Saturday, September 6, 2014

1.2 - Fishing For Babies (And Everything Else)

Aaaaand we're back! Time for the second installment of the Gieke Legacy. We last left off with our adorably geeky founder Chester finally managing to marry his sweetheart, miss Whitley. And then we found out she was only 19 days away from Elderhood.


No time to dwell on that though. Literally. Instead we just focused on the glee of her bringing in 20,000 simoleons. This allowed us to build the box you see behind them. No more lawn living, yaaaay.

My building prowess has always left a little to be desired. Though easier, I still suck at it. But no matter! A walls-half-down view so you can get an idea of the layout. Great room (dining, living, kitchen) in the center, master bedroom behind it. To the right we have Chester's study and a bathroom next to it. And to the left, a nursery for those babies I have to get made with all due possible haste.

After the house was made, the first order of business was to send Whitley for a makeover at the mirror. I kept her hairstyle, but she definitely needed a more organized wardrobe.

Also, forgive the darkness in the indoor shots for a while. Low income means cheap lighting. They get better eventually, promise.

Then, after a quick bowl of cereal, Chester got the 'ball rolling,' so to speak. Happy dance on both sides? What could it mean?

Why, woohoo timez of course!

I had them immediately try for a baby. Not tired, she got up to take a pregnancy test . . . and no dice. So Chester got woken up for a round two. Spoiler alert, that one didn't take either.

-_- Dammit Whitley, don't do this to me. Not on the founding generation.

Chester needed his sleep for work in the morning, so I sent Whitley out to the river next to the property to get started on her fishing. Her aspiration is Angling Ace, so there's gonna be a lot of this to come.

A quick nap in the predawn hours, then Whitley got sent to Magnolia Park to continue fishing. She also got signed up for the Culinary career, I figured that might fit best with fishing and a legacy house can always use some quality food. She doesn't start work quite yet though.

Back on the home lot, Chester continues with his programming. As you can see here, one of them managed to find an Alabaster crystal. I paired this with one of the reward lamps, giving him a nice Focused mood. Not sure if they're cheating exactly, but I haven't seen any specific rules against them yet and those lamps really come in handy.

Being a slob, Whitley seems to make a mess wherever she goes so poor Chester ends up doing this a lot. Poor guy. It'll be worth it in the end . . . I hope.

CHESTER - How did she manage to spill this much water washing a plate?

I don't even know.

Despite that, he manages to do me proud on the next day of work. Netting a promotion from Live Chat Support Agent to Quality Assurance and earning this little beauty. The Stainless Steel Auto-Pot.

. . . I don't think they've ever used it though. -_-

No rest for the weary! We need a baby NAO, and third time's the charm! Hopefully . . .

YES! Confetti at the toilet! This means Whitley is officially Eating for Two!

And I hope the baby likes a lot of salt . . . .

WHITLEY - Nobody saw that, right?

Just me . . . and all the readers. 

WHITLEY - So . . . one person?

Shaddup. -_-

I sent her back out to the park to fish while Chester was at work. She works the night shift. She managed to catch quite a few fish, some of them more interesting than others. The first catch of that type I'm mounting and hanging up in their bedroom. The rest get sold or kept for bait.

The first pictured is a Tree Fish, then a Koi and a Perch.

And of course she couldn't leave the park before rummaging around in the garbage. She rolled a Whim. -_- Slob sims, ech.

Case in point. Really Whitley? Eating your breakfast over a nasty toilet? And pregnant no less! No shame, I tell ya. No shame.

Meanwhile Chester managed to get himself another promotion! Now he's a Code Monkey, with this pile of hard-drives to show for it. Nice clutter object that also gives off a Focused mood.

I make Whitley clean up after herself whenever I can. I like that they have different cleaning animations for different objects other than just a sponge. Such as the cleaning solution spray bottle used in the shower.

No joke, Whitley picked her ear, used her hands to mix the salad, then laughed maniacally. -_- You gross me out, dear.

In case you were wondering what our founder was doing, it's being a productive BAWSE. He's getting his hack on here in this picture.

Then he went back to a nice, relaxing game of Sims 1 Sims Forever.

He still makes time for his lady, though. Checking out the VERY pregnant tummy. I'm glad that the female sims can still go to work while pregnant now, though it was making me nervous when she was in her third trimester and beyond.

