Friday, February 6, 2015

3.2 - Grim Creeper

Heyo everybody! It's time again for another Gieke update! Time to get gen 3 properly off the ground. You may remember that in our last update Astor--our gen 3 heiress--aged up into a young adult and then her intended spouse Paxton mysteriously winked out of existence.

You'll notice he's now sitting happily at the bar while Astor smugly surveys the cake that's about to turn him into a man. I exhausted every option I could think of to try and recover him within the game, but nothing would work. I finally resorted to Manage World and found that he was still living in his homeless household. I made the executive decision to merge him into the Gieke household and am penalizing myself 1 point for the cheat.

So here you go Pax! Blow out those candles and prove to me that you're worth a score hit!

PAXTON - I dunno, I'm not sure if--,

DO IT NOW!!1!11

PAXTON - *hysterically blows out candles*

SOPHIA, ALEX & ASTOR - One of us! One of us! One of us!

Everyone say hello to the freshly made-over Paxton Beasley! It turns out he's an Ambitious, Loner Bro with aspirations of being a Bestselling Author. So the exact same aspiration as Alex, but this time we'll get points for it. XD

I decided not to put him in the Writing career, I wanted to try the new-ish Business career instead. So that's what he got.

One comes in, and one goes out . . . almost immediately after the addition Alexander decided to kick off in the bathroom. I was a little surprised, I didn't think he was all that old. Not yet 80 I don't think, or if he was it was just barely.

Grim arrived to shuffle Alex's soul off this mortal coil.

GRIM - Rats! I'm out of free spins!

Um . . . wat?

Alex was laid to rest out in the family graveyard.

Sophia didn't notice right away what had happened, but she did soon after. You guise . . . my feels . . . ;_;


GRIM - Yo. Hey. 

SOPHIA - *bitter sobbing*

GRIM - So . . . I couldn't help but notice that you're single now.

SOPHIA - . . . . 

OMFG, really?! -_-

SOPHIA - My husband JUST DIED.

GRIM - Yeah, I know. I just reaped him. So you wanna give me your digits, or what?

SOPHIA - Over my dead body.

GRIM - . . . are you being sarcastic, or . . . ?

Yes Grim-Creeper, GTFO!

Back inside the house things were also becoming romantic, though in a far less creepy way. Astor officially proposed to Paxton.

He was all too happy to accept, and accept the bear-statue's bro-fist of congratulations.

Then it was off to the bedroom to get a head-start on gen 4! Paxton's job is a Mon-Fri deal, so I'm waiting til the weekend for the actual wedding.

But not for nooboos!

Astor is sure to keep up on her garden in the mean-time, and showing Ferdinand some extra wuv.

Paxton's off to his first day of work the next morning!

I FINALLYYYYYYY managed to find that last MySims statue that I was missing. So that's one more collection completed for the Giekes! :)

Pax got his first promotion pretty quickly, as evidenced by this little desk plate thingy.

LUMEN - I'm tellin' you sis, you have no idea how easy you've got it. Mom and Grandpa's riches, luxury, life of leisure! . . . Man I missed this stereo.

ASTOR - Yeah, life of luxury pumping out a passel of kids and working my fingers to the bone trying to complete as many aspirations and skills as I can before I drop dead . . . So leisure. Much easy.

Sophia still goes to work. It's only 3 days a week and it gives her something to do.

Showin' off the belly! Won't be long now.

See? :P Paxton has the pre-birth freak-out and Astor wonders about her decision in a mate . . . too late to turn back now, missy!

Soon it was off to the nursery to get this Gen 4 tot out into the world.

Monkey onesie means it's a boy! Our naming theme for this generation will be one of my favorite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory. Thus, our first of gen 4 will be known as Sheldon Gieke! He rolls the Self-Assured trait and the Whiz Kid childhood aspiration.

Sophia . . . I know you're still sad about Alex's death, but really? Eating dinner on the toilet? O_o Just, ew.

SOPHIA - I can't hear you over the sound of my BROKEN HEART.


Luckily she had a grand-baby to hold and spoil now, though. Little Shelly helped Sophia get over her depression.

It was at this point that Outdoor Retreat came out, and I got myself a copy. I plopped down one of the pre-made 'rooms' with some content just to play around with them, since I won't be able to go on vacation for a while yet.

