Sunday, September 7, 2014

1.4 - Moving On Up (Literally)

Two chapters in one day! I'm getting pretty far ahead in gameplay, so I have to keep these coming regularly or get really far behind. We start out this episode with Alexander Goth popping by one day after school to hang out with Trevor.

At least . . . that's the plan. I see that look Sophia . . . .

TREVOR - *snerk* So do I.

ALEX - Uh . . . hi?

SOPHIA - Ehehehe . . . .

OMG stop it! You can't have him! *sobs uncontrollably*

Sophia went inside to hang out with Sungglesworth the giant pink teddy-bear instead. For the sake of my feels, this was the best option.

Meanwhile Trevor and Alex decided to become Partners in Crime. Part of the Mischief skill, they can now plan and pull pranks together at school.

Here they are, making a pact to set loose all the gerbils at school tomorrow.

Mischief Managed.

Selfie Time! The only Bromance better than this one is Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, for reals.

And here they are officially becoming BFFles. This completes his 2nd tier of the Social Butterfly aspiration. Now . . . it wants me to have FIVE child friends and THREE adult friends.

Shoot me now.

Whitley! WTH?!?! She went into Sophia's room and smashed her dollhouse! NOT COOL!

I made her immediately fix it. -_-

At the park, Sophia was on the bow, keeping an eye out . . .


That interaction is SO hilarious to watch, the way they wiggle their arms around. I died.

Trevor was up in the crow's nest. Keeping an 'eye' out, though not necessarily for his dad's sea-monster antics.

We need child friends, I figured the park was the best place to troll for them. Whitley was either at work, or fishing. Probably fishing.

I'm gonna go with fishing.

Trevor got to know three other little boys at least enough to be able to call them over later, then they went back to the home-box. It took me a little while to figure out how to increase school performance, so Trevor's grade-school grade never got above a B.

Here he is working on the mental skill. At this point he needed the four child skills (Motor, Creativity, Mental and Social) to at least level 4. His Social is nearly maxed and his Creativity isn't far behind, but Mental and Motor have fallen behind. He's trying to work on that now.

Meanwhile various family members have been collecting things when/if I see them. For now, with nothing better to do, I've just been plopping them on these tables outside. We have some frogs, some crystals, some metals, some fossils and some elements so far.

Sophia is working hard on her creativity skill for her Artistic Prodigy aspiration. She's coming right along with it, doing much better than her brother.

I'm so much better at skill building in the sims than I am at maintaining social lives. XD

Poor Chester, cleaning up in the wake of Hurricane Whitley.

Due to a chance card at school, Sophia was the grumpy one for once. I think she got caught passing a note.

She wanted to insult someone, so I let her pay Trevor back a bit.

But then she immediately apologized. These two are too good of friends for any bad feelings to last.

The time is ticking away on Trevor's childhood, so we've got to try and make those friends as soon as we can. With this in mind he invited his 3 new park-acquaintances over to the house to get in some more socialization.

And then . . . one of them suddenly aged up into a teenager mid-socialization. Which makes him ineligible for the aspiration, being neither child nor adult.

A few minutes later, and this happened. Really game?


I'm not lying, all three of them turned into teenagers in the span of 2 hours. >_<

This aspiration just went down the toilet.

TREVOR - Dad? How come you're eating cereal in my room? On my bed?

CHESTER - Can't say for sure, son.

Me either. Lol, sims.

Here we have Whitley, continuing in her cooking adventures.

And taking some time to schmooze the hubby.

Chester . . . you're looking suspiciously . . . buff. -_- You're supposed to be bean-pole skinny . . . .

It was here that I began suspecting something was up with collecting rocks. Turns out the 'Dig' option currently gives them a 'strength workout,' so sims will start to put on muscle. Hopefully it will be patched to happen less quickly at least, if not removed altogether.

I eventually cheated him into CAS and fixed it. -_- My geek sim isn't supposed to be muscley.

Apparently this french toast isn't to Sophia's standards.

I don't like that 'Good' quality food gives them a bad mood. I'd understand if it was 'Bad' or even 'Okay.' But Good food? Really? At the very least Good food should be neutral I would think.

Almost every time Chester washes dishes, he drops a dish and breaks it. This is him in the middle of that. I giggle every time.

I forgot to get a pic of his reward object for it, but Chester got promoted to Project Manager, which got him a little Innovator's Award for Excellence in Science.

Our next round of bills is up to just over 1500 simoleons. I can see the bills getting dangerously high once the house is fully decked out, but that will keep their money in the bank from getting incredibly ridiculous. At least for a while.

Whitley is still having to work on the Mixology skill for work promotions, as she hasn't gotten into the Chef branch just yet.

One day after school, we discovered the creature known as Trevphia. 


Whitley helping the Trev-ster with his homework.

And a family meal! This doesn't happen very often. Usually only 2 of them eat at the same time, if that.

Mortimer showed up on the lot one day while Chester was out collecting. We paid our respects to the legendary sim.

I forget what it is that Trevor did to her that morning over breakfast, but apparently Sophia didn't take kindly to it.

Here Whitley is, fresh from a promotion to Line Cook, which is level 5. I think I missed the Mixologist (level 4) promotion . . . At any rate, she got 3 pieces of the island counter to match the regular counters we got a while back. They're staying in the inventory for now since I don't have room for them.

That night before bed, Whitley made a chocolate cake. Why, you ask?

Because the next day it was time for our Founder to become a full-fledged adult! He called over all the sims he knew, mostly females that had almost become the spouse.

Apparently Jail Bait from way back when has grown up (standing behind him in the black bustier).

Chester licked the frosting to start things off while one of the guests set off some confetti.

Then he blew out the candles.

 And the magic was done! He looks exactly the same. I don't really see a difference visually between YA and A. Which is fine by me.

