Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3.3 - Giekes Galore

Welcome back everyone to another installment of the Gieke Legacy! Today we open up with the first-born of gen 4, showing off his stylish PJs.

SHELDON - I make this look goooooood.

Elsewhere in the house, Astor has had to take over cooking duties for the house now that her mom passed. Luckily with the uuber-upgraded appliances and her awesome harvestables (even though she has zero cooking skill) every meal she makes is excellent quality.

Speaking of the garden, Astor's still working away at it. She's maxed the gardening skill now, just working on evolving the last few plants. 

Ferdinand oversees the bonsai trimming with a careful eye. It is srs bsns.

Both of her older siblings are regular visitors around the house too, so Astor takes some time to catch up with them as well.

DEXTER - See that one? It looks like a duck!

ASTOR - I do . . . but . . . why did we have to lay on the hard walkway again?

DEXTER - Reasons?

ASTOR - You do realize I'm heavily pregnant right now, right?

When Sheldon came home from school Dexter volunteered to help him with his homework while Astor snacked down on a microwave pastry.

Paxton managed to get a promotion at work! He's now the assistant to the assistant or something like that.

PAXTON - Hey Dext--

DEXTER - Blow me!

PAXTON - . . . alrighty then.

He's got this little brief-case award at least, if not the love and acceptance of his in-laws.

PAXTON - I saw your brother this afternoon.


PAXTON - He told me to blow him. 

ASTOR - . . . .

SHELDON - Awkward . . . .

SHELDON - So when someone says 'blow me,' what--

PAXTON - Not now, Shelly, we're reading about the unicorn. Focus on the unicorn.

Pax does his best to read to his eldest son.

Later that evening, the second-born was making itself poignantly felt.

ASTOR - CRIPES I think that was a kidney!

A few hours later and it was off to the nursery!

Butterflies! It's a girl! Introducing miss Penny Gieke! She rolled Music Lover as her first trait, and the Social Butterfly aspiration.

PAXTON - Baby?! WUT?!?!

He had his pre-parental freak-out a little late, as per family tradition.

But in the end Paxton proves himself an adorably attentive daddy, happily pulling the night shift while Astor got some much needed rest.

Sheldon discovered his little sister the next morning.

SHELDON - Penny. Penny. Penny . . .

The next day, Paxton was dead tired from work but Astor had plans.

She couldn't very well make the next Gieke baby by herself, after all.

Yep, happy-face on the toilet means a successful attempt!

ASTOR - Guess what? BABY!

PAXTON - That's great babe, but . . . can I PLEASE go to sleep now? I'm exhausted.

ASTOR - Yeah, sure, whatever. BABY!

Astor headed to the nursery to look in on Penny and got an unexpected visitor. Sophia? Why're you so pissed? O_o

SOPHIA - And then! That perverted excuse of a grim-reaper put your father and I in separate realms! We can't even talk to each other!

ASTOR - OMP mom, I'm so sorry. But . . . try to calm down. You're kind've scaring the crap out of me right now.

SOPHIA - *deep breath* Better?

ASTOR - Much! Don't worry, I'm sure things'll work out in the underworld.

Astor went to bed but Sophia stuck around to bond a little with her first granddaughter.

Then partook in some delicious breakfast food.

SOPHIA - Tasty! I taught her well!

Before rounding out the evening by haunting Sheldon's computer while he slept.

What's this? Oh, you know, just Astor completing her Freelance Botanist aspiration!!! :D I gave her the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration next, but we'll have to wait a while before we can get started on it.


Astor's third pregnancy is coming right along!

And dad's being a trooper, in between work and his own Bestselling Author aspiration.

He even gets to do the honors when it's time for Penny to finally leave the confines of the bassinet!

GASP! It took 4 generations and six kids, but we've finally broken the red-head streak. Little Penny inherits her father's blond hair, pale skin and her mom's baby blue eyes.

Astor dear, please don't burn the house down.

SHELDON - I'm just saying, dad. It's more economical AND time-efficient.

PAXTON - No, son, we're not selling your younger siblings on the black market.