Astor started reading about herbalism right away, she'll be working on it right along with her gardening.

At last Saturday dawned, and that meant WEDDING TIME! If you've followed any of my sims blogs, you already know how this is going to turn out. But for those who don't . . . enjoy the fail.

Astor invited every sim she knew. Her older sis Lumen was the first to arrive. The second was a barely-acquaintance. And way back in the back you can see the still-hip Trevster rocking his powder-blue leisure suit.

At first I thought Dexter was a no-show, but I eventually found him playing around on the microscope.

Before we got things rolling Sophia went ahead and baked a tiered cake. And for some reason Astor and Pax kept getting negative social hits from her 'inappropriate behavior.'

Wat? -_-*

Trevor stuck around long enough to walk inside, then he turned right around and left. Really Trev? Really? -_-*

TREVOR - U mad bro?

Our random guest decided to become an elder spontaneously. The musician I hired never showed up, and the mixologist never once touched EITHER bar. 


Oh well, these two kids are the real reason we're throwing this shin-dig. Let's just focus on them.

Wedding Spam! Paxtor is a GO!

I had to laugh when Sophia started blowing on the Dr. Seuss-ian horn. HAD TO. And Dex was crying. Lumen somehow managed to ditch the reception in the small amount of time it took Astor to cut the cake . . . .

Sharing the cake! One of my favorites.

Oh there she is. Sophia and Paxton had to make their own drinks to finish that particular party requirement. LAME.

I d'awwed when Lumen raced into the nursery to take care of Sheldon's stinky diaper. 

MIXOLOGIST - Hey, I was gonna do that!

Well how about instead of that or playing on my gaming system, you ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB!!!!1!111

She didn't. 

I ended the party a little early, earning a silver. Nobody was hungry and I didn't feel like forcing them to eat stuff just to get a gold medal (which I already earned on Sophilex's wedding anyway).

Artistic shot of mom and son! :P

Not-so-artistic-shot of newlyweds fist-pumping at the prospect of some honeymoon woohoo!

Paxtor gets working on nooboo number 2, quite cheerfully I might add.

Toilet confetti! That means success!

After the newest patch, the mother goes immediately from the positive pregnancy test to inform the impending father. Cute!

ASTOR - Soooo, guess what? Y'know how we just woohooed and how it was awesome and stuff?

PAXTON - Yuuuup.

ASTOR - Well . . . baby!

PAXTON - Suweeeeet.

Pax is so chill, I luff him.


My first in-game ghost appearance! Sadly, I don't think Chester and Whitney are ever coming back. :( But Alex decided to drop in that night. What was his first order of business?

. . . creeping on his daughter, apparently. Wow. Just wow.

Thankfully he soon took himself into the activity room and hung out on the gaming rig for a few hours.

But then . . . you guise. YOU GUISE.


I like how the ghosts' color changes according to their current mood. A now-flirty Alex was putty in Sophia's hand.

So naturally the logical next step was to go woohoo in the rocket ship. Because reasons.


They successfully earned the 50-Mile-High club. The work-out got Alex Very Uncomfortable though, poor guy.

He steamrolled all over my feels by heading into the nursery to play with the grandson he never got to meet in life.

Aaaah, praying to the old porcelain goddess for a healthy nooboo. A time-honored sims tradition.

I decided to have Sophia start working on the mixology skill. Already maxed in Cooking and Gormet Cooking, if she can max out this one in time we'll get another point!

You know, if she manages not to kill herself in the meantime!


Astor randomly decided to read her herbology book poolside.

Some midnight feedings.

Then some early-morning feedings. I have no idea why Sophia looks so shocked . . . did she just swallow a bug? Did Paxton just suggest they donate most of their 250k nest-egg to the Missing Toddlers Foundation?

You decide. :P

It was Sheldon's birthday that day, however, and grandma got to do the honors.

And here he is! That's right, we're FOUR generations and still going redhead strong. He has his dad's yellowish-brown eyes though.

After a quick nap, Sheldon got right to work on his logic and chess skills.

SOPHIA - Excuse me! Watcher!

Um, yes?

SOPHIA - I think I'm done now.