Trevor tries to work the crowd in a last-ditch attempt to maybe make some adult friends.

CHESTER - Hey Whitley! Come dance with me!

WHITLEY - Not without some juice first . . . a LOT of juice . . . .

I bought a bar and a card table for the party. Trevor decided to work the guests, playing with Mortimer Goth, Jail Bait and Anabelle the Deceiver.

All in all we managed to get a silver medal out of the Birthday Party. I was missing one required interaction, but I can't remember what it is now. This little balloon-banner-thingy was our reward, but I sold it after for simoleons.

No regret.

The next day, while Chester was at work and the kids were at school, Whitley got sent to the 'magic' tree in Willow Creek.

After lots of View-ing, she finally discovered the hollow base. Yes Whitley, crawl inside. Nothing can go wrong with this.

Nothing at all . . .

It of course leads to one of the hidden lots, Sylvan Glade. There are a couple of unique fishing spots here. I was hoping to catch some unique fish, but alas it didn't happen for us. Still worked on her skill though, so there's that at least.

DANGIT TREVOR! Leave the dollhouse alone!

Trev is still working on his skills, now the motor one, and a mysterious visitor comes by the house.

Also, next to the door I found that nifty little object in the Activity objects. It stores all the element cubes like a periodic table. On the other side you can also see our first microscopic print. They're HUGE.

Oh look! It's Alexander, freshly grown into a teenager! I had to give him a makeover in CAS because . . . reasons.

He didn't stay long after this, though, heading back home.

Also in Trevor's room, we've got quite the MySim statue collection going. 9 so far, and counting.

Trevor went inside to practice typing, which also increases the Motor skill. And much more fitting for his character than sit ups or push-ups.

I sent Whitley to work, and then 3 hours later she came home autonomously . . . an elder.

Oops. I forgot that it was her birthday/lost track of the days.


Yes, I see that. O_o

WHITLEY - You forgot on purpose, didn't you. DIDN'T YOU!

I did not! Honest!

After a shower, she tried to give herself a pep-talk in the mirror. Because she's sad for not having a birthday party/at least a cake to age up. She started crying mid-way through.

OMG guys. My feels.

The next day, Whitley starts making ALL the juice drinks for more mixology skill points. We need moar for another promotion.

Apparently that last one didn't sit right.

Apparently Trevor's bed is the place to be while doing homework.

And then THIS! I knew it was his birthday that day, but I thought I'd have time after school to throw him a party. NOPE! He went to school for 2 hours and then came home, a teenager.

>_< WTF game?! I guess I'll just have to cake them up on the morning of their birthday, no last day of school.

A quick, much needed makeover and I give you teenager Trevor Gieke. His next trait is Genius, doing his daddy proud. We also get to choose his 'adult' Aspiration at this stage, which is to become a Musical Prodigy, which gives him the Muser bonus trait.

Sadly, he did not reach level 3 of the Social Butterfly aspiration, so he didn't get the bonus trait. :(

I'm purposefully not going to roll to find out who the actual heir is until Trevor hits Young Adult, that way I can't (sub-consciously or otherwise) play favorites.

Father and son, side by side. Trevor is a spitting-image of his dad, for serious.

While Trevor was doing his new high-school homework and his mother was cooking dinner, she decided to chew him out. For no reason.

That evil trait is really coming out in her elder years, she quickly tanked her relationship with the kids with antics like this until they had no green friendship meter left at all.

Then she dropped the pancake on the floor. Fail.


WHITLEY - Nobody saw that, right?

I saw it! And I can't UNSEE it!

TREVOR - You're seriously going to eat that? Gross, mom.

WHITLEY - You see this hand? I will slap the sass right out your mouth with it.

Hey now, no sim-child-abuse in my game, missy.

Trevor's Hot-Headed trait got him riled after his mother's insults, so he rolled the wish to Kick a Trash Can. I let him. But then I made him pick it right back up, lol.

But venting helped him cheer right back up. He also likes listening to music while he eats or does homework. As he needs to listen to music for 4 hours for his first aspiration level, this is a win/win.

A quick shot of his new teen room make-over. He kept the horsie piggy-bank because I say so.

Alex came over that afternoon. And made a beeline straight for Sophia. Alex, stop. Please, just stop.


You have no idea how much it hurts me that I can't marry him in.


And then Whitley had to go and ruin it by scolding Sophia. For no good reason.

WHITLEY - Keep it down over there, I'm trying to watch my SHOWS!

SOPHIA - OMP, embarrassing!

TREVOR - And remember! Only YOU can prevent forest fires! . . . because we don't have a fire department anymore. Like, at all.

He's helping her with her homework. I think. It's kind've hard to tell with that pose/expression, lol. While he got an actual computer, I bought her a 'slablet' I think it's called. A sim tablet essentially. Ironically, I don't think she's ever actually used it, lol.

And what's this! Another Potion of Youth? Indeed it is! I think this was bought with Trevor's aspiration points.

And there we have it, another installment down! Join us next time as the Giekes continue to geek it up. Sophia joins her brother in teenhood, and Whitley scares me with possible death. Will she kick the bucket before completing her Aspiration? Find out next time!

Until then, happy simming!


  1. Teenage Trevor is solo nerdy cute!! He's perfect <3

    Omg. Elder Whitley is about to be my new favorite with the random old lady yelling at everyone.

    Damn you, Alex! Quit torturing Lynny!! (And me.)

    Great update!!

    1. Umm...solo = sooo. Thanks, autocorrect.

    2. Hahaha, Trevor definitely fits the family profile. Whitley was driving me crazy with all the cranky-elder actions, but I had to laugh too. And OMG Alex. He's doing it on purpose, I'm sure of it.

  2. I love your nicknames for the sims you don't know. ;D