Monday, December 15, 2014

Generation Three Heir Poll!

POLL CLOSED!! Scroll to the bottom for the results and tyvm so so much to everyone who voted!


And at last we come to it! The heir vote for generation three! Who will carry on the Gieke legacy? That's entirely up to you! Your choices are as follows :

Lumen Gieke

Child Trait : Geeky
Teen Trait : Romantic
Adult Trait : Bookworm
Bonus Trait : Dastardly
C.A. Trait : None

Adult Aspiration : Public Enemy
Career : Criminal - Oracle Branch
Potential Spouse : None

The eldest of the gen 3 brood. Lumen has a lot of the personality but not much of the luck. She did inherit her father's chin though, and that's got to count for something. 

Dexter Gieke

Child Trait : Outgoing
Teen Trait : Perfectionist
Adult Trait : Insane
Bonus Trait : Dastardly
C.A. Trait : Mentally Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Chief of Mischief
Career : Astronaut : Interstellar Smuggler Branch
Potential Spouse : Desiree Williams

The middle-child and it really shows in his personality. Dexter is already a lot quirky and his adult trait insures that will only get waaaay worse in time. He doesn't have a chin, but his mom's blue eyes make up for it to me. 

Astor Gieke

Child Trait : Cheerful
Teen Trait : Slob
Adult Trait : Outgoing
Bonus Trait : Collector
C.A. Trait : Socially Gifted

Adult Aspiration : Freelance Botanist
Career : None/Gardening
Potential Spouse : Paxton Beasley

And finally we have the baby of the bunch. Astor grabbed a spot at the top almost from the bassinet (sweet, quiet baby . . .). Can she continue to reign supreme?

Who do you want to see continue on this legacy? Cast your vote in the poll to the right of this blog! Thanks so much (in advance) for voting! Much love to all!


Lumen Gieke - 3
Dexter Gieke - 2
Astor Gieke - 10

With a bit of a landslide, Astor is our winner! I'm closing the voting a little early due to lack of new votes/I really want to continue playing the Giekes. :P But thanks so much to everyone who did come back and vote for me! New chapter soon! Til then, happy simming!


  1. See what happens when I don't stay up to date? I miss a vote.
    And I love voting! :(

    1. Dawwww, I'm sorry! I just really wanted to continue playing . . . lol. Hopefully you'll enjoy Astor's reign regardless. Ty for reading!