Thursday, February 19, 2015

3.4 - Paying it Forward

Welcome everyone to the next installment of The Gieke Legacy! We open up today with Gen 3 spouse Paxton enjoying dinner/midnight snack with the eldest of Gen 4, Sheldon Gieke. For a quick refresher, Sheldon is a Self-Assured Whiz Kid (completed).

Next in line is Penny Gieke, a Music Loving Social Butterfly (completed).

Here we have third-born, Leonard Gieke. A Gluttonous Rambunctious Scamp (not completed). The youngest, Howard Gieke, is still in a bassinet. He's a Genius Artistic Prodigy (not started).

Caught up? Alrighty then, forward ho!

Astor is still taking care of her totally bawse garden. The plants are god-like quality now (I forget the actual term, but it's the best).

Also in the background amongst the family collections, you can see that I went ahead and bought all of the gnomes. Just because.

FERDINAND - Hey, yo. Kinda hungry. *waves cake tongue around*

Alexander decided to join us that evening.

FERDINAND - Stiiiiiill hungry. *cake tongue wiggle*

Astor took care of the needy cowplant, and for some reason Alex got embarrassed? . . . I don't even know.

But he decided to show me his epic side by heading into the nursery to take care of little Howie.

It was a day of busted plumbing and poor Paxton got nominated to fix it. Plz don't drown, kk?

And then! Bassinet sparkles! Mom got to do the honors for once, since dad was busy (not drowning).

Tadaaaaah! 3/4 redheads, keepin that tradition alive. Howard also managed to inherit his dad's amber brown eyes.

Being an Artistic Prodigy, he immediately migrated to the art table to get started on the creative skill.

That afternoon Penny invited over Albert to continue to schmooze. He's been nominated as her spouse-potential should she win heirship, and it's never too early to start on those. :P

Leonard also hung out with his potential spouse, Poppy. She doesn't look too thrilled . . .

LEONARD - You like the turtle hoodie right? Tell me you do. 

POPPY - Um  . . .

PENNY - C'mon Al, let's get away before his crazy rubs off on us.

Little Macy here is Sheldon's choice of a bride, should he be chosen to carry on the Gieke name. Macy looks like she's already on board, too.

After spouse-schmoozing, Penny and Howard got in a rousing session of dolls together. Creative skill and social building? Yes plz.

Out of the blue Astor rolled a whim to exercise, so I indulged her. She doesn't need it though. You're a very cute chunky sim, Astor, embrace it!

This lady came over, super depressed. I wasn't sure why until I hovered over her. Kaye Beasley. Another of Paxton's long-lost relatives, his sister in fact.

PAXTON - Hey Kaye! You want some of these pancakes, they're awesome.

KAYE - Holy plumbobs you're alive!?!?!

Just Shelly, showing some mama-lurve.

ZOMG cutest drawing ever?! I think so.

ASTOR - Who's a cute wittle cowplant? You are! Yes you are! Yes you are!


Hey! Sophia! What gives! Don't take your fury on Grim-Creeper out on our trashcan plz!

Uh-oh. Hardcore juice first thing in the morning with his pancakes . . . what's the story here, eh?

Shameless excuse to show off Howie's pjs. He's quite the dapper little dude, I love him.

Suddenly, BIRTHDAY! Our eldest is becoming a teenager!



SHELDON - Ladies.

Sheldon rolls the Romantic trait, the Big Happy Family aspiration and nearly causes me a heart-attack of feels with how much he resembles his great-grandpa.

Next on the agenda? Aging up Sheldon's lady-friend, Macy. He's quite excited, as the fist-pump would indicate.

SHELDON - Uuuh . . .

Don't sweat it Shelly. A new hairstyle and makeover will do wonders. She DOES have an unfortunate lack of chin, but so did your great-grandma Whitley.

Sheldon embarked on a romantic spam-a-thon in order to secure himself a girlfriend. The entire process was overseen by creeper little brother Leo too.

First Kiss! GF/BF status obtained! SUCCESS!

I had to give him the heart-boxers. HAD TO.

Daww, Alex! Thanks sweetie! He always used to clean up when he was alive too, glad to see he's still inclined to help out from beyond the grave.

He also gives Paxton some writing advice too. <3 Alex.

What's this? Oh, y'know, just Leonard completing his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Good show little buddy!

I assigned Astor the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, so I finally got around to sending her to Granite Falls. I had her go alone, just a quick 2-day affair to do some hardcore gathering.

I spotted some cute little wildlife critters while going about that. CUTE!


Astor, catching some bugs. And being very excited about that fact.

She also managed to track down the hermit.

ASTOR - So I hear you have a secret recipe.


ASTOR - Lay it on me!

Friendship was obtained, recipe learned.

She rounded out the last night doing some fishing in his lot, but didn't get much to show for it.

The fruits of our bug-catching labor! I sold off the extras before I realized she needed some bugs for herbalism recipes. Dang it.

