Sunday, December 21, 2014

3.1 - A New Day Dawns . . . Eventually

Welcome back everybody! Last time in the legacy we had our heir poll and you the readers voted Astor, the youngest, to be the one to eventually take over the reins. We'll get to that (eventually) this chapter, but first . . . Lumen becomes a young adult.

LUMEN - Imma cake up, and then I'm outta here.

Aww Lumen, don't be a sore loser.

LUMEN - I'm not a sore loser. I'm a PISSED loser. There's a difference.

Sadly the rest of the household was still asleep, so no one witnessed her blowing out the candles.

LUMEN - Typical.

But she still managed to age up nicely (her face filled out a little more, now she REALLY resembles dad). She locked in her final trait of Bookworm and was then promptly moved into her OTHER grandparents' house . . . Goth Manor.

The eldest is gone, but we still have Dexter kicking around for a few more days yet. One of his priorities was to invite Desiree back over. He had yet to earn that kiss he was after . . .

DESIREE - I don't trust your motives.

DEXTER - Aw c'mon, Des! How can you say that?

DESIREE - Because I know you, Dex.

Dexter somehow managed to coax her in the door despite her reluctance.

DEXTER - C'mon Des. How can you not trust this face.

DESIREE - Very easily, actually.

DEXTER - *questionable hip gyrations* Even you can't say no to this. Eh? Eeeeeh?

DESIREE - Uuuum . . . .

DEXTER - Admit it. You're hooked.

DESIREE - Forgive me while I swoon.

DEXTER - Nailed it.

DESIREE - Here Dexter. THIS is how you flirt with someone. Have this rose.

DEXTER - GASP! I knew you wuved me!!


DESIREE - That's not what I--mmmrph!

DEXTER - I knew you couldn't fail me, trusty voodoo doll!

DESIREE - . . . y'know what, fine. I'm just gonna roll with it.

DEXTER - I also bought you this ring, Des. I-in case you said you wanted to go steady.

DESIREE - Wow, Dex . . . it's beautiful.

DEXTER - Now come and see what I have for you in this ROCKET SHIP I BUILT!

DESIREE - Nothing can go wrong with this . . . .

No, indeed . . . .

And thus Dexter and Desiree went and got frisky in space. I have to say, as first dates go, outer space IS pretty hard to beat.

I realized at this point that I had yet to place or mess with the cupcake machine in any of my games. So Sophia got to test it out, making a tasty batch of the chocolate bomber (I can't remember their exact name) cupcakes.

What's our heiress been up to all this time? Gardening, gardening and MOAR gardening!

She also got herself a bonsai tree to practice on and, though hard to see in this shot, she shaped it into a freezer bunny to start off. I lol'd.

Not long after she moved out, Lumen came over to visit. Sophia was happy to let her in.

Enjoying one of her cupcakes while catching up, as Lumen took advantage of the faster wi-fi connection to get some of her hacking done.

Dexter tried doing some more voodoo and the doll threatened to stab him with a pin. Dex was quick to say uncle.

Just a quick shot of the family's potion collection. We're up to a respectable 11 potions of youth now. Not too shabby.

What's this for? Why, this is just Sophia . . . completing the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Yes, dear readers, that makes THREE aspirations she's managed to complete in one lifetime.

Not bad at all.

In between her painting she still goes around collecting from time to time. This is the majority of the loot. Still haven't managed to complete any other collections yet (I'm only missing ONE MySim statue and I can't seem to find it).

A bookcase imbedded into the wall? Nope! That's Alex's final promotion reward, the Door of Perception, as he's now a Creator of Words. No points can be gained, but yay for him nonetheless.

And how's Trevor doing? Oh, y'know, just maxing the guitar skill to make himself a true musical maestro. Maxed on the guitar, piano AND the violin. The 2nd Gen of this legacy has definitely done me proud.

So . . . Alex and Sophia both had low fun bars, so I had them tend to it in the favorite marital fashion. And it was 'unsatisfactory' and made poor Alex dangerously tired. -_- While the added dash of realism is interesting, I still think that's kind've lame.

But no time to dwell! It's finally time for Dexter to have his YA birthday and GTFO!

DEXTER - That's kinda mean. Y'know what, I think I'm gonna put my Mischief skill to good use one more time . . . Hey ma! Come taste the frosting on this cake!

Dexter, don't you dare . . . !

SOPHIA - Mmm, tasty!

DEXTER - *blows confetti bomb* Yaaay! Happy Birthday MOM!

*flailing* NOOOOO!

Soooo, yeah . . . Like a derp, I accidentally selected for Sophia to 'Taste the Frosting' instead of Dexter. So she's kissing the last 4 days of Adulthood goodbye and becoming an Elder prematurely.

-_- * . . . <--FAIL

SOPHIA - I-I can't! I can't pull away! It's pulling me in like a black hole!

DEXTER - Wooooo! Party!

SOPHIA - ACK! Everything just seized up!

Sorry, Soph. :(

DEXTER - *toooooooot!!!*

SOPHIA - Can I hit him?

I saw nothing.

DEXTER - Hit me?! What? *sparkles*

Welcome to Young Adulthood Dexter! Now beat it!

DEXTER - Meh, that's ok. I can go be with Desi now, I ain't even mad. 

Actually you're gonna go live with your sister and your uncle Trevor in the Goth house, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

He was given his final trait of Insane and then promptly kicked out. The awesome Trev-ster was also released into the world. I felt he'd accomplished enough for this legacy and deserved some well-earned freedom in return.

SOPHIA - This cake . . . is a betrayal.

;_; I'm sorrryyyyyyy.

I had her throw it away. It was cathartic for both of us.

Since he has a maxed handiness skill now, Alex has been going around and finishing all the little extra upgrades on the family computers. I sold a few of them though. I decided the family didn't need FIVE.

