Friday, September 19, 2014

2.4 - All Ur Base R Belong To Us

Welcome back everyone! Sorry this update is a little tardy. A couple of things contributed to that, one of which being I'm trying to fully level up a seasonal character on Diablo 3 before the season ends . . . .

But enough of that! On with the Giekes! We open up today--not with a promotion reward--but with uncle Trevor continuing with Dexter's Whiz Kid education.

. . . suspicions, Dexter has them.

Alex went to try and socialize a bit with his eldest, but Lumen was busy.

LUMEN - GAWD Dad, can't you see I'm busy playing Arithmetic Attack! GEEZ!

ALEX - Awkward!

TREVOR - If you're havin' kid problems, I feel bad for ya son. I got 99 problems but a brat ain't one!

ALEX - That . . . that was kinda rude . . . .

Lawl, in actuality Trevor snuck in with a grilled cheese to catch up a bit with his BFF. Their friendship has been slipping lately. 

LUMEN - Seriously guys! Trying to study!!

Alex decided that the grilled cheese was a good idea, and was soon joined by Sophia and a plate of spaghetti. It seemed Lumen had given up on concentrating in that room. Dexter thought he'd do better . . . .

LOL, guys?

DEXTER - Hey, if you can't beat em? Join em.

LUMEN - Tru-dat.

Apparently Lumen's bed has replaced Trevor's as 'the hang-out spot.'

Just Sophia, enjoying some pancakes and coffee AT THE SAME TIME. Have I mentioned how much I love this option? :P

But late that night . . . BABY TIME!

SOPHIA - Alex! I think it's time!

ALEX - Uh huh. That's nice honey. I be . . . just a minute . . . zzzzzz . . . .

SOPHIA - . . . oh hell no.

Sophia hurried off into the nursery and successfully gave birth to the third and final baby of generation 3. Everyone say hi to the female butterfly onesie!

In keeping with the naming theme, this little cutie shall be known as Astor Gieke.


Still late . . . but A for effort. :P

The next morning Chester was sure to congratulate his daughter on the newest edition.

Alex has become a Regular Contributor in the Writing career, earning him this An Open Book, Framed.

And Trevor is now considered a Professional Pianist, earning him this snazzy Classical Genius Antique Piano.

It's at around this time I discover that the Entertainer/Musician career doesn't require you to learn JUST guitar, but ALL the instruments. I like that much better. :) So here Trevor is getting to work on his piano skills.

He also makes time to help care for his youngest niece.

Sophia got to be an Imaginative Imagist, which netted her this nifty Vase of Sunflowers.

LUMEN - Oh noes! Grampa!

CHESTER - Don't you worry button, I'll fix it. Just as soon as I finish this chapter . . .


While Chester took care of the blue-screen-of-death, Lumen and Dexter worked on their homework together. Unsurprisingly the Whiz Kid aspiration requires them to have an A in school . . . and it's gonna kill me.

Mom joins them for dinner.

Completely opposite of cranky infant Dexter, Astor NEVER cried. Like, ever. She was always smiling. O_o

Astor . . . Best Infant Evar Award <---

I . . . THINK those are Focus potions. I believe they needed to complete their homework while focused and I didn't feel like having them fight over the chess table to Ponder Moves.

A little potion with dinner . . . .

Then it was back to the homework grind. Uncle Trevor came home at some point, angry from work, and vented on the kids. They were willing--if slightly confused--ears to lean on.

What's this, you ask? A really crappy set-up to display my frogs? Why yes, that's correct.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY there's 25 of those bad boys. You know what that means?

Completed Collection! That's right folks, with a lot of frog-sexxinz we finally got one of each type and that means Sophia has officially completed the Curator Aspiration! Woooooo!

The next day, our youngest was able to launch herself out of the crib and straight into my favorites folder.

I try not to play favorites but . . . omg guys. GUYS. That panda lamp back there accurately portrays my reaction.

Redhead makes FIVE (count em, FIVE) descendants who've kept Chester's cherry red hair. Astor's got her mom's (and gramma's) blue eyes and a CC panda hoodie because of REASONS.

