Monday, September 8, 2014

1.5 - Fire Is Bad, Mmmkay?

Foreshadowing chapter title is foreshadowing! What does it mean? I'm sure you can guess, but before we get into that . . . 

Let's start this chapter off with an action-packed shot of . . . a rug. More importantly, it's the Stroke of Genius rug for Chester being promoted to The Next Big Thing. Which means he's now officially in the Start-Up Entrepreneur Branch of the Tech-Guru career. Also, you can see the award thingy I forgot to take a picture of last time on the right side of the desk.

And yes, I forgot to take a picture of the rug until Chester got the NEXT promotion, now an Independent Consultant. The reward for that one is this Minimalist Unplant.


Here we have a pic to commemorate our founder maxing out the Programming skill.

CHESTER - I rock!

You really do. And you're also way too buff, still. -_- I don't think I'd fixed his muscle-mass yet at this point.

Someone earned enough Aspiration points for yet another Potion of Youth! I forget who, though.

Whitley is currently in the midst of baking a cake. Why, you ask?

Because it's time for little Sophia to become a teenager!

SOPHIA - Yay, birthday!

TREVOR - Mmhmm. *stares at juice glass* Let's get this over-with squirt, I have things to do tonight.

Wow Trev. Where's the enthusiasm, Mr. Buzzkill?

That's okay though, because as we see from this face, Sophia has enough enthusiasm for both of them.

. . . I think she might be in danger of giving herself an aneurysm . . . .

Ta-daaaaah! Sophia, pre-make-over!

And post! She's so PRETTYYYYYY. Her teen trait is Outgoing, and her adult aspiration will be The Curator, which is to collect ALL the stuff. This gives her the Collector bonus trait, like her mom. Also, I should now point out that she succeeded in finishing her childhood aspiration of Artistic Prodigy so she now has the Creatively Gifted bonus trait as well.

Thus, I decided to have her focus on the painting skill and--eventually--go into the Painter career once she's a young adult. Every legacy family needs a few painters.

She does me proud right away by painting the Social Bunny. I <3

Also, that sink you see there? That was a career promotion reward object for Whitley some time ago. I failed to get a picture then. :(

Now together in teenhood, the Gieke siblings get some good ol' fashioned bonding done over dinner and homework.

They're best friends, for reals. It's adorable.

Chester has gotten to the point in his aspiration milestone that he needs to earn 2,000 simoleons from gaming tournaments. I haven't done this AT ALL yet, so it's gonna take a while. 

Oops. At any rate, he gets started on his favorite one, Sims 1 Sims Forever.

That's Meta. Sim-ception, if you will.

The kids had a pretty tense day at school, so they both needed to increase their fun meter. Lazy sim that she is, Sophia sat down in front of the Cooking channel. I love her expressions, for reals.

Meanwhile Trevor was proving that he is indeed Chester's son, playing a good game of Blicblock on his own computer in his apparently super-dark room.

What's this? A knife rack? Why yes it is, but more importantly Whitley got that for her promotion to Head Caterer. Which means she is now officially in the Chef branch of the Culinary career. Woot!

I thought I'd let Whitley take the day off and let Sophia cook breakfast the next morning, so she could start learning the skill----OH MY GOD SHE'S ON FIRE!


WHITLEY - Uh, yeah. I can see that.

ZOMGWTFBBQ Don't just STAND THERE! Put her out!!!!1!11

Sophia attempted to self-extinguish while Whitley finally decided to help. Meanwhile Trevor came in and was immediately done with it. All of it.

I was freaking out, you guys. Sims apparently die so much easier in this game than in 3. I was sure I was about to lose one of my childrenz.

But no, luckily Sophia managed to put herself out while mom continued to battle the blaze taking over the stove.

SOPHIA - I officially hate cooking. And you. 

TREVOR - OMG We're all gonna dieeeeee!

But not really, Whitley was able to put out the fire and we only had to replace the stove for our troubles.

Whitley got a nice confidence mood for successfully battling the blaze. Meanwhile Sophia went to go soak in a bubble bath to clean up and hopefully relax from the mega-bad tense mood she was in from, you know, almost burning alive.

And where was Trevor?

He ran outside and did his best to recover. 

TREVOR - I almost DIED! I'm too young to die!

Ok Trev, you're laying it on a little thick now.


Well then, now that that's over with . . . the family still needs something for breakfast. Whitley . . . ?

WHITLEY - Are you kidding me?


*screams like a little girl*


WHITLEY - Keep your pants on! This isn't anything that banging it with a spatula a few times can't fix!

*proceeds to do so*

WHITLEY - See? Good as new.


Okay, enough of that drama! While Chester was at work, I sent Whitley and the teens to Magnolia Park. Trevor needed to earn some tip money while playing an instrument.

Whitley still needed several hours of fishing for HER aspiration, and I had Sophia get started on collecting things. Here she is trying to catch a frog at the pond, but she was unsuccessful. :(

I sent them all to the Oasis Springs park next, though I forget what it's called exactly. Please excuse the walls-down in this shot.