Trevor's room gets made over into another double-bed suite in preparation for our Gen 3 couple-to-be.

SOPHIA - This is a sandwich. Why am I eating it with a fork?

I don't even know, sweetie.

Sophia was given a slight make-over to better suit her age. Still similar style though.

And worry not, dear readers. Sophilex lives on.


It just takes more afternoon naps now than it used to. :P

Your parents are asleep and you're a teenager all alone in the house . . . what to do?

ASTOR - I'm calling up Paxton for a date!

Seems legit.

Astor meets her beau Pax out at the Blue Velvet in all his poorly-clothed glory.

Selfies are a must.

When she tried to kiss him, however, Paxton put on the brakes. It seems I neglected to get them to actual BF/GF status the last time and their relationship had decayed in the interim.


That's ok though, nothing that some social spam can't fix.

ASTOR - *awkwardly wiggles her butt*

PAXTON - Uh . . . what are you . . .

ASTOR - *finally figures out the seduction pose and locks it in*

PAXTON - Whuh.

Amidst all this, I suddenly saw Grim floating toward us. For one horrible moment I thought one of my sims was dying. Except no, it seems we just caught Grim on his day off.

I was trying to concentrate on Astor and Paxton exchanging promise rings, but the fact that the grim reaper had just entered the building sort of derailed that.

Grim made his way to the bar. As one might expect, he didn't have to wait in line like most schlubs. He was served right away.

After his drink he went over to the dance floor and toe-tapped to some tunes for a few minutes before eventually taking his leave.

So there you have it, folks. Now you know where Grim is at when he isn't reaping your beloved simmies. Happy Hour at the Blue Velvet.

Now that THAT'S solved, back to our heiress and her budding relationship. BF/GF status obtained, promise rings exchanged . . .

PAXTON - I really like you Astor.

ASTOR - I really like you too, Pax.


So after that date Astor wasn't the only one looking forward to the next generation. I went ahead and redid Dexter's bedroom into a nursery for future nooboos.

DEXTER - I sensed my territory being invaded!

Go away Dexter!

Gotta get through the weekend before Astor's birthday. She's been working on her gardening skill and is now picking up the fishing skill too. Her plants need good fertilizers and Whitley was never able to complete the fish collection. Perhaps Astor can.

We took a trip out to the Sylvan Glade.

A very special something can be fished up here.

And those two little horns in the dirt tell you that we managed to find one! Two, actually. I only planted one though.

Mother and daughter enjoying some dinner together at the bar. Very reminiscent of a moment between Sophia and her father Chester, way-back-when.

The Giekes technically have a maid, and I get charged every now and then, but I think she's only showed up on the lot ONCE in the 3ish weeks she's been hired.


I dunno if I've ever showed off Astor's pajamas before, but I love the purple socks. So I'm showin' em again.

Alex randomly decided to swim some laps one morning. Just don't kill yourself in the pool, please.

ALEX - Noted!

Sophia's been working on the Gormet cooking skill too, for wont of anything else. That rack of lamb looks REALLY good . . . I'm so hungry right now.

LOOKIT! The wittle cowplant is coming right along! I've named him Ferdinand.

I sent the two girls to the grotto, but it was a spectacular fail. Astor's fishing skill wasn't high enough to catch anything other than healing potions, and for some reason no rocks would spawn for Sophia to dig up.


But no matter! The next morning was the long-awaited day! I decided to actually throw a birthday party for her and invited the whole family+boyfriend.

Trevor has aged up into an elder off-screen. Still fabulous, though. And Paxton's party wear is slightly less horrific than his everyday wear. At least we can see his face now.

Poor Desiree got saddled with the embarrassment sombrero in her party outfit. Sorry dear.

It is, however, NO accident that Dexter is wearing the flirty suit.

DEXTER - I rock it and you know it.

And finally Lumen rounds out the party guests, though she seems less than thrilled to be there.

LUMEN - You never threw me a birthday party.

I never threw anyone a birthday party except my founder, now stop being butt-hurt and get in the house. -_-

ASTOR - Thanks for coming to my party sis!

LUMEN - Wouldn't miss it!

Liar. Still, for Astor's sake, yay.

We quickly got her cake and candles out of the way.

. . . 

Desiree, that sombrero is so unfortunate.

Astor blows out the candles, though Dexter and Desiree were the only ones who seemed to care. The rest of the guests were piling up in the activity room.

And finally, here we have it everyone! Our gen 3 heiress, fully YA, locking in the Outgoing trait. I don't plan on having her work a regular career. She's just going to focus on her gardening and fishing.

After this, I attempted to use the cake to age up Paxton as well, and here's where things went screwy. He started walking to the cake, and then blipped out of existence. I can still see him in her relationship panel but he refuses to come over, saying 'Paxton is too busy!'

So . . . crap. We'll have to figure out a fix for this later, I still have a gold medal to earn.

Due to me freaking out about Paxton's disappearing act and trying to get all the requirements complete for a gold medal, I didn't take any more pictures of the party. Rest assured that much fun was had by all.

And a gold medal was eventually earned, so yay for that.

And a late-night birthday present, Ferdinand grew up to maturity that evening as well. Lookit! He's so cuuuuuute.

Astor made sure to feed him a package of mystery meat so he won't be trying to lure her parents to their deaths with cake.

And was sure to give him some love before heading off to sleep. Now if I can just manage to recover her boyfriend from glitched limbo, we'll be set . . .

Is Paxtor doomed before it even gets started? Will Ferdinand eat someone important? Will I lock Dexter up in a kill box?

Find out next time, and until then happy simming!

And for all those who want them, Lumen, Dexter and Astor have all been uploaded to the Gallery. :)