Monday, December 15, 2014

2.6 - The Filler Episode

Oh hey! Lookit! A Gieke update!!

Yes, SWTOR, WoW:WoD and DA:I have finally released me for the near future. The upcoming career patch has me excited for Sims again, so I ended up playing enough for a smallish update, leading us into the GEN THREE HEIR POLL OMG. I am excite, you guys.

But until then, as requested, a few more days of teen Astor to be fair. Starting us off is a shot of the Gieke's brand new pool! It's a little wonky in places but overall I'm happy with the layout.

Freshly a teenager and not having to go to school that day, Astor was the first to try it out. It's weird that the reflection of her sunglasses don't have dark lenses, lols. 


As you may or may not remember, Astor got the Slob trait and the Freelance Botanist aspiration, so the next order of business was to get her started on her garden.

Just 4 plants to start, nothing crazy.

Meanwhile the two elder siblings come home from school. Lumen was tense, Dexter was embarrassed. Not entirely sure why anymore, though I'm sure it had to do with some chance cards gone awry.

I decided to give Astor's everyday wear a re-do. The hoodie and jeans look didn't go with her outdoorsy personality. I like the flower-shorts much better, lol.

Dexter went and crawled under his covers to hide.

While Lumen had a thrilling session of Blicblock to get rid of her bad mood.

And Astor? She read some gardening books. We're just full of fun and excitement so far, eh?

Okay, not fun enough for yah? How about Lumen busting some moves for the butler-statue's benefit?

Sisterly luv, dawwww. Warms the heart. Except the devious expression on Lumen's face makes me wonder if she didn't just stick a post-it with an offensive saying to her baby sister's back . . .

LUMEN - Who, me? *innocent blink*

Yeah . . . not buying it missy.

It's been long enough that I'm not entirely sure what this picture is for . . . had I already announced that she completed the painter aspiration? If not, this was her final masterpiece for doing so, I think. So yay point!

The Greatest Spare of All Time makes sure to spread some love to his nephew before school. <3 Trevor4Ever

Proof? Alex is currently marveling at the most expensive fridge and stove, freshly fully upgraded. BAMF! Moar points.

What's this, a Flegel Studio Floor Lamp? Does that mean Sophia is now a Master of the Real, top of the painting career? Yep! Points!

And what, ho? Another career-topper? Why yes, the Trevster is now a Concert Virtuoso, as evidenced by this spiffy Rock Legend Signed Guitar. Must be signed by himself. 


Alex and Lumen are apparently amused/enthralled with how Astor is turning into a Foodstagram junkie. This shot also kicks off the Astor+Phone compilation.


It was Alex's birthday that day, so Sophia baked him a cake like a straight bawse.

Also the kitchen got a small make-over. Added some cabinets and nifty lighting underneath. A cool trick I learned watching house builds on The Sim Supply's youtube channel.

After a brisk shower Alex decided to put in some laps in the pool before he becomes too old and saggy/tired.

Meanwhile Astor is tending her garden. Doing her first round of upgrades . . . apparently by shoving her face into the foliage. 

ASTOR - Science!

SOPHIA - Hey babe, how about one more go in the observatory before it becomes too dangerous?

ALEX - Best. Birthday. EVER!

ASTOR - Aaaand there goes my appetite.

LUMEN - I'm calling it. Astor has had WAY more screenshots than us this update. There's clearly some unfair favoritism going on here . . .

DEXTER - Whazat? I can't hear you over the sound of my Blicblock awesomeness! 

LUMEN - *sigh*

After the kids get shipped off to school, gen 2 spend one last meal together before the first of them step through that elderly door.

SOPHIA - Don't worry Alex. After you cake up we go see if we can 'break a hip' together, if ya know what I mean.

ALEX - Oh my . . . *fans self*

TREVOR - Imma pretend I didn't just hear that. Life is so much better that way.

Then Sophia and Trevor cheered Alex on.

ALEX - My spleen!

TREVOR - So, still wanna break that hip?

SOPHIA - . . . yup.

Luckily no hips were broken (tho not for lack of trying *eyebrow waggle* ). Afterward elderly Alex sat down in a comfy chair and read up on the handiness skill.

Sophia got sent out around the neighborhood digging up rocks and frogs. Perfectly benign, though this townie seems convinced she's up to something shady.

. . . see? Some shady sh*t is goin' down, apparently.

