Sunday, September 7, 2014

1.3 - The Importance of Jazz Hands

Here we are, back into the next installment of the Gieke Legacy! We start off today with Whitley taking Trevor with her to Magnolia Park. Chester had to work. But she needs to do some fishing, he needs to make some friends. Win/Win?

TREVOR - How do you expect me to make friends, mother? I've only ever met you and dad!

WHITLEY - It's not hard sweetie, just go talk to them.

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, thanks to his Hot-Headed trait . . .

TREVOR - Are you KIDDING me right now?! Just go TALK to them? That's the best you've got?!

WHITLEY - Trev, hon, take a breath . . .

TREVOR - Llama poop!


WHITLEY - . . . did he get that from me?

TREVOR - I can't even! You guise!

TREVOR - I can't believe you're my mother. You're not, are you. I was adopted. Just tell me now.

OMG you guys, his faces. I can't. I just . . . I can't.

Whitley soon had enough of her eldest spawn's crankiness and retreated to the pond for some fishing. Meanwhile I focused on the monumental task of trying to make friends with a sim who only seemed to want to 'Insult Faces.'

TREVOR - You're all forehead, no substance.

KID - How rude!

DAD - Hey, he gets it from me. :<

TREVOR - Well congrats, you just doomed your kid to a future of forehead-jokes. Congrats!

DAD - Now see here!

TREVOR - *insulting hip wiggle*

KID - Oh no he di'int!

TREVOR - You get my derogatory thumbs-down disapproval. 

KID - Man, what's with you?!

My guess? Many things.

And then, this.

TREVOR - Ahoy! Finally, some sims who deserve my attention.

ALEX - Um . . . hi. 

MORTIMER - He seems a good fellow. Go and make friends, son.

My legacy child meets the son in my favorite sims premade family ever.

It's DESTINYYYYYY! *unicorn jumps over leaving a trail of rainbow farts in its wake*

TREVOR - And hello to you too, plaid-skirted beauty!

CASSANDRA - Hehe, heya.

ALEX - Gross, that's my sister.

PINK-HAT-KID - And she's like, ten years older than you. 

And she's a premade, so she's not eligible for marriage. *runs off to sob in a corner.*

YELLOW-SHIRT-KID - Ohey, can I get in on this conversation?

TREVOR - The more the merrier!

His angry mood has finally passed, thank plumbobs. Also, sorry for the lack of names for the other kids, I forgot to write them down. :(

Where was mom in all this? Guess. Go on, take a guess. I bet you were gonna say fishing. AND YOU'D BE RIGHT!

Just Trev and Alex engaging in a playful shoving match. He needs to make a BFF for his aspiration and I have decided that Alexander Goth will be the one. Because REASONS that's why.

After that it was time to head home. It was getting late in the day, Whitley was hungry and Trevor had homework even though he had yet to actually go to school.

Poor Chester had to fix his computer after it busted. I was on pins and needles the whole time worrying he was gonna electrocute and kill himself. Thankfully this did not occur.

Whenever you repair something, there's like a 75% chance a pile of scrap will appear. Always have them scavenge for parts first before you toss it. Some repairs and most upgrades require parts you can get from this, it'll save you simoleons in the long run.

And if your legacy house is anything like MY legacy house, something is breaking every day. Whatcha doin there Chester, measuring the seat with your pipe-wrench?

CHESTER - This fixes it.

Really? Well then . . .

Being pregnant, Whitley's needs are dropping pretty fast, especially the bladder. She usually has to get up in the middle of the night to pee. This is also an excuse to show her mounted fish so far. I doubt I'll be able to finish the collection in this generation, because there are several 'special' fish and no guides up as to how to get them exactly. But Whitley's at least got a good head start on it.

Some father-son bonding at the breakfast table the next morning. 

CHESTER - You see, son. When you put your arms up like this, it makes you look smarter.

TREVOR - Like this?

CHESTER - Keep workin' on it.

Whitley hasn't gotten a promotion at work in a few days, and I finally realized the reason. She needs to have 2 points in the mixology skill. I bought her the first 2 books to work on it.

But then she decided now would be a good time to go into labor. SECOND BABY TIME!

Into the nursery she went for another home birth.

WHITLEY - Pre-birth poker face. Like a bawse.

And here we have the second born, and it's a girl! Allow me (and Whitley) to introduce you to Sophia Gieke! Given her age and our money issues, that's going to be it for this generation.

Whitley did a few interactions with Sophia before leaving. Interestingly enough this one, the Talk interaction, ended up giving them a double-negative in the relationship. Lolwut?

Just Trev, calling his future BFF on the phone after school.

I also bought him an art table, and he drew some shapes on it. Then sprinkled glitter and macaroni on it. OMG.


CHESTER - Remember son, it's all about the hand placement. See?

TREVOR - *gasp!*

CHESTER - Somehow I don't think that went over so well.

I can't possibly imagine why . . . .

Trevor also has the option to interact with his baby sister, which is just too precious. I'm dead from the cute. This is my zombie ghost-writer.

TREVOR - Hey dad, look! JAZZ HANDS!

CHESTER - Good enthusiasm son, but if Spiderman 3 taught us one thing it's never abuse the Jazz Hands. They must be taken seriously at all times.