While Sheldon went off to school, Penny got to spend her first day trolling the street for potential victims friends.

This mail-lady was the first one she managed to track down.

PENNY - You're more than your profession. You have to learn to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you in return.

MAIL-LADY - That's so deep . . .

SHELDON - Aaaand I'm back! I know you were waiting on pins and needles. But it's okay now.

. . . Shelly . . . somebody's getting a little big for his britches.

SHELDON - Nonsense, my britches fit like a glove.

Penny was still at it, meeting and greeting random strangers across the street.

And taking selfies with them, because . . . sims, that's why.

SHELDON - So, I'm not saying you HAVE to move to Tanzania, I'm just saying that it's really nice this time of year.

PENNY - Can I hit him?

I wouldn't blame you if you did, dear. The siblings get in some quality 'play time' together.

PAXTON - Hello baby! It's your daddy!

Parents being adorbs.

In between socialization for her aspiration, Penny is also working on her creativity skill. Preparation for later in life.

This woman kept calling and coming over and I couldn't figure out why . . . until I looked at Paxton's family tree. That's his mom. LOL oops?

PAXTON - Oh hey mom. How're you--

MAMA BEASLEY - Oh THANK PLUMBOBS you're alive! I've been looking all over Willow Creek for you, boy! You left to go to Astor Gieke's birthday party and I haven't heard from you since! It's like you fell off the planet!

PAXTON - Oh! Uh . . . yah, funny story . . . .

Mama Beasley was just happy that her son was alive and well. She'd scold him for not inviting her to the wedding or introducing her to her daughter-in-law and grandbabies later.

PAXTON - But seriously ma, don't worry about me. The Giekes love me--

LUMEN - Out of the way, tool.

PAXTON - . . . 


Little Shelly is hard at work leveling up his logic skill, the last thing he needs for his Whiz Kid aspiration.

And a stylish Penny is still drawing away in the nursery.

Some father-son bonding time in the time-honored Gieke fashion.

Sophia's become a regular haunter, though she spends most of her time playing on the gaming rig. She's earned it, though.

Baby time! Paxton manages to have a parental freak-out at an appropriate time.

Into the nursery!

Introducing gen 4's third member, another boy! Say hello to Leonard Gieke! He rolled the Glutton trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. So he'll gorge himself on food and then work it right back off, nice.

Almost immediately after that Paxton lured Astor outside and read her some love poetry. Why, you ask?

Because there's no time like the present to get started on the last member of the family! I was happy to discover that they hotfixed in the ability to 'try for baby' in the observatory.

So that's what they did. ^_~

ASTOR - You see this confetti? This means I'm a BAWSE.

And that you're pregnant.

ASTOR - Also, a BAWSE.

The weekend had arrived, so Penny headed out to the park to scope out some fellow children to befriend.

Uncle Dexter happened to be present too.

Sheldon? Wouldn't you like to go play on the pirate ship with your sister?

SHELDON - Please, I'm too old and far too sophisticated to enjoy carousing in such a childish fashion. Your move, Uncle Dex.

DEXTER - Hey, let me show you a sure-fire way to always win at chess . . .

It took a while but I eventually realized there were no children in the neighborhood (again) so I placed a family or two to fix that. Lo and behold, our first candidate! Quite the looker too.

SHELDON - *suddenly appears out of nowhere* Why hello there, my dear. You look ravishing in that yellow dress.

MACY - *giggle* Thanks!

So . . . not too high-brow to play on the jungle-gym now, eh? XD

This little cutie was next to show. I think his name is Ashton (it's Albert Brown), and I like his chances at becoming a spouse-potential.

And another one! I THINK her name is Mary (it's Poppy Hwang) . . . At any rate Penny made sure she'd made each of their acquaintances before leaving for home.

SHELDON - Dad, Uncle Dex showed me a trick for chess. Wanna see?

PAXTON - Sure, son.


PAXTON - What?! Where?

SHELDON - *switching pieces* Holy watcher I can't believe that really worked . . .

PAXTON - Astor, your brother is a horrible influence on our son.

