Friday, September 12, 2014

2.2 - For Every Beginning There is an End

Welcome back everybody! Last time on the Gieke Legacy we left at a bit of a cliff-hanger? Is Sophia pregnant with Gen 3?

We still don't know the answer. XD Instead, enjoy this picture of a fridge. It's actually a promotion reward for Whitley, who's now a Sous Chef.

But more importantly, we've got a WEDDING to see! That's right, since the Giekes once again have a fairly decent amount of simoleons in the bank I decided to splurge on the $1000 wedding party. I bought the premade outdoor wedding 'room,' then added my own lighting, stereo, table/chairs and a bar.

Probably gonna leave it right there for the rest of the legacy too. It's got a great view and I'll NEVER build/live in a house that would even come near it on the lot.

The mother and father of the bride head out to wait for the ceremony to start. Apparently the wedding party dresses in premade outfits, because that's not Whitley's formalwear and the dress that Sophia is wearing isn't the one I gave her.

Good in the sense that uncontrolled sims won't be wearing crazy-inappropriate stuff to a wedding. Bad in that they'll all be wearing the SAME THING. -_-

PS Chester doesn't look very pleased in this shot. I don't think he's ready for his baby-girl to be grown up. :(

The mother of the groom puts in an appearance. Cassandra was invited but she didn't show, and Trevor had to work unfortunately. So those three will be their only guests.

Sophia and Alex went to the arch to get things underway.

I had to manually select for Chester and Whitley to 'Witness Wedding.' Chester decided he'd rather stand up, and Whitley changed benches. XD At least Bella managed to find a seat ok.

WEDDING SPAM! The other way I can tell that their outfits aren't mine, Alex is supposed to be wearing glasses and he's not.

The kiss to make it official. I give you Alex and Sophia Gieke.

The parents throw confetti while Alex has a moment.

The mixologist I hired finally arrives and gets to mixin'. Whitley could've done it for free, but this way she can enjoy the party instead as it should be.

I had Sophia cut the cake that her mom had baked earlier. Lookit the little topper! SO CUTE. Unfortunately the guests didn't come watch, like in TS3.

But even BETTER, the bride and groom share the first piece! YOU GUISE!!! *dies from adorable-overload*

Alex fed Sophia her piece all gentlemenly-like.

So of course Sophia smashes his piece in his face. He thought it was funny though, so it's all good. :D

Some more smoochies for the new couple while mom and dad head over to the bar to get their drink on. The wedding score demands, so we must abide. :P

Meanwhile Sophia and Alexander enjoy a slice of their wedding cake. I can't . . . I seriously can't take this much cute. I'm dying over here.

As evening falls, the moms join the newlyweds at a table for some conversation.

I didn't notice it at the time, but if you look at Sophia's hand you can see where her wedding ring is still glitched to her palm. LOLfail.

Chester Gieke . . . International Man of Nerdestry.

Whitley had gone to work earlier that day and got a promotion. And now, apparently she was supposed to go to work again that night for the new position. When she never did, her boss called her. I like to imagine this is how that conversation went.

WHITLEY - I already worked once today, jack, and I'm at my daughter's wedding. There's no way in hell I'm going back in tonight and if you don't like it you can kiss the biggest, widest part of my @ss. Kthxbai.

Alex autonomously gave his mom a hug toward the end of the night, which was TOO precious.

And now, finally, I allowed Sophia to go take a pregnancy test. I didn't want her showing for the wedding. :P

That happy grin informs us that yes indeed, generation 3 is on the way!

Trevor finally got home from work sometime afterward.

TREVOR - *yawn* Did I miss anything?

Nah, just your sister getting married and all. No big deal.

TREVOR - Kay. Cool.


Our wedding was a gold medalist! We got the gold tea set 'clutter' object there on the bar, and the fancy tea pot way back in the back. I think the microwave was also from the wedding, but I'm not positive. Now we just need a gold medal for a regular house party and we've achieved one of Pinstar's goals!

On the way to bed, I noticed the Trev-ster was getting a little chunky. I didn't really want him to be chunky (he'd been thin like his dad all his life) so I bought him an Insta-Lean potion.


Wow. Okaaaay, that's a little TOO skinny. But hopefully he'll put on a few pounds to make up for it. But geez. I wanted healthy, not anorexic. -_-

The sink breaks the next morning. Since Chester's still sleeping, Alex got nominated to fix it.

Baby bump!

And then Alexander decides to take his breakfast into the master bathroom where Whitley is using the toilet and Chester is stepping into the shower.

Why, Alex? >_< Why?

(Also, no-censor mod in place. Not that I like to perv out and stare at my simmies' nekkid butts, the pixel blur just gets on my nerves.

ALEX - *terrorized gasp* Oh GAWD! What's been seen can never be forgotten!

