square-jaw myself, but as you say, Poppy's genetics are a lottery win. :P Thanks for voting!!

  3. I can't help but love Sheldon. I keep calling him Chester in my head. He gets my vote.

    1. Haha, you're not alone. When I was typing up the heir poll, I accidentally put Chester Gieke for his name at first, and then caught it on the read-through-edit. :P Thanks for voting!

  4. I like Howard. I'm glad he is the new heir! I can't wait to read the next installment. *wink, wink; hint, hint*

    1. Haha! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I'm glad you like the blog. I'm quite fond of Howie myself, can't wait to see where he takes the family. I'm purposefully waiting until Get to Work is released so he can become a doctor. Just two weeks to go! :D

  5. Congratulations Howie, and darn it my heart broke.

    I know this story's been gone on for awhile and I looked at the Tree, but yea in my heart I voted for Sheldon.

    Am reading steadily at my leisure, so that I can get to vote from Gen. 6 Heir onwards.

    Giekes make me laugh all the time <3