She also got the Outgoing trait and the dreaded Social Butterfly child aspiration.

Trevor now has the unenviable job of Mentoring sims in music for a total of 15 hours. Since the kids also need to learn the creativity skill, I figured it was a win-win. Since Astor's home from school she gets to be the guinea pig.

(It took me a while to figure out how to pull off the interaction, but once that hurdle was crossed it was cake. For those curious, have the child start playing an instrument, then click on them with the mentoring sim and you should see a Mentor option).

Chester's still busy upgrading all the stuff on the lot. And doing an awesome job of it if I may say so.

CHESTER - You may. :>

He also found time to carve THIS! An awesome growly bear thingy! I'm gonna use the resize cheat on it the next time I'm in-game.

A slice of cake and a tall glass of milk?

ASTOR - Nirvana!

I concur.

Once her siblings get home Astor wastes no time in spamming them with social interactions.

ASTOR - Dex! DEX! Guess what I did today!!

DEXTER - Um, c-can I finish my homework first--,


Meanwhile Trevor was solidifying his place in my heart as the best spare of all time. Successfully finishing Dexter's Ditty and Astor's Aria, memorializing all the available sims (other than himself).

Unsurprisingly Sophia went into the Painting aspiration once her collecting was done. I believe this is her maxing the painting skill. Yep. Awesomeness just oozes out of this family.

Dexter and Lumen are busy with homework, Chester and Sophia are eating their dinner and Astor is just chattering to whoever will listen at this point. If Alex or Trevor were home we could've gotten that oddball point for 6 sims seated at the table at once.

Being the eldest, Lumen's childhood is quickly disappearing. She needs 4 skills up to at least 4 to get an A in school so uncle Trevor helps her with the violin.

Dual fist-pumps? Must be woohoo time!

. . . wow, Sophia looks REALLY excited for it too. Been a while, eh sweetie?

Obligatory pajama peepee walk! Mismatched socks complete my soul.

CHESTER - I was gonna go upgrade the Observatory like you wanted, but . . . I suddenly don't feel so well.


CHESTER - I think Imma just lie down for a bit . . . .

*upset flailing*

This was one of the factors for the late update. After this happened, I didn't wanna play for a bit.


Seriously you guys. I have ALL the sads right now. All of them. Observe-

Despite my wants or feelings, Grim shows up in due fashion to claim my founder's soul. Alex was the only one home at the time, so he consequently is the only one who got the Mourning mood.

For immersion - bad, only his son-in-law seemed to care that he died.

For my sanity - good, I only have to deal with one depressed and mopey sim for 2 days.

The kids came home that day from school in various states. Dexter and Lumen both had cruddy chance cards. Astor however was doing just fine.

DEXTER - Life sux.

LUMEN - Ditto.

ASTOR - I dunno, I'm cool with it.

Chester (on the left) gets laid to rest at the back of the property with his beloved Whitley. I've got the bug where Whitley's tombstone no longer has her name on it, just a line. Some have speculated that this happens when the grayed-out portrait disappears from the friends tab. 

I suppose I'll have to write the epitaphs with their names in it to compensate until a fix is made.

GRIM - My. This is quite an impressive frog collection you've got here. Good show.

Um . . . thanks? Grim went outside to admire some frogs before he took his leave.

Alexander is now officially Mopey McMoperton for the next 48 hours. I can deal with just one depressed sim, so it's not too bad.

More sibling bonding time. Dexter seriously does that raised-eyebrow-thing ALL the time, it cracks me up every time too.

Just Trevor, looking dapper as f*ck coming home from work. You work it, grrl.

Astor needed to meet 10 new people, so she chased down who she could outside the house and I finally had her run to the park for a few minutes to pick up the last few.

These ended up being the 2 homeless elder hobos . . . .

ASTOR - Hiya! I'm Astor! Wanna play!

STRANGER DANGER! Go home right now omgwtf.

Back home she manages to get her mopey dad to crack a smile or two while spamming for her Funny Interactions milestone requirement.

And successfully nabs her big sis Lumen as her BFF.

ASTOR - All ur base r belong to us!