Despite his many hours programming and video-gaming for his job, he and Whitley (and his son) still manage to get in some socialization. I love the multi-tasking in this game.

Aww, unfortunately Sophia's crying woke up the Trev-ster. Sorry, buddy. We've got a couple thousand in the bank, I'll try to make you your own room soon.

TREVOR - That would be appreciated, thanks.

I sent Chester in the room to calm her down . . . and he started having another Pre-Parental freak out.

. . . really, Chester? She's been in the house all day. You're just NOW freaking out about it?

CHESTER - OHMYGOSH I'm not prepared for this!

Why not?!

And then he ran into his bedroom all goofily. The picture doesn't do it justice. I lol'd so hard. SO HARD you guys.

As promised, the Gieke House-Box gets a renovation. Kinda hard to see, but I added on a hallway, a second bathroom and Trevor's own bedroom on the left hand side and back.

There are also a lot of objects outside because we're poor with no room and no seasons means no rain or sunburning consequences for doing so.

CHESTER - Have I ever told you that you're especially fetching in the predawn hours?

WHITLEY - *giggle* Feel free to remind me anytime.

They still flirt. It's still precious. CHESTLEY!

This somewhat oogly-looking couch (called the Hipster Hugger) means that our awesome founder has managed to nab yet another promotion at work, this time to Project Manager.

Alex came over to the house sometime after school that day, and Trevor took advantage of it. They're seriously bros for lyfe.

Some early-morning snuggles and feedings for Sophia thanks to daddy Chester.

And Chester isn't the only one with promotions. Since she finally learned those 2 Mixology skill points, Whitley got promoted to Caterer. As evidenced by this Stainless-Steel Auto-Pot. The other coffee pot got put into the Family Inventory for points.

Trevor is trying to calm himself down in the mirror. Why, you ask?


Because dad thought it'd be a good idea to go talk to him while he was in the tub. Not cool, Chester. Not cool.

His lip wibbled throughout using the potty. POOR BB!

Then he went and hid from the world under his covers.

Chester didn't have time for any of that, had to go to work. He works in these clothes now . . . . weird, lol.

Back on the home lot, our second-born was making the transition from baby to child!

Introducing Sophia Gieke, post make-over! According to our rolls, she has the Lazy trait and the Artistic Prodigy childhood aspiration. And she's cute as a button! She got her mom's skintone and blue eyes, and Chester's red hair.

Her first order of business was to play with her new castle dollhouse.

While mom watched some Cooking Channel and laughed maniacally. Oh, Whitley.

Then Sophia took a stab at the art table, since her aspiration requires Creativity points. The house was soon decorated in her cute little pictures.

Uh oh, Trevor's stomping. Something went wrong at school today. Household beware.

SOPHIA - Thanks for doing homework with me, Trev! Since I've never actually been to school before, this is kind've confusing for me.

TREVOR - Your infant screams ruined a perfectly good night's sleep. And we do not forget . . . .

SOPHIA - Oh COME ON Trevor! I was a baby! Cut me some slack, GEEZ!

TREVOR - Holy nuggets!

Hahaha! Sophia don't take no crap. I LOL'd hardcore.

After that it was smooth sailing between the siblings. They made very fast friends with each other.

TREVOR - I wonder if Alex is eating dinner?

SOPHIA - Who's Alex? He sounds cute!

CHESTER - Daddy-senses tingling . . .

*goes off to cry some more*

TREVOR - Hey Alex! My sister says you're cute!

SOPHIA - Did not! SHUT UP!

CHESTER - Sophie-bean, don't make daddy kill some poor innocent kid. 


A few minutes later, in Chester's man-cave . . . 

SOPHIA - You . . . wouldn't really kill Alex . . . would you daddy?

CHESTER - Plausible deniability, sweetheart.

O_o Chester takes his daddy duties seriously, apparently.

Here's Whitley, home from work. And tired, apparently. She also changes outfits now.

Just a shameless excuse to show off Sophia's PJs. Mismatched socks!!! I love it.

Trevor grossed her out at breakfast with a joke about boogers. Yep, big brother working as intended.

Whitley . . . that doesn't look very reassuring. You're supposed to be pretty good at this cooking thing by now.

WHITLEY - Get off me! *slams frying pan a few more times*

*backs away slowly*

The kids were smart, they retreated out into the backyard to enjoy a few hours of monkey-bars.

Welp, that's it for this installment! Join us next time as the kids continue to grow, the parents continue to earn promotions and good times are had by all.

. . . or not. :P Until next time, happy simming!


  1. Ooooomg...I ADORE Sophia <3

    Trevor in the park tossing insults like it was nothing...hahaha. Loved it.

    I also LOVE that kids can interact with the babies...soo cute.

    Another fabulous update! I want so badly to tell you to just break the rules and make Sophia and Alex a thing cause precious.

    1. LMAO, Trevor at the park . . . oh my dear. I couldn't stop laughing. I also quite adore Sophia, and OMG The Sophia/Alex saga is not over yet. -_- Thanks for reading and commenting (ON THE BLOG!) :D

  2. This has me cracking up. Fabulous writing.

    1. Haha, why thank you! :) Glad you're enjoying it! Ty for telling me so.

  3. Sophie-bean is the cutest nickname, I'm bingeing through these and loving it