Sunday, September 14, 2014

2.3 - Growing Up Gieke

Hello everybody! It's that time again, ready to kick off another Gieke Family Legacy update! We last left off with the founding spouse Whitley's death, and as you can see from Sophia's mopey-face, they're still trying to get over it.

Thankfully (for me) it won't be long now. 12 sim hours to go . . . .

Everyone else had to work today except Trevor. He spends his time MAXING the violin . . . .

Finishing his niece's remembrance song . . . .

And taking care of said niece while everyone else is away. Best spare of all time? I think that's a fair assessment. 

In case you've forgotten, this little cutie is the first born of the third generation, Lumen Gieke. And she already has her Uncle Trev wrapped around her tiny pinkie finger.

YES! Return of the snooty-walk means NO MORE MOURNING! I'll miss you Whitley, but omg. I won't miss the mopey sims.

Take a look at this dapper as f*ck gentleman. Turtle neck sweater? Hellz yes, that's the outfit of a bonafide Start-Up Genius. Chester has officially maxed the Tech Guru-Start Up Entrepreneur career.

Personally I think we should get points for maxing a career, they're quite challenging in TS4, way more than TS3.

This is his reward, a crazy-huge flat screen TV, the Plasmatron 3000.

I forgot to mention earlier, but like Trevor, Sophia also started at the 3rd level of the Painter career rather than 1. Not sure yet if that's random, or if it's because of their skill level. The drawings on the left and the light above the painting were the first 2 promotion rewards she started with.

I can't sell it. You guys! A gnome with a Pink-Floyd-Esque background! I'm keepin it FOREVER.

No more mourning means Alexander won't get cruelly shot down when he tries to perform romantic interactions on his wife. Which means MOAR BABIES OTW!

He starts things off by reciting some love poetry. Sophia likes.

Some kissies to set the moodz . . . .

Under the covers!

Spoil alert, this romp didn't result in a baby. Neither did the second time later that night. -_- Third time was FINALLY the charm the next morning, more on that in a minute.

While the gen-2 couple was busy trying to get it on, Alex's mom Bella stopped by. She's an elder now. :(

Chester needed some social anyways, so he invited Bella in and they caught up on life in the dining room.

The statue behind Bella makes it look like she's wearing a tiny top-hat. I lol'd.

Chester was also on Luman-Duty. He makes an awesome grandpa.

Simultaneous eating to get that stamina up before their second (unsuccessful) round.

Aww, Trevor came home pissed from work that night. I can't remember why exactly . . . .

But it definitely wasn't due to poor work performance. This little rose here signifies that he's now a Jingle Jammer and officially in the Musician branch.

And with little fan-fare I now introduce you to child Lumen! The face is because she aged up exhausted, even though she'd just got done sleeping as an infant . . . I don't even know.

She grew up in that hat and I couldn't take it away from her.

Lumen is a Geek (it's like I'm running a family inherited trait, but not XD ) who wants to be a Whiz Kid, fittingly enough.

After a long nap, Uncle Trevor took her outside to get started on those chess games she needed.

I had Sophia take a Pregnancy test before work, but GOING to work cancelled it so I didn't see the results. Then she came home like this. I'm gonna say it finally worked. :P

ALEX - She wasn't like this when I left the house . . . what'd I miss?

Not only did Sophia manage to start incubating the next baby of this generation, she ALSO got herself a promotion to a Water Color Dabbler, and this Easy Breezy Easel.

Alex is hard at work on churning out those books. Lumen is sure to carry on the tradition of using Trevor's bed as the place to be to eat dinner/talk/do everything.

Then they switched it up on me. Just to make me a liar. XD

Lumen needs to be read to for 3 hours by an adult, her daddy is the first one to get her started before bed.

The next day Trevor had another day off from work. He needs one more friend in order to get promoted again. Following my readers' preferences I was going to invite over that super-cute sim he'd met in town a few chapters ago.


I was so mad. -_-

Instead we invite over Miss Elizabeth Arnette instead. Their friendship had fallen out due to lack of communication. Now was as good a time as any to rekindle the flame.

And . . . uh . . . interesting choice of wardrobe there, Elizabeth. O_o *applies cream to burnt retinas*

Trevor invited her in and got to schmoozing his lady-friend.

Then went for his first kiss! Elizabeth was receptive!

Not long after he asked her to be his official girlfriend and she agreed! Trevor won't ever get married or have any kids of his own (I can't spare the room), but I'm glad he's got some sort of love life at least.