You're the idiot that strolled in there for no good reason. It's not like there aren't a bunch of chairs out there.

WHITLEY - That's just what I needed to start my day. :<

Aww, poor thing. :(

Sophia painted a Flirty painting. I had to laugh when it ended up being a Freezer Bunny and a Llama sitting on a beach watching the sunset together.


I had to keep it. :P


Finally one of my sims throws up! I've gone through several pregnancies (even in my 100BC) and while they've gotten the Morning Sickness mood here or there, none of them have actually barfed until now.

*marks off on the bucket list*

Guess what guys. It's here. Our founder is about to have his final birthday. Chester's gonna be an ELDER! I can't believe it.

Also Whitley, way to photobomb my shot.

WHITLEY - You're welcome. :>

Stay classy. -_-

Blow out those candles Chester!

WHITLEY - Yay, now I won't be the only one in the house in danger of peeing myself in the predawn hours!

CHESTER - *blows, then chokes* Wh-what?

Too late to turn back now, buddy.

WHITLEY - *toooooooooooooooot!*

CHESTER - . . . I think you're way too excited for this, dear.

And then it happened! In a shower of sparkles, our adorkable founder has turned gray and wrinkly.


I'm never gonna be able to sell any of these paintings. *puts it up in Trevor's room*

Chester is back to playing in game tournaments. Slowly but surely we'll get that 5000 in winnings . . . .

Whitley was making the rounds, enjoying her Trevor-Bed Time.

Then she and Chester had some together time in the den. They're so CUTE.

Chester goes for it, and I love how Whitley looks so amused. Totally knowing EXACTLY what he's doing, but she's gonna let him get away with it anyway.

Chestley 4Eva

Sophia needed some fun so I sent her to play Sims in Trevor's room. Alex of course had to follow her with his dinner. They threw flirts at each other the whole time, which I found cute.

Here's where I actually noticed the demon-ring. :P Don't worry, he left again for the nether-realm not long after this.

Trevor got promoted to Opening Act, which netted him this awesome stereo system. Goes nicely with his new painting.

Alex was back to work writing his books, so Trevor decided that HE'D sit on his bed for once and caught up with his bestie.

Chester sat and chatted with Sophia while she painted. He makes the most adorable elder of all time.

The next day, Trevor needed to earn some tips so he got sent to Magnolia park with his trusty violin.

Sophia and her aching back got sent with him and spent the time hunting frogs. The last thing she needs for her aspiration is to complete a collection and I've decided that the frogs will be the one. Now that I've figured out how the breeding works, it's just a matter of time and RNG.

Trevor wasn't having much luck near the chess tables, so I sent him to stand on the pathway instead. It worked, as within moments this kind lady gave us some cash.

Trevor quickly made some fans . . . .

A LOT of fans. Theory proved! Trevor made the tips he needed in less than 2 sim-hours. The park pathways are definitely the place to go.

Once the goal was accomplished, I sent Gen 2 back home.

Where Trevor promptly walked in on his pregnant sister using the bathroom.

TREVOR - Nuggets.

Good goin there, Trev. -_-

Chester was in yet another game tournament. And this particular game was a double-hitter. First he maxed his Video-Game skill while playing it. Then he won the match, which netted him enough simoleons to complete his Aspiration!

I gave him the Renaissance Sim aspiration next, though I'm probably not gonna bother doing anything with it.

Trevor and Sophia had lunch, while mom watched the cooking channel and socialized.

After she was done eating I went ahead and signed Sophia up for the painter career. I was holding off until she finished her aspiration, but the last goal won't effect things either way and we can always use the extra funds.

She's quite proud of herself afterward, and Trevor is just happy to be alive.

So of COURSE this is when Whitley decides to finally kick the bucket.

WHITLEY - This is it! I'm comin! I'm COMIN ELIZABETH!

You don't know an Elizabeth.

WHITLEY - Don't ruin this for me.

It was kinda sad how she very slowly and deliberately laid down to expire.

Grim arrived, and Alex joined Sophia and Trevor in being sad about it. I didn't bother having them try to plead to save her, she'd already accomplished enough for the family. She deserves her final rest. 118 days of life, a completed aspiration and two maxed skills. Not too shabby at all.

TREVOR - Hello? Sadness Hotline? My mom just died and the Grim Reaper is standing in my living-room.

PHONE - KSSSHT!  We're sorry, the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please hang up, or press one for more options.


I had Sophia say hi to Grim just for giggles before he left. It was a surprisingly pleasant conversation.

Meanwhile the back of the lot gets remade with the Gieke Legacy graveyard and Whitley Short-Gieke is laid to rest.

Sophia and Trevor went outside to mourn, then autonomously hugged each other which I thought was precious. They both have a Mourning mood which is a pretty strong sad mood that lasts for 2 days. Mourning the grave helps, and doesn't help. I think it subtracts some time off of the Mourning mood, but at the same time it gives them another sad mood called Lost a Friend for several hours.