LUMEN - C'mon Uncle Trevor.

TREVOR - I'm telling you kids, you need to watch out! Your little sister is going to steal all the heir votes if you're not careful and you'll end up just like me! A spare forced to slave his life away on aspirations and never find love of your own!


I gave you love! . . . of course Elizabeth is an elder now and you're not quite an adult, but . . . LOVE dammit!

This is Sophia's work outfit now. Looks kinda . . . bleh, but oh well.

Thanks to the updated Legacy rules, maxed-level Realism portraits are now eligible to memorialize sims in the legacy. So Sophia promptly painted this Masterpiece, Trevor's Galaxy.

I was going to do some paint-y FX like I have been on the songs, but I forgot, so have this pic instead -

One of Chester's last acts was to upgrade the TV to receive 'special' channels. Apparently it's a non-stop fireplace channel. 

See? Still a bad@ss, even from beyond the grave.

We're now on the dreaded, 5 child friends and 3 adult friends aspect of the Social Butterfly milestone. So the kids got sent to the park over the weekend. Astor quickly tracked down victim potential friend #1. This here is Paxton.


PAXTON - Uh . . . hi?

Meanwhile Dexter worked on his logic skill nearby with this helpful townie.

DEXTER - Check. Your move.

LADY - Um, wat?

LADY - I shall instead impart my wisdom while these kids play together!

. . . he beat you, didn't he.

LADY - In three moves. :(

So Lumen sat down with Dexter instead.

Back home Alex got away from me and it took me a minute to figure out where he was. Out back. Mourning for Chester.

*sobs everywhere*

But inside we had more cheerful things to attend to. Like Trevor's adult birthday! While he blows out the candles, his sister Sophia tries to figure out how the confetti blower thingamajig works.

Please don't point that at your face, sweetie.

TREVOR - Good show! *golf clap*

You're not British . . . lol.

ASTOR - Photobomb BOSS.

She also invited this little cutie over, who's name is Alex, as well and forced him to stay in the house while she spammed friendly interactions until he agreed to be her friend.

ASTOR - I fully support your decision to wear a girly unicorn shirt! Don't be pigeon-holed into the fascist, gender-specific roles of society!

ALEX - Um . . . I just grabbed a shirt randomly. I don't even care what it is.

Where was Lumen? Being worked like a mule trying to get those 4 skills up to at least level 4. Her birthday is on Monday, I have no idea if she'll be able to go to school long enough to earn an A before aging up . . . .

Paxton walked by out front, Astor HAD to go say hello.

Alex is now a Short Story writer, as evidenced by these Ancient Tomes.

And Sophia is now in the Master of the Real branch as a Artist en Residence, earning this Artiste Supply Taboret and that unfortunate outfit a few shots ago.

So, I could only find 2 kids around town. At about this point I went into Manage Worlds to check and, yep, there are only TWO CHILDREN left in the entire save-file.

Thanks to the new rules change, we're allowed to supplant special-made families/groups from the Gallery in order to fix this oversight. A few moments later Astor went to the park and immediately saw the results.(Sims by silversurealism).

I'm horrible at remembering names, I can't recall any of them, but Astor quickly called over the girls to say hello.

ASIAN GIRL - Hey look, she has the same hair cut as you.

OTHER REDHEAD - Meh. I wore it better.

"FISHERMAN" - Don't mind me . . . just creepin' back here watching a bunch of sim girl children play . . .

ACK! Creeper!

ASIAN GIRL - Yeah, it's nice to meet you! We just moved in a few minutes ago. This place is pretty neat.

OTHER REDHEAD - Ugh, I'm so over this.

LITTLE BOY - Hallelujah! Three pretty girls talkin' to me! I KNEW there was a reason I got outta bed this morning! THANK YOU, Watcher!

Uh . . . you're welcome?

The other girl went home soon after the above. Astor managed to make friends with the little boy and this girl before it was time for them all to go home.


She even snuck in a selfie! So cute!

Back home poor Lumen and Dexter were being skilled on the monkey bars whether they liked it or not.

LUMEN and DEXTER - We don't!