Astor got rid of most of her old plants and replanted the new Granite Falls plants we'd found. I went through the motions for a few more sim-days and then gave up on the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration. That one's a biggie that I don't feel like devoting the time for.

So I switched it out for one of the family aspirations. And now I can't remember which, lol.

Paxton's coming right along with promotions in his Business career, so yay!

And then I noticed this!! WHAT THE F*CK! He's only a young adult, why is his age bar acting like he's an elder that's about to die?! Also, he and Astor aged up on the same day, it shouldn't even be time for his ADULT birthday!

He went off to work that day, then canceled and came home to have his Adult birthday. Still annoying but at least he didn't die. Astor still has quite a few days until her Adult birthday so I'm not sure how things went screwy.

PAXTON - So, funny story . . . I'm older than you now!

ASTOR - Wait, what?

LEONARD - *stuffs face*

Seriously, the little Glutton is living up to his trait. If he's left alone for any amount of time he usually tries to nick something out of the fridge, whether he's actually hungry or not.

Nearly got the whole family into the dining room at the same time, but Penny decided to be a little snowflake and ate her dinner at the bar in the kitchen.

Homework party!

HOWARD - Shelly, I'm pretty sure that's not healthy.

SHELDON - Nonsense! *dislocates shoulder and breaks wrist*

The musical-chairs thing is starting to get worse and get on my nerves. Whether they're eating, doing homework, sitting, etc; as soon as someone starts talking to them (even if they're already sitting right next to each other) they get up and switch seats for NO REASON.

They really need to patch that. I know it won't be an easy fix, but it really is annoying as hell (at least to me).

Sophia is still doing me proud by painting masterpieces from beyond the grave.

Little Howie has gotten to the 'play music instrument' part of his aspiration. Violin dying caterwauling cats music insues.

Leonard has gotten a weird glitch . . . for some reason his portrait is a big black square. Whenever someone interacts with him, the little icon that would normally be his face in their queue is instead a black circle.

O_o Not sure if glitch or revelation of demon-blood . . . .

But enough of that, it's BIRTHDAY TIME again! Time for Penny to reach teenhood, with her parents there . . . celebrating . . . sort of.

Voila! I was quite unsure with Penny's looks at first but she's growing on me. She rolls the Clumsy trait (like great-grandpa Chester!) and the Master Chef aspiration.

Penny's now become the designated food-maker. That profile . . . very grecco-roman.

Her professional aspiration is leaning toward the mixology branch of culinary, though. If she wins heirship she might be the sim that maxes all of the cooking/mixology skills for me.

A little mom-daughter bonding! Also, I just noticed that the countertop is coming up through the plate . . . weird.

Finally though, school's out! That means it's time for Albert to join Penny in teenagerhood.

Sheldon was on hand to help pelt him with confetti bombs celebrate, too.

The first thing he did was take a selfie. Lol. Penny approves, it seems.

See? The highest of fives!

Penny got started right away on the flirt-spam.

PENNY - Hug!

ALBERT - Um, no . . . I'm not comfortable with that yet.

PENNY - MY LIFE IS OVERRRRRRR! *sobbing bitterly*

ALBERT - Oh my . . . O_o

SHELDON - Fix it, or I kill you.

Penny recovered from that unexpected rejection and continued with the flirtatious spam. To an increasing audience of her brothers.

First kiss!

BF/GF status obtained! And commemorative selfie to celebrate. :D

And then immediately Albert wandered off and tried to get himself killed.

ALBERT - Where's the cake? I'm hungry!



Welp that's it for this installment! Join us next time as Gen 4 continues to mature, ghosts continue to appear, Paxton continues to be business-y and maybe some more aspirations get completed. :D Until then, happy simming!


  1. Soooo, despite not having an official poll up yet, I'm voting Penny for heir! (Love the blog btw -- I don't think I've ever NOT laughed while reading it, lol.)

    1. Daww, thanks! It's nice to hear back from readers and know that it's enjoyed. The heir poll will be up after the next chapter, and I can't waaaaaaaiittttt to find out who wins. :P

  2. I've been reading this legacy for the past few day and I love it so far. When I heard that your founder is a Sims 2 premade, I decided to check it out, and I'm glad I did.

    It's interesting to see how dominant Chester's red hear is in your legacy. If there are recessives in Sims 4, that wouldn't be the case. I have to admit that I kinda like Chester if he's more muscular; it somehow makes him look more badass. XD

    As for your sims, I'm secretly rooting for Leonard to be heir simply because his name is the same as mine, though Penny being the first non-redhead born in the legacy is also someone I can root for. That, and I like her curiosity about other people.

    This is a great legacy, and I can't wait for the pool!

  3. Looking forward to MOAR!

    BTW just checked on your family tree, I notice that non-heirs still got their spouses' names written in.

    But what about SHELDON...?! Did he break up with Macy or...?!

    GRANDPARENT GHOSTIEEEE~S.... Love em to bits and pieces! SOPHILEX FOR ETERNITY!!

    Checking it out in the next installments, seriously.