Thursday, September 11, 2014

2.1 - Like Father Like Daughter

Welcome back all! Today we're putting on the finishing touches of the first, founding generation and officially handing over the reins to Gen 2! Thanks so much for everyone who voted (FIFTY-SIX by the end, that's crazy) for our next heir, which will be Sophia!


Aside from SB's awesomeness, this is also a shot to show you that Whitley has earned yet another promotion and reward object. The title of Pastry Chef earned her this Heavy Duty Pot rack. 


She took some time out of her day to enjoy Trevor's violin. His skill is high enough now that other sims get a happy mood from listening to him.

Along the edge of the property, I caught young-adult Alexander Goth strolling by.

In a tuxedo.

Fate, much?

The family is getting quite a nest-egg built up thanks to Chester's high level in the Tech Guru career. I'll be building them a better house once Gen 2 officially starts. 

For now though, I'm finally able to afford the motion gaming rig. Pro tip, buy one of these as soon as you can. You earn more in tournaments when you play off it instead of the computer. As he needs 5000 (not 2000) in earnings from said tournaments for his final aspiration milestone, this will help immensely.

Sophia is still a teen for a little while, and has been painting in her spare time. I LOVED this one. To me it kind've looks like her mom, but with shorter hair. Sadly I can't use it as her 'portrait,' at least not officially. I still named it Whitley's Repose and put it on the wall tho. :P

Whitley herself was showing off her maxed Cooking skill tricks and antics, no matter what she happened to be cooking.

I got a weird bug where the fridge had green fumes coming out of it, even though there was no spoiled food or empty dishes in it. I eventually had to replace the fridge to fix it.

The family all together, enjoying what's left of Trevor's birthday cake. He's been coming right along with his musical aspiration. He's at the point now where he needs to serenade another sim while flirty.

To accomplish this, I sent him to the lounge in Oasis Springs. The Trev-ster introduces himself to the mixologist on duty.

Unfortunately for Trev, apparently it was Senior Citizen night at the Solar Flare.

Well, everyone except the mixologist. Turns out her name is Elizabeth Arnett, and she kinda likes herself some redheaded geek. ^_~

Trevor steals her away from behind the bar and regales her with his conversational prowess.

In no time at all she was accepting flirts and blown-kisses, too.

Having successfully flirting them both into a romantic mood, Trevor pulled out his trusty violin and serenaded her like a straight bawse.

Elizabeth was a fan.

I had signed Trevor up for the Entertainer career, but it wasn't until he came back home from his outing that I realized he actually started it at level 3 instead of level 1, a C-Lister. So we already had this rug and card-holder-object in our inventory.


I got in the mood to build a house at about this time, so I did. Sophia's birthday is right around the corner.

I used a floor-plan found online. This version is actually a little too big, it was taking them too long to go room to room so I had to make some adjustments later. The overall layout is still the same though. I ran out of funds near the end so I was only able to build and put down the necessary objects. Almost no decoration and no landscaping, at least not yet. These will be added in as Gen 2 progresses. I'll take better, room-to-room pictures then, and if there are people interested I'll probably put it up on the gallery too once I feel it's more 'done.'

At any rate, the front -

And the back deck -

A 3/4 walls view from the front -

And the back -

I've got all the frogs, fossils, metals and crystals still on the tables along the side of the house.

And inside, in Chester's game room/study I have all the MySim statues and all our potions, as well as our lone microscope print and our elements stand off screen.

Sophia finds Chester's computer and plays some games while dad himself plays a game tournament. He has yet to actually win any of them, but he usually comes in second or third place. 

Earning 5,000 is gonna take forever . . . .

Also, excuse the crappy lighting for the next several pictures. Low funds required me to outfit the house in cheap lights again, and these were taken before I downloaded a lighting mod.

At some point she went into the living-room/den to watch cooking shows with her mom. And then she made the mistake of asking Whitley about being old.

Mom was not amused.

Trevor was off earning tips on his violin, and I ran across THIS little beauty. I can't remember her name, but her looks really caught my attention. And that expression!