Speaking of Whitley going to work, Chester's not the only one doing me proud with promotions. She got herself up from Assistant Dishwasher to HEAD Dishwasher, and netted the family 3 of these awesome-looking professional counter-tops. I LOVE the career promotion reward objects, they're VERY handy for a poor legacy family. Plus it gives you that extra sense of accomplishment.


See? Chester agrees with me.

Poor Whitley woke up the next morning with a killer back-ache. Felt like 'something' was 'pushing aside her insides.' I had to lol.

And then, an hour later she went into labor. Baby time!

Since I already had the bassinet, I chose for a home birth.

YAY! No demon baby! And it's a boy!

Everyone meet the first born of the Gieke Legacy challenge, little Trevor Gieke!

I also love the breast-feed interaction, nice little dash of realism. I don't see any rules listed for aging up infants, and as far as I can tell they don't really age? Until told otherwise I'm going to keep the infants for 2 days and then age them up manually.

WHITLEY - The baby's down for a nap.

CHESTER - BABY?! WHUT?! You had the baby?! When?! Where was I?!

No joke, as soon as they were in the same room with each other, Chester had a 'Pre-Parental Freak-out.' Lols were had on this side of the screen. And on that side too, if Whitley's smirk is to be interpreted.

But we ain't got time for that! Whitley's elderhood is creeping up, so we need to get at least one more kiddo into the world. Gotta have an heir and a spare after all. 

Flirts were thrown, and received . . .

Woo-hoo timez were had . . .

And toilet-confetti makes it official! Whitley managed to get preggers first try this time around, which saves me a lot of stress.

Uh-oh, somebody's got a stinky diaper.

Daddy Chester to the rescue! Some people are peeved about the baby being 'tied' to the bassinet, but I actually like it. As a former ISBI challenge runner, I can't tell you how many times I saw sims walk off with my infants and how cheezed off it made me.

Otherwise you can still interact with them just as much--if not more--than TS3 infants. Before you could only Snuggle, Play With, Feed and Change Diaper. Now there's a whole HOST of interactions, so many I can't even remember them all.

Preggers pee-pee walk! One of my favorites. I laugh every time.

Despite babies and busy work schedules, the founding couple still manages to find time for each other. Even if it's over a bowl of salad and a plate of eggs and toast.

Chestley 4Evar. Yep. Chestley. It's their official Shipping name. I <3.

Yet another promotion for our productive founder! He's now an Ace Engineer, with this Sentinel clock to show for it.

The promotion also netted him enough Aspiration points to buy this, the legacy's first Potion of Youth! According to the rules we're allowed to use ONE in the entire legacy, but others can be bought for points. I'm going to aim to have all the heirs attempt to buy at least one in their lifetime.

Trevor was getting a bit lonely, so Chester goes in to give him some snuggles and wuv. My only beef with the infants is not being able to see what they need. You just have to kinda guess. The stinky diaper is easy, but everything else is a mystery lol.

Just Whitley, cackling maniacally over a plate of mac n cheese. Also, you'll notice the lighting suddenly got better. :P

And in no time at all it seemed like it was time for Trevor's birthday! Here he is pre-make-over . . .

And post! He's a dead-ringer for daddy, inheriting Chester's pale skin-tone, his brown eyes (with poor eyesight) and his cherry-red hair. According to the Legacy Challenge random-roller Trevor has been assigned the Hot-Headed trait, and the Social Butterfly Childhood Aspiration.

This will prove to be my bane, but more on that later.

Isn't he so CUTE?! One thing I was most excited for in TS4 was the ability for kids to play musical instruments again. One downside is they can't actually earn points for said instrument until they max the child Creativity Skill. So, they can play the violin all day long, but it will sound like a cat dying the entire time. I still loved it though.

And since his dad is busy and his mom is a slovenly pig, poor Trevor gets delegated clean-up duty a lot. But look at that smile! He ain't even mad.

Here he is playing with his giant stuffed dragon/dino, named Rexx. I agree with many other simmers, the child life-stage is my favorite so far. There are so many new and unique things they can do, EA really improved on this from TS3.

Trevor also headed out and did some collecting for me, which his parents didn't seem to have time to do.

Our first bills! Just over 800 simoleons, so we definitely need to keep some slush-fund in the bank as the house expands. While nerve-wracking, I like that bills are a little more harsh in this incarnation. It gives the game a sense of accountability. Makes it not-so-easy.

And I think that's it for this installment! Join us next time as Whitley gives birth to the second baby, Chester continues to be a programming BAWSE, and Trevor learns the frustrating futility of childhood socialization. 

Until then, Happy Simming!