Duly noted. Now get back out there.

Sophia needs to view or admire 30 works of art. We've got plenty in the house to get her started, and she multi-tasks that while scarfing down her dinner.

SOPHIA - Meh, I could do better.

But . . . you're the one that painted those . . . and the art can is a MASTERPIECE.


Fun and social low? *puts on Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On*

Monday morning rolled around, the day of Lumen's teen birthday, and I regretfully accepted the fact that there was no way in hell I was going to get that last point in Motor skill before the 'bus' came. Let alone actually get an A.

LUMEN - Aw maaaaaaan. 

I know, I know. Just make your wish.

LUMEN - How about a more competent Watcher?

Hey! Also, you'll notice Alex photobombing in the background there (hilariously pulling the same face his daughter is at this very moment). He's getting a little chunky so I put him on the treadmill.

Speaking of chunky . . . wow, gramma Whitley's genes are making a comeback.

LUMEN - Bite me.

Other than that she turned out very cute! She rolled the Romance trait and . . . the Public Enemy aspiration. Well then, no wonder she's suddenly so cranky. This also gives her the Dastardly bonus trait.

But more importantly . . . YOU GUISE!!! Purple eyes! PURPLE EYES! When did that happen?! I thought you had brown eyes like your dad!

LUMEN - Heheh. Who's the heir and who's the spare now, eh?

XD Very sneaky . . . you're earning your aspiration in more ways than one.

Home from school with a bit of unwanted chunk and a new desire to be mean/mischievous to people, I decided to multitask and send Lumen to the gym. She hops up on the treadmill and then immediately begins insulting the other sims around her.

LUMEN - Giiiirl, did you really think that hat was your style?

LADY 1 - Wha?

LUMEN - I mean, seriously! Worst fashion decision EVER! And that's coming from someone who's seen the Llama Mascots from TS3!

LADY 1 - I can't even . . . why is she talking to me?

Sorry lady, she needs to be disliked by 3 sims. You're skinny, and you're near-by. You got nominated.

This poor guy was next.

LUMEN - A chin-strap? Really? That's what you came up with, staring into the mirror of CAS?

GUY - *meep!*

And finally, victim #3 . . .

LUMEN - Yah, I'm chubby, but I'm about to be skinny and there isn't enough CAS-cheats in the world to fix YOUR ugly. Also, you stank. WTB shower, ok?

LADY 2 - B*tch-say-what?!

GUY - *snerk* It's actually pretty funny when she's not making fun of you . . . .

LADY 1 - *giggle-snort*

Dislikes accomplished, mean/mischievous interactions achieved. She's still got some chunkiness, but we can work on that back on the home lot.

DEXTER - I know why I'M out here, she's still desperately trying to get at least one Whiz Kid aspiration done. But why are you--,

LUMEN - Shaddup.

DEXTER - Uh . . . ok.

Random ending spot is random. But there you have it folks! One gen 3 kid in their teens, 2 more to go! There'll be one, possibly two more updates before the next heir vote. So stay tuned! And until next time, happy simming!


  1. :'( I can' felt your feels :( We're going to miss Chester like so much! Thanks for this update, it made my day :)

    1. :) You're very welcome, and thank YOU for reading and commenting to tell me so! <3 Chester 4Eva

  2. Hi thanks for your comment on my forums page! I'm loving your legacy, Astor is my favourite kiddie, god she's adorable <33

  3. I sit here randomly LOLing and getting raised eyebrows from my fiance. Great story!

  4. Ended up giggling madly in the end so I say successful post. As if there was any doubt. ;P


    *cries eyes out


    Hiks hiks hiks, RIP and happy reunion with the Wife....

    Hang in there for everyone else! I'm rootin' for y'all!!

    Continuing with mixed emotions....

    BTW Lumen WAT...?! Hmm Fallen Morning Star Syndrome I guess. You DO know that "Lumen" and "Lucifer" have the same word root, i.e. the Latin "lux" or "light"?

    She needs more bling. After all, the root is also "LUXury" a.k.a. BLING!

    All right, continuing my reading....

    Great job as always!