What do you say, Trev-ster fans? Should he get to know this little lady better? Or stick with his bar-tending Elizabeth?

His love-life would have to wait though, he needed those tips! I had a hard time getting the sims there to pay attention to him, let alone leave a tip. I've heard tell that the cross-walk at the park is a better place to go, so I'll have to try that way next.

He finally managed to earn enough to put him into the next milestone though, so mission accomplished!

While Trevor was going about his business I noticed Bella moping her way across the street. I wondered why, until a casual glance through Trevor's social panel revealed that Mortimer Goth was now deceased.

OMG my feels. MY FEELS.

CHESTER - Well sweetie, this is it. Are you ready to take over the legacy?

SOPHIA - You bet!

That's right folks, the day has finally arrived. It's Sophia's birthday!

She stepped up to the 'signature cake' that Whitley had baked the night before, placed her candles . . . .

And blew em out!

Trevor made sure to herald her transition properly. These look straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, I love em.

Ta-daaaaaah! I give you our Generation 2 heiress, YA Sophia Gieke! She officially receives Clumsy as her final trait.

I realized here that Trevor's violin skill doesn't count toward his career, he has to learn the guitar skill specifically which I find LAME in the extreme. You can be a musician without being a guitarist. -_-

He had a whim to buy an instrument anyway, so I bought the guitar and let him start practicing. He needs level 3 for a promotion.

Whitley is brushing up on her Gourmet cooking, having maxed the regular skill. She's really getting up there in age, I think she's 116 days old at this point. Wondering if she can actually manage to max it before she kicks off.

Chester is back, hard at work on his computer. He needs a few more hundred simoleons in royalties from games for his career. After finishing this, Sophie-Bean's Adventures, he finally earns enough that he'll be eligible for his final promotion.

Bright and early, Sophia finished up some collecting and then got on the phone to invite over someone very special.

Thanks to her collecting though, she now looks like a steroid-popping science experiment. I HATE this glitch/bug/oversight so much. I'm going to try not to fix it until after she's collected all she needs from the rocks, I don't want to run the risk of borking the family from using too many cheats.

After her phone-call, Alexander--still clad in his tux--came racing right over. Eager much?

They both decided to stand in the entry-way--the absolute DARKEST part of the yard--to get their introductions underway.

*sigh* Sims.

Still good friends from childhood, Alexander readily accepted a 'friendly' hug from our new heiress.

SOPHIA - OMP he's touching meeeeeeee!

SOPHIA - So Alex, we've got some extra room in this new house. How's about you move in with us?

ALEX - Sure! That sounds like fun!

And with that Alexander Goth was officially assimilated into the Gieke collective. Buwahahahah.

Now that I could control him, I put him in his regular clothes and got them into the sunlight where you could actually SEE them. -_-

Sophia . . . is quite taken. I dunno if you guys could tell that or not. But for reals.

And it looks like she ain't the only one! Flirtation was very readily given and received on both sides.

While I'm at it, I might as well officially introduce you to my game's version of Alex. He actually got some really good, fitting traits. He started out with Bookworm, and somewhere along the lines picked up Geek (IT'S FATE!!!!) and Art Lover. He's got the Bestselling Author aspiration. Even though he can't earn me any points I'll probably still pursue it.

This just in, Sophia's still smitten.

Some very cute hand-holding, and then Sophia asks Alex out on an official date. He happily accepts.

And so they're off to the Blue Velvet Nightclub.

The two lovebirds found a table inside.

And commenced to being absolutely adorable.

First Kiss! I had Alex initiate it, because reasons.

Then cowboy hat here inserted himself into their conversation and turned things into a 'Very Awkward Conversation.' . . . . -_- . . . really? Luckily all I had to do was X out of the 'group conversation' and things went back to flirty-town.

I had Alex ask Sophia to officially be his girlfriend. When Sophia accepted (of COURSE she accepted) he did this . . . I was confused . . . .

Until he pulled out his phone and took a selfie to commemorate! I died from the cute.

Whoa nelly! Things are heating up here at the Blue Velvet.

So now would be the perfect time for Sophia to pull out a ring and propose, right?