Nooooooo!! Dangit! I know she wasn't even 80 days old yet, 75 at best! *stomps foot*

GRIM - Hey-hey! Guess whoooooooo~.


GRIM - So, I seem to remember someone saying they'd give me their digits over their 'dead body.' Eh? EH?! . . . . so what are they?


Sophia's tombstone was moved outside and put to rest beside her beloved husband Alex.

Grim-Creeper moved on to Ferdinand for affection.

GRIM - Give us a kissey!


Sheldon tried inviting Grim to a game of chess. He was fine with chatting, but not with actually being USEFUL and refused to play.

So Astor volunteered instead.

GRIM - Well HELLO there . . . 

Yes, Grim-Creeper is ACTUALLY in a flirty mood. And you thought I was making it all up . . . .

I couldn't make this stuff up if I TRIED.

*several hours later*

GRIM - No, seriously, c'mon. What's your number?

ASTOR - For the last time, I'M MARRIED! Don't you have to get back to the underworld? Go reap some souls and leave me alone!

GRIM - . . . Don't be a tease.

True to his new monicker, Grim-Creeper was REFUSING to leave the lot. I was starting to worry, but several hours later he finally disappeared into a puff of noxious black fume.

ASTOR - Finally! Geez.

And that's it for this installment! Hope you enjoyed! Join us next time to see just how many siblings Astor and Paxton can rack up for little Shelly. Will we have any more ghost appearances? Will Grim-Creeper return?

Find out next time and until then, happy simming!


  1. Agrgggg! Grim is the total opposite in my game! My evil sim is trying to seduce him and he is not having it. Maybe because they're 'bffs'..don't wanna ruin that evil-death friendship, ya know?

    Also, Ferdinand is fabulous. Cowplants are so wonderful.

    1. Lol! Yah, GC was oddly glitchy. He reaped Sophia just fine (thank god, I read online that some people had a problem where he wouldn't even do that and they lost the urn/tombstone), but then he refused to leave afterward. I tried resetsim but it said he didn't exist. A few hours after that though (after he'd been on the lot for about 12hrs) he finally left. XD

      I luff Ferdinand too, I'm gonna be devastated if/when he dies. :(

    2. For being ferocious monsters, cowplants are so delicate! My first one only lasted a couple of sim days! *still mourning over here* I've decided I'm not going to plant another one until I learn to be a responsible cowplant owner... Dx

      I believe Grim did that to my family once; it really might be a glitch. Then again..I had a lot of romantic decor all over the house, and my founder died four times over the course of three days... *coughI'mnottryingtoseduceDeath..cough* Anywho! It worked out in my favor because my Evil child, who was trying to become a 'Social Butterfly' at the time, became best friends with ol' Grimmy. Fitting, I think.

    3. Oh noes!!! @ Cowplant-Gone-Too-Soon . Ferdinand has been kicking for a couple sim-weeks now. Not sure of Astor's maxed gardening skill has anything to do with it, but I make sure to feed him as soon as he spits his little cake-tongue out, as well as play with/pet him from time to time.

      I still can't get over Grim . . . the fact that he was trolling the Blue Velvet nightclub the chapter before just makes it even more funny. I don't mind if he hangs out for a while after the reapings, just so long as I don't lose family members' ghosts. Good luck on putting the mojo on ol' Death. :P

  2. Super creepy Grimmy! Sad about your losses :(

    But yeah for a wedding and generation 4!

    1. Indeed! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  3. Omg Grim had me rolling! So hilarious!! I loved it :) And OMG the Sophilex feels :( I miss them already! Great update!!

    1. Grim was definitely the star of this chapter. :D Sophilex . . . *sniffle* Glad you got to read and as always tyvm for commenting!

  4. LOL @ Grim-Creeper. That had me in stitches. :)

  5. SOPHILEX FOR ETERNITY!! Not even DEATH managed to split them apart (at least, not too long).

    But Mort, SERIOUSLY?! First there's the foreshadowing at the Blue Velvet, and now the seduction of BOTH mother and daughter...?!

    But I LOLed. I really did. LOLed in exasperation and mirth.

    Sheldon? How suitable! Looks like him but with the Gieke signature hair.

    Am looking forward to the next one, and am continuing.