See? Homework? Sit on Trevor's bed. Dinner time? Sit on Trevor's bed.

Founder and heir do some catching up that evening over dinner.

And then it was Sophia's turn to read Lumen to sleep. (Note, there's no 'bedtime story' option in TS4 (THANK GOD!!), but both times just happened to be before she went to bed. So I'm callin' it). :P

Chester's been on a mad quest to try and upgrade all the electronics and plumbing before it's his time to leave us. I've been getting pop-ups about how 'his time is nearing an end.'

YOU GUISE!!!! I'm not ready to lose my founder!!!! *panicked flailing*

Upgrading this nifty tea-pot here maxed out his Handiness skill. Which means Chester has THREE maxed skills under his belt.

Cause he's just bad@ss like that.

This painting here was a masterpiece.

And so was this one! I sold the first one, but I kept this one. Why? Because COWPLANT, that's why.

Why are there 2 chairs sitting next to each other? Well the one on the left is Alexander's promotion reward for reaching Freelance Article Writer (I missed his level 2 promotion, whoops). And the reason it's sitting next to another chair is I didn't want to interrupt Lumen while she was reading. She now needs to read 3 books on her own.

Now with a maxed handiness skill, I sent Chester out to go find the 2nd hidden lot in the game. Prying open a dark, dank cave with a hammer . . . nothing can go wrong with this.

Nothing at a----oh my god it started glowing! That's never a good sign.

But it turned out alright in the end. This lot is STUPID pretty, but I didn't get a chance to stay here long. That tiny yellowish-orange plumbob there in the bottom right is an exhausted Chester that needed his nappies. So back home he went.

Whitley's leftovers finally ran out, so Sophia has to start cooking for the family. She's already got several cooking skill points though (and super-upgraded appliances to use) so all of her meals come out nice.

She came home that day sad.

Sophia! Why sad?

SOPHIA - I'm in labor and my SPLEEN HURTS.

Oh . . . is that all . . . O_O

Sophia headed into the kids room/nursery to get baby #2 into the world.

And in a shower of sparkles, the male monkey onesie arrived! I've decided I'm gonna do a naming theme (cause I like naming themes) of 'geeky' characters. TV shows, books, movies, games, etc. Whichever I can come up with. Since I already named Lumen from the TV show Dexter, I'll continue with that.

Thus this little cutie gets named for the titular character of that show. Everybody say hi to Dexter Gieke! Lets hope he doesn't turn into a serial-killer like his namesake.


Well, you managed to come in and freak out just AFTER the birth . . . your timing's getting better at least.

ALEX - So you just had a baby? Let's go try for another!

SOPHIA - Oh my!

Yeah, I'm not taking chances with these guys. Sure enough, took me THREE MORE TRIES to get another bun in the oven.

Lumen was outside at the chess table, working on her Mental skill. Whiz kids need to eventually have an A in school as well as a maxed Mental skill, so we'll need 10 points in Mental and at least 4 in everything else.


This fancy statue here means Trevor is now officially a Serious Musician.

Yeeeeeah . . . Dexter was one of THOSE babies. The ones that seemed to scream and cry ALL the time for NO reason. He's fed. He's socialized. No stinky diaper fumes. Yet still he screamed.

I couldn't wait for his birthday. -_-

Chester indulges in some relaxing chamomile tea.

SOPHIA - Oh plumbobs, finally. Confetti. I didn't think I was ever gonna get to go to sleep . . . .

No I do NOT condone sim abuse . . . . *shifty eyes*

Then she got woken up the next day with killer morning sickness. Poor thing.

I ALMOST missed Alexander's adult birthday! Sophia had to hastily bake him a cake so he could celebrate and not get that sad mood.

LUMEN - Do I spy cake? :D

I don't really notice a difference in Adult Alex. Still cute. :P Btw, he's officially ten days older than Sophia. Somewhat of an age gap, but no where near as bad as Whitley and Chester.

Whiz Kids also need to brew emotion potions at the science station. Oh cheezus pls don't catch on fire . . . .

YES! Finally! Crib sparkles! No more screaming! At least not from Dexter at any rate. Cranky little bugger . . . .

Another redhead! Chester's hair genes are apparently super-charged . . . Dexter also inherited his mother's blue eyes, unlike Lumen who got her dad's dark brown. He grew up with the Outgoing trait, and ALSO wants to be a Whiz Kid. Great job on the variety there . . .

DEXTER - You're welcome.

Since they're both Whiz Kids and the Mental skill is the name of the game, at least Lumen and Dexter can have fun playing chess together.