ALEX - Uh, no. I-I don't think that's a good idea just yet.


OH MY GOD! You've got to be KIDDING me Alex!!!! After all the trouble everyone went through to get you voted in, me sacrificing POINTS for you, and you said NO?!?!?!11?!11

And holy crap, look at that face!! She's so SAD. Crushed even!

What's worse is she had a ton of happy mood boosters going, so when she became embarrassed it went to Mortified. Which can actually KILL your sim.

-_- I was not happy.

Thus I ended the date and sent them home, so I could hopefully fix her mood and keep her from DYING.

They got a Gold Medal for the date, but it felt dirty and tarnished and UGH.

SOPHIA - I guess the fairy-tale is over . . . .

*throws tantrum*

As soon as she got home, Sophia Hid From the World for a bit.

Then her Lazy trait wanted a nap. Given the afternoon she just had, I let her indulge.

Jerk-face got plopped in front of a computer to start working on his writing skill. He also officially signed up for the Writer career.

It is at this point though that I begin to consider the possibility that it might be MY fault, not Alexander's (or Whitley's). Both times I had them propose almost immediately after asking to be BF/GF. Perhaps in TS4 the 'weirder, smarter sims' are smart enough to realize that's kinda rushed and stalker-creepy.

So I'm willing to give him another chance. But if Alex turns her down again Imma kill him. With fire.

Later that night Whitley scheduled a Dinner Party, since she needed at least a silver medal in one to advance in her career.

That . . . is so not an age appropriate party dress for Whitley anymore. O_o Gotta remember to update their wardrobes when they turn elder . . . .

You can see in this shot that the whole family is in attendance, as well as Alex's mom Bella. Whitley had made an Excellent quality meal of blackened salmon for the occasion.

And she promptly took her plate of it to the kitchen bar even though there's enough chairs at the table. -_- No Whitley. Just no.

Telling her to sit in the chair is a quick fix, she took her plate along with her. Eliza Pancakes was a late arrival to the party, as well as that other townie in the back whom I can't remember the name of. She also kept to herself the entire time and never interacted with anyone.

Creepy much?

I had to lol when Eliza immediately gave a Rude Introduction to poor Trevor. I can only imagine that she's got issues with his plaid dinner jacket.

At least Sophia was amused.

At least for a little bit.

Her sad faces are KILLING me you guys. And Alex just chit-chats with his mom, completely oblivious. While she was mortified, he got a Tense mood from 'Rushed Proposal.' Which lends credence to my theory earlier.

Not long after this Sophia retired from the party back to her room, exhausted and in no mood to socialize.

Despite everyone having already eaten, the Dinner Party required someone make a garden salad. Whitley loved any chance to show off her culinary prowess.

No-name-townie enjoyed the show, in between pulling out slice after slice of cake from the fridge. -_- I'd be less annoyed if she actually ate them, except no.

WHITLEY - *spins bowl* Bam!

BELLA - *enthralled*

The dinner party was a Gold Medal success! And afterward there was a ton of clean up, but for once slobby Whitley didn't mind.

Our reward was yet ANOTHER stainless steel coffee pot. Since we already had one in the house and one in the inventory, it got sold for cash.

I had Alex take a sleep replacement potion later that evening. He needs to overcome writer's block for his first aspiration milestone and the only way I've achieved that so far is to park them in front of a computer for several hours doing non-stop, uninterrupted 'Practice Writing.'

He gets right down to it using the computer in Trevor's room, since Chester was still using his.

I had to laugh when Trevor came to bed later, and pulled this angry face.

TREVOR - Best friend or no, if he hurts my baby sister again I'm gonna shove my bow up his a---.

Aaaalrighty then. Hot headed sim is hot headed.

Sophia wakes up the next morning, finally over her mortification, and busts out a painting or two in her PJs.

UGH those muscles . . . -_-

Grumpy face reveals that Writer's Block has officially been achieved. Now we just have to 'get over it.'

He rolled the emotional whim to Vent, and he ends up doing it to Sophia. I can't tell if she's confused or in shock, lol.

Like, really? YOU got problems?