WHITLEY - Amateur.

SOPHIA - Disgraceful.

Hey! No ganging up on me! Though, I had to laugh. Sophia is definitely her mother's daughter.

Trevor went right back to serenading the locals. He doesn't have a very high skill though, so they pretty much ignored him and he got an embarrassed mood from being insecure about his playing.

Awww, BB! *huggles*

Sophia did some more digging. This is where I really started to notice the whole 'putting on ridiculous amts of muscle' problem. The Oasis park is huge too, by the way, with everything pretty spaced out. Whitley and Trevor got sent back home long before Sophia was done collecting.

And then . . . a wild Alexander Goth appeared.

Really game?! REALLY?!?! It's TROLLING me now, I'm sure of it.

Sophia is actually doing the 'I really REALLY have to pee' walk, but I also like to think that look has something to do with unrequited feelings for the certain Goth male standing near-by.

My feels, you guys. MY FEELS.

Here we have a better shot of that periodic table thingy that stores the elements cubes. And we can also see one of our fossils, a perfectly preserved mustache.

Quite Gentlemanly.

Sophia also managed to find a few new MySim statues as well. I love the little guy in the frog suit! His name is Hopper. :P

Another day, another busted appliance/piece of plumbing. I'm happy to say that despite repairing electronics like his computer Chester has managed to avoid any electrocution scares. Even though his skill isn't all that high.

It's a good thing too, because replacing that computer costs 2,000 simoleons a pop and that's extra income we just don't have atm.

Aww Trevor!! I forget what he did to get embarrassed, but he wanted to Hide from the World afterward. These sims, they go right to my feels.

Oh gross!! Apparently this is what happens when you don't empty the garbage for a while. :P Realistic. Gross, but realistic.

TREVOR - So, uh . . . dad . . . I was wondering. We've never really talked about . . . you know . . . .

CHESTER - Uh, can't really say as I do, son. What is it you want to know?


CHESTER - . . . I'm still not following you. 


Trevor had the option to Ask About Woohoo. I LOL'd.

Chester went for some Post-Woohoo-Talk dance moves. Much laughing was had on this side of the screen.

Check this out! They can eat and drink something AT THE SAME TIME! It's so simple, but so awesome. <3

It's here that I also start to realize that Whitley's really put on the pounds. She doesn't over-eat, so I'm guessing just the fact of having two babies without any actual exercise is what did it. I can't decide if I like or dislike this feature.

She has the day off, so she's devoting her time to getting some fishing done. She still needs 20 or so out of 100 hours spent fishing to get her final aspiration milestone. I got the notification that she wouldn't be around much longer, and I spooked.

But it was at this time that I discovered I'd misread the rules. Each sim is allowed one use of a Potion of Youth in their lifetime, not just one potion for the whole entire legacy. Not wanting to miss out on this aspiration when I was so close, I went ahead and had Whitley buy one and then drink it.

WHITLEY - Is it supposed to glow like this?

Ain't nobody got time for that! You could kick off any minute, down the hatch!

We still have 4 remaining potions, though. Each of them has purchased at least one, with Chester buying 2 I believe.

With the whole day off, Whitley managed to get those last hours out of the way. Successfully completing the Angling Ace aspiration and earning the Angler's Tranquility trait.

Since her original one is now complete, I selected the Master Chef aspiration next. I doubt she'll be able to finish it before she dies, but she might as well work toward something and it goes with her career.

Confident from that lifetime achievement, she showed some love to her adoring hubby. I believe this is a Confident Kiss, or something similar. She bowed over and kissed his hand, it was KYOOT.

Also in the background, Trevor shows off his Snooty walk style. LMAO.

WHITLEY - BEHOLD! I have made fire!


One of the requirements for her next promotion is to have 5 friends. The only one she has at the moment is Chester. She knows exactly one townie with no relationship, and she long ago tanked her friendships with her kids.

Time to start fixing that. Whitley begins with some tutoring for Sophia. Even though it . . . kinda looks like she's sticking her finger in Trevor's ear. O_o

Chester got promoted to Dot-Com Pioneer and netted this nifty painting (even though it's not listed in the Prima Guide, I swear that's where he got it). Only one more promotion to go before he hits the top! He just has to earn 600 or so of the 2,000 required off video game royalties.

In a celebratory mood, Chester decided some victory woohoo with the misses was in order. Unfortunately her elder status reared its ugly head and she got an uncomfortable moodlet. I forget the exact name, but essentially it was for exerting oneself too much for her advanced age.

This resulted in the both of them having an Unsatisfactory Woohoo mood. 

It's sad, but so funny, all at the same time!

WHITLEY - . . . .

CHESTER - . . . .

Most awkward grilled cheese EVAR.

Whitley has quite a few days off in the middle of the week. While Chester was at work and the kids were at school, I sent her to one of the juice bars to see about making a couple more friends for her job.