ASTOR - You won't hear any arguments from me.

Or me. -_-

Penny invited over Albert and Macy the next morning. She needs friend status for aspirations and 'other' future reasons. :P

MACY - So, you like to play chess?

SHELDON - Hurrr, pretty girl . . . .

Where'd all his charisma go? XD

Selfies mean friendship! These two are gonna make a cute couple.

Little Leonard is still alive and kicking--and pooping up his diapers.

Ol' Ferdinand is still with us, too. I've heard some others have had trouble keeping cowplans alive but Ferdy here is still going strong after several sim weeks. The only thing I've done is feed him as soon as his cake-tongue comes out and play with/pet at least once a day.

He's like the family pet now. If he dies I'm gonna be crushed.

Um . . . who's that under the covers?

ALEX - Oh! Um, s-sorry Paxton. I just . . . I'm just so sad that I can't see my Sophia in the afterlife. I needed a moment to myself.

PAXTON - That's okay, sir. I understand.

Awwww, poor Alex. :(

We didn't have time to dwell on that sad tho, because it was time for Leo to bounce out of the bassinet!

Tadaaaaah! Another redhead! Leo very much reminds me of Dexter, but with a chin. :P

He wastes no time getting started on his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, too.

PENNY - Who are you again?

LUMEN - Really?

Since they're over all the time, Penny takes advantage of Aunt Lumen's presence to fill out her adult friendships requirement.

Mama Beasley too.

PENNY - Sooo . . . I can't help but notice a large difference in skin tones between you and daddy . . .

MAMA BEASLEY - We don't talk about that, hon.

PENNY - I'm just saying, either she dipped you in bleach as an infant or you're adopted, daddy. One or the other.

ASTOR - Penny!

LEONARD - Well, she's got a point mom.

PAXTON - My life is a lie . . . .

Just one last friendship to go, and little Poppy gets nominated.

Selfie? Yep, you know what that means. With this, Penny officially completes her Social Butterfly aspiration.

SHELDON - Did someone say completed aspiration?

Yep, little Shelly also finished Whiz Kid. We're 2/2 so far this generation!

And right on time, the forth and last member of gen 4 would like to make its appearance!

LABOR! Luckily Mr. Llama was there to offer his support.

Another monkey! I was kinda hoping for another girl, but oh well. This little boy gets the name Howard Gieke! He rolled the apropos Genius trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. 4 kids and we managed not to repeat any aspirations, sweet!

What do you think of that, Sophia?

SOPHIA - I think I need some coffee. Nao.

Then she went and autonomously painted a 4,000 simoleon masterpiece before drifting off back to the underworld. Not bad, Soph. Not bad at all.

Well that's it for this chapter! Check back next time to see how the gen 4 brood ages up. Will Astor complete her 2nd aspiration? Will Paxton ever win the love and acceptance of his extended family? WAS he adopted? Or dipped in bleach?

Find out next time and until then, happy simming!


  1. Holy Cowplants -- 4000 simoleon autonomous ghost paintings?! I must get a painter in my family.....

    The Geike's are just so freaking cute. Gen 4 is going to be a good one. When Penny was born, I was like "I'M SENSING A PATTERN...." and then Howard and Leonard were born and everything was perfect. XD

    1. Heheh, yah, Sophia still paints every now and then, it's pretty awesome. I think the Giekes are quite adorbs myself. I love The Big Bang Theory, I just had to use it for mys econd naming theme. :D Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. The kiddos are all adorable :) Loved the updates! I've yet to see a single ghost in my game. Like. Seriously. So I'm glad you get to see them!! Excited to see how this generation plays out :)

    1. Thanks!! And awww @ ghosts, it took me a while to get them to show up too. Now they show up nearly every night, though only one at a time. Wondering if that'll change with the more that I have on the lot. :) Thanks for commenting! *hugs*

  3. You can move the ghosts back in if you like, though I believe they have special rules just like the pre-mades. Still, ghostly grandma cooking for the kids? Worth it.

  4. Seriously SWEEET!

    Poor Lumen though, for many reasons. TmT