There hasn't been NEAR enough Chester in this update . . . so enjoy a pajama-clad Chester with some pancakes.

You're welcome.

Whitley needs to make several Excellent quality meals for either her job or cooking aspiration, so that's what she's been up to. The family will have leftovers to last them quite a while at this rate.

Thanks to a fellow simmer, SALTPASTILLEN, the Giekes now have this wonderful little appliance! It's a trash-can that recycles. Basically every time a sim puts food into it (or you manually drag a dish into it) it spits out 50 simoleons.

How awesome is that?!

It costs 1200, but I think it's definitely worth it.

Back in Trevor's bedroom (why is Trevor's bed always the end-all, be all social spot of the house?) Sophia and Alex were doing their best to get rid of his author's block tenseness.

Dawwwwwwwww. Ok Alex, you're close to being forgiven. Just don't screw up again . . . .

Thanks to Trevor, we now have the Gieke Legacy's very first commemorative work! I probably should've done Whitley first since she's likely to die first, but I thought it more fitting that the founder get his done first instead.

For some reason there was no 'book' of sheet music after he officially learned the song, I dunno why . . . so screen cap for proof! Chester's Concerto!

Also, that's Trevor there in the tub on the left. :P Enjoy

Whitley started yelling at people again for no good reason. Don't you start that cranky crap now, missy.

Chester wisely retreated to safety, and went to watch Trevor practice on the guitar while he ate instead. They're in Sophia's bedroom now . . . silly sims.

Sophia herself was out doing some more digging. FINALLY this gave me the last piece I needed to get to the next milestone.

So once back on the home lot I used the cas.fulleditmode cheat to fix her muscles back to normal. Apparently all that running around let her loose some of her chunkiness too. She's still got a little bit of a belly though (not really visible in this shot) which I think is adorable.

I dislike stick-sims almost as much as I do hulk-sims.

For expediency, she bought two Flirty mood potions. We have goals to accomplish here . . . .

After both of them drank their Flirt-Juice, I sent them outside to try this one more time.

Some flirting, some sexy posing . . .

Kissing . . . wow . . . .

SOPHIA - Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!

ALEX - *dreamy sigh*

Some Declaration of Love . . .

SOPHIA - Please Alex! Say you'll marry me this time so the Watcher doesn't have to let all of those fans down and stuff you in a kill box!

ALEX - Oh hey, I really like this one. The other one was just too blech.

SOPHIA - He said yes!

Sort of. Lol

Alex takes a gander at his new bling. Which is kinda half-glitching off his hand. Oh well, we're not picky at this point. THEY'RE ENGAGED!

Sophia was going to get her fairy tale ending after all.

What's this? Happy faces and fist pumps?

Must mean woohoo timez were on the horizon!

Sophia and Alex hopped beneath the covers. Nothing like some good old fashioned Try For Baby to celebrate your engagement. Because they were VERY flirty, the woohoo got some very high marks as well. :P Was it successful? Is Generation 3 now in incubation?

Find out next time! Until then, happy simming!


  1. Efha;ifha;dihf;aehief. I don't know why my comments aren't sticking. At least for me they don't appear to be.

    Anywho, I have to say I love the paintings in this game soooo much more than previous games. I have a just for fun save on the side that has the wife as a painter and the house is covered in her paintings because half of them I can't stand selling. They're so pretty.

    Omg. Alex. You failed us all. We pulled for you so hard, and denied Trevor the spotlight, for you to majorly throw a wrench in our plans. Oh well. At least it worked in the end :)

    Wonderful update! Can't wait to see the wedding and bbs!!!

    1. BLARG! I'm so sorry your comments keep getting eaten. Blogger likes to do that, poor Jessu used to have it happen to her all the time. -_-

      I REALLY like the paintings too, Sophia's given me a couple of other really good ones, I'm having a hard time selling any of them lol.

      ALEX omg . . . in the end I'm fairly certain it was my fault, but still. After all that hype . . . lol.

      The wedding will be NEXT! :D I can't wait to show it, it was awesome. You'll see. :P As always tyvm for reading and commenting, they make my day. *huggles*