Once inside she met Bella Goth and Eliza Pancakes (lower-left-corner-hat-photobomb). I decided they would do nicely. Much friendly spam was had, and 2 new friends were made.


Back at home Whitley showed off her enthusiasm with some crazy tricks with the salt and pepper shakers.

Show off much?

WHITLEY - Don't be jelly.

Then the fridge broke.

I didn't even know that was a thing! Since it's electrical and sitting in a puddle of water, I wasn't risking Chester. I just spent the simoleons to replace it.

Another tense afternoon after Studying Hard at school. Both kids managed to make an A grade though, so yay for that!

Apparently Trevor can't decide if he wants to play Blicbock on his phone or the tablet . . .

Turns out it was neither. He retreated to his room (for the Inspired mood boost) to continue working on his violin skillz.

Lookit that face!

Meanwhile Sophia made her rounds around the lot, picking up all the collectables available.

Chester is a busy little bee, working on a new video game. I believe he entitled this one Gieke Galaxy All-Stars.

We had a random visitor in the form of Bella Goth. Sophia made her introductions.

Then she had a whim to do something Mischief related, so I let her do the buzzer trick on everyone's favorite alien-abductee.

Luckily Bella was a good sport about it.

. . . her boobs are huge, btw. Just sayin.

Back in the house, Sophia and Trevor indulge in some playful shoving. Chester is once again eating his dinner on Trevor's bed (why is this a thing, Chester? -_- )

Dawww, sibling WUV! I love how close these two are.

Lookit, moar MySim statues. These are by far my favorite collectable in the game.

And here we have a plethora of consumable potions. Chester had quite a large amount of aspiration points saved up and nothing else I really wanted to spend them on. Might as well get these out of the way now. I have them all now (though the Instant Lean and Instant Fat one aren't pictured here because I missed them in the first round). 

The rules say to store these (and the youth potions) in the family inventory. Unfortunately they won't GO INTO the family inventory. So instead they get their own table outside. Luckily nobody has tried to steal and drink them yet. Hopefully that won't be an issue.

Whitley takes the time to socialize more with the kids, making up for lost time. She managed to successfully become friends with both of them once again, completing that requirement for her next promotion.

She found the time in between all that to bake Trevor a cake for his birthday. That's right! Our eldest baby is about to GROW UP! I can't even believe it's here already.

His parents were both still asleep, so Sophia is the only one who turns out to celebrate with him before it's time for school.

Trevor takes a taste of the frosting . . . .

Sophia launches some confetti and streamers at the back of his head . . . .

And Trevor is now officially a man! He looks . . . exactly the same, lol. I don't really mind that teens so closely resemble adults, though a slight height difference or something might make it more interesting for transitions.

His final trait is Slob (oh GAWD not another one). That brings his final tally to a Hot-Headed, Genius Slob who wants to be a Musical Genius.

Will he be our second generation heir?

I don't know!

Because I have decided to change things up just a bit. Technically my heirs are still going to be chosen at random, but instead of dice I'm leaving the randomness up to YOU! That's right, you readers are going to help me choose the heirs for this legacy. 

So stay tuned for the official heir vote post!

Until then, happy simming!


  1. Hehe first comment! I'm going to vote very soon after this, but I won't say anything about it. I love them both as much, as much as an external player could do so anyway. Would you be putting the family up on the gallery? Or as single sims? I'd love to see Chester on there. I did search him not that long ago but I couldn't find him. Is he listed under Gieke or Chester?

    1. Chester is indeed up in the gallery (2 versions of him in fact, one from the CAS Demo and one from the actual game). It's probably easiest if you look up my Origin ID which is Lynnwood84, but otherwise he's up under his full name, 'Chester Gieke.' I will indeed be posting up both Trevor and Sophia once the vote is over-with for those interested in showing them love in their own games. :D

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting (and voting!) I'm glad you enjoyed!

  2. O-o What fun you are having with your legacy family! The antics of this game crack me up. There were much lols on this side of the screen too! Awe Alexander and Sophia would.......*hits head against desk, stop encouraging her to break the rules*......... Ok I'm fine now....what was I saying? Oh yes! The fire scene! Way too scary! Whitley is sooo mean! I'm off to vote for...... *shh it's a secret*..... nvm don't want to ruin the randomness for you ;)

    1. LMAO, well I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it! This family has surprised me with their antics, there's definitely no question about that. And for Soph and Alex . . . omg you have no idea how hard it is not to break the rules. :( The fire . . . yeah, the fire. -_- and WHITLEY! I guess I should expect it from an evil sim but it was crazy how sweet she is to Chester and how she'd autonomously take everything out on the kids! XD

      Thanks for reading, thanks even MORE for commenting and I'm glad you got the chance to vote! (whichever your vote may be :P )

  3. Yaaay!!! Wonderful update <3 Whitley just cracks me up. Sophia aged up SUPER pretty!! I still have a soft spot in my heart for Trevor, though. Can't wait to see the heir results!!