When Dexter isn't, you know, cheating like a mofo.

DEXTER - Hey look Lu! POOLS!

LUMEN - What?! Where?!

DEXTER - Hehehehe

LUMEN - *activates latent telekinesis* I sense that I have been lied to . . . come trusty fork of justice, help me slay this villain in the name of truth and righteousness.

DEXTER - *obliviously switching pieces*

Yeah . . . her fork got stuck. Lol

Uncle Trevor also came out at some point to socialize and give some pointers.

Then he got Dexter started on his 'being read to by adults.' Good guy Uncle Trevor. :D

Brother and sister also chat it up at dinner, switching back and forth on initiating the interactions so they both leveled up in the Social Skill.

I rawk at multi-tasking. :P

The adults decided to eat in the living room. Why do NONE of you actually eat in the DINING ROOM?!?!

Oh well, at least Chester can enjoy his stories. :P

Sophia's now a Canvas Creator, with this nifty Painting Canvas Storage Rack clutter object to show for it.

And this is just an excuse to show off the dapper suit that Trevor goes to work in now. :D

Please excuse the cranky expression. Hot-Headed sims will be hot-headed.

And finally, there are a few rooms in the house that I now consider 'finished' for the most part. So I thought I'd show 'em off. This here is the master bathroom.

One of the kids' bedrooms.

The dining room that no one ever uses to eat in. XD The vase in the center of the table ends up getting replaced by the gold tea service later on.

One view of the kitchen.

Opposite view of the kitchen, revealing the great room beyond that houses the bar and Trevor's piano.

And lastly, the living room/den. The treadmill gets moved outside later and I replace it with an indoor chess table. And I updated the bookcase. But that's pretty much it.

And that brings us to the end of this chapter! Join us next time as I begin to juggle 3 adult sims and 3 child sims trying to finish aspirations and school grades and promotions and OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!1!1 . . . . until then, happy simming!


  1. Yaaay! Great update! Dexter is a cutie - love his hair!

    I lol'd at the "Look Lu! Pools!" joke. And at Bella's tiny top hat.

    The house is coming along great :D Can't wait to meet bb #3!

    1. Dexter has some charm to him, that much is certain. He's cool and he knows it, lol. I knew I was gonna have him distract her with something, but the Pools brilliance hit me while I was typing out the update. I couldn't resist the little jab. :P

      Ty for the house compliments, and I can't wait for you guys to see it either!!! :D

  2. You are a glutton for punishment I think!! 3 kids, 3 adults! Wait, what? (uh on that means.....sniff..... R.I. P. Chester :( ) I don't think I can read the next chapter, I'll skip it and then read the next one ;) Now I want to update my legacy, but my pictures are crap and well chapter 2 is gonna be so lame :(

    1. LOL They're definitely testing my ability to multi-task that's for sure, but I think I'm handling it. And Chester . . . ;_; . . . I can't. I just can't. I won't blame you if you skip or skim. What's wrong with your pictures though? The pics themselves, or the stuff that's going on isn't interesting? If there's anything I can do to help just lemme know (tips and tricks wise). :D Good luck!

    2. Oh, it's the pics themselves that are rubbish! Between the lighting and me always forgetting to pause and get a better view of the shot I was taking. I think it's just the next group that are really bad. Chapter 1 isn't great, but not that bad either :) Anyway, I'm just lacking inspiration/writers block what have you in getting the next set of pictures up for reading.

    3. Aha! Yah, I always pause and then use the tab button to go into 'camera mode' to help get good shots. As for lighting, I soon downloaded this mod - - it made a WORLD of difference. :)

      As for the writer's block . . . I know how that goes. :( Good luck though.

  3. Oooh! Please upload the house when you are finished with it =)

    Just noticed you are using photobucket, you know you have quite a large limit on the images on your Google account? They store nice high quality ones too. =)

    1. Hehe, I've spent enough time and effort on this monolith that I think I'll definitely be uploading it once it's done.

      I did NOT know that you could store images on your google account . . . hmm. Might be something I consider for the future. For now, I already purchased a year's sub for the Pro acct on Photobucket. So I might as well use it, lol. Ty for the tip! And thanks for reading. :)

    2. No probs, :).

      Am reading both you and the Aurora Legacy, I'm happy I read yours first the last two posts :P (the Sophia mention).

  4. I bookmarked your legacy and am getting sad that I'm not seeing more updates!

  5. I like Lumen already. She has this cool laid-back attitude going on. :)