Sophia went to take a nap, Trevor cried it out beneath the covers. :(

Meanwhile, Chester was enjoying a bowl of cereal. In Trevor's room, of course. Since he didn't actually witness the death (he was playing that game tournament) he DOESN'T have the 2-day Mourning mood. Alex only has a Witnessed Death sad mood which will pass in a couple of hours.

ALEX - I'm sorry about your wife, Mr. Gieke.

CHESTER - It's okay son. She led a full life.

Of course, that didn't mean that he wouldn't miss her all the same. :(

Alex tried to make Trevor feel better later that night, but it didn't go over so well. Hot-Headed sims don't deal with grief very well.

What's sadder than the pregnant pee-pee shuffle? The SAD pregnant pee-pee shuffle.

I decided to give Chester an elder make-over. These suspenders were made for him. He kept his red converses though. :P

Sophia painting a sad painting . . . while sad. These are gonna be a LONG two days . . . .

Yep, I think that pretty accurately describes the mood around the Gieke household right about now.

Now finished with his aspiration (and just waiting for his next day of work to top that as well) Chester spends the next few days off upgrading all the plumbing in the house. I'm blown away by how many things are upgradable now, and every object seems to have at LEAST 3 if not 4 and 5 different upgrades you can give it. And you don't have to pick just one, you can upgrade an object to have ALL of them.

Alex got a promotion at work, now a Blogger. He got this cool retro computer to show for it.

I also went ahead and bought him a wood crafting table. I had yet to mess with one before this. 

Chester sizes up his opponent . . . .

Then cuts him down to size!

I had him make a dragon sculpture and it's ADORABLE. <3

Oh my GAWD, sims. Stahp with the SADNESS already.

They cheered up, for a little while at least, for this 3-way-Geek-a-Thon. Discussing such topics as their favorite shows and debating ship captains.

Jean Luc Picard, btw. OBVIOUSLY. :P

Trevor was in the midst of writing another song and it was supposed to be for Whitley, but she died before he could complete it. So he dedicated it to his sister instead. Picture proof of Sophia's Symphony.

I was so fed up at this point with the mopey behavior that I decided to take drastic measures and bought a couple of potions that supposedly wipe out bad moods.

It worked perfectly on Alex.

Sophia . . . not so much. Apparently you can't get rid of the Mourning mood. Bah!

No time to worry about it though because it was finally baby time.

Sophia moped her way into the nursery and managed to successfully give birth to the first of generation three. Butterfly onesie means it's a girl! She's named Lumen Gieke. Exciting!

Now if only her mom can stop being depressed long enough to enjoy it. -_-

ALEX - Baby time?! Are you in labor?!

Thank you Alex for continuing the tradition of fashionably late Pre-Parental Freakouts.

Well that's it for this edition of The Gieke Legacy! Check back next time to see if the sadness ever lifts, and whether or not Lumen gets herself a sibling or two. Until then, happy simming!


  1. Aww, Whitley has gone to the beyond :( Bummer, loved her. But she definitely lived a long life - 118 days?! Wow.

    Lumen is SUCH a cute name! I've never heard it before, Like I said, I love the unique names for sure :) And I'm sure she's gonna be freaking adorable with Sophia and Alex as her parents.

    Great update - excited to see what the future holds for this generation :) And super cute wedding!

    1. Yah, I just learned the name myself. Started watching that TV show Dexter and that was the name of one of the characters. I'm like, I'M GONNA USE THAT FOR THE NEXT GEN! Lolol

      I can't believe how long Whitley lived. I remember being afraid she'd die before completing her fishing aspiration and she NEARLY finished the cooking one on top of that. -_- Making me a liar to the very end.

  2. Awwww. good bye Whitley :( I'm glad she accomplished so much though considering she came in as an adult already! Poor sad sims, at least we know they do react to someone dying in the game, at least if they are close enough to see it. Wish they would make it so anyone on the lot at the time would rush there, and that at the very least family members off the lot would at least 'know' they passed away!

    1. Yeah, for immersion purposes I'd agree with you. But that Mourning mood is a big pain in the patootie to deal with lolol. And yah, I can't believe Whitley managed to accomplish that much either. Crazy. Ty for reading and commenting!

  3. I understand that you're annoyed, but still, HAVE MERCY.

    Sophia and Trevor just lost their MOTHER, no matter how screwy she might be when they were kids. Not an easy thing, losing one's mother.

    As for poor Chester...well, Whitley got her faults, but she WAS a good wife to him and loved him back very much....

    Other than this insensitivity to Sims, I love your story! It's on my Bookmark and I've been reading nonstop from Chapter 1.1.

    Please keep up the good work <3