LUMEN - Come on Dex! If we don't step up now, Astor is going to steal the heir vote right out from underneath us!

DEXTER - Chill, Lu. I like my chances.

LUMEN - With that chin? Or lack there of, more accurately.

DEXTER - Heeeey! Words hurt . . . :<

Once the weekend rolled around again it was right back to the skill-a-thon. Dexter is stuck outside upgrading his rocket ship . . . I said UPGRADE THE SHIP Dexter! Not play blicblock on your phone!

DEXTER - But-but . . . my high score!

After some forum trolling, Lumen was back hacking people's bank accounts and trust-funds, writing up some computer viruses and other wholesome teenage activities.

DEXTER - Hey Astor! I just heard you got nominated as the school's top botanist! They're gonna publish it in the yearbook and everything!

ASTOR - OMP really?!

DEXTER - HAHA no! OMG, n00b! There's no such thing as a top botanist in school.

ASTOR - Oh plumbobs, now I feel silly . . . .

Apparently Dexter is trying to undermine Astor's bid for heirship in his own . . . way . . .

ASTOR - You know what? I'll just start a Top Botanist program myself! I'll get more friends and notoriety than either of you combined!

DEXTER - Oh crap . . . that didn't go like I'd planned it . . . 

SOPHIA - *is amused/oblivious*

Astor+Phone #2

Quick break from researching gardens to do some selfies . . .

Astor+Phone #3

The sisters enjoyed some green tea and fireplace channel together.

While Dexter tried to blow himself up with the torch. STAHP with the fire!

I've been waiting for these two to age up into teenagers on their own (I have aging for non-played sims turned on) but for some reason they were taking forever. So I invited them over and took matters into my own hands.

The blondie there is Paxton, if you'll remember. One of Astor's childhood friends.

Pax, freshly teen-afied. His outfit is horrible, but I'm refraining from making him over unless certain 'criteria' are met . . .

And what's the first thing he did when he aged up? Pulled out his phone . . . Astor's soulmate y/y?

The little girl, Desiree, takes her turn to the cake while Astor eyes this new development to her right. 

ASTOR - The pink glasses have to go . . . but otherwise . . . not bad.

DESIREE - I can almost see my nose!


O_O She's ADORABLE! I was a firm Astor/Paxton fan, but now . . . I want these genetics in my legacy. Their children would have no chins, but I don't even care.

LUMEN - So, Watcher, you specifically cheat-age some love interests for Astor and Dex, and I get nothing? This is some bullsh*t. 

Daww, Lu! I promise I'm not doing this on purpose! The one guy I had my eye on ended up having the same name as your brother and was too old anyway and I didn't wanna mess with it. But if you ARE chosen for heir, I have some fresh legacy-love-households to install just for you!

LUMEN - Whatever.


Desiree seems very smitten with Dexter. And despite his current expression, the interest is mutual. They're only acquaintances right now, though, so actual romance will have to wait a little bit.

Since Astor and Paxton were already good friends, the romance is . . . coming a lot easier.

SOPHIA - Gaze upon this white-frosted majesty. Gaze, children.

DEXTER - Mom! You're RUINING this for me! GTFO!

Yeah . . . a lot easier. First kiss achieved!

DEXTER - I want a first kiss! *grumble, pulls out voodoo doll and binds it to Desiree* Imma get that kiss one way or another . . . 

Holy crap Dex, cut that out! No creepy stalker required, she already likes you! Just give it time, sheesh!

DESIREE - I really like the smell of that dish!

ASTOR - I really like the smell of your hair.

ALEX - I'm old, so I don't have to care anymore. Blissful ignorance!

Aaaaand here's where I leave you! Heir poll to follow shortly! Good luck on picking someone, because I really can't. XD Until next time, happy simming!


  1. Omg! I loved it. I've missed the Gieke family!! I lol'd at the towny checkin' Sophia on the shady sh*t goin down. I died. I can't wait to see ghost Chester! Such a great update - I already know who won the heir poll and I'm happy :) Very happy!

  2. Late to the party, but I dropped by to say how much I love the Gieke family! <3

  3. DAYM you know how to make a woman laugh in the middle of doing some heavy-duty doc editing!

    You're GOOD. Damn you're good.

    Me lovey.

    Me going to continue. <3 <3 <3

  4. Pastor could be a good ship name...