Friday, September 5, 2014

1.1 - Founding Day in Willow Creek

Hello everyone! And welcome to this, my first attempt at a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge! If you're curious as to the rules and/or my specific Succession Laws, feel free to check out the About tab above. If you don't (or if you already did so) then let's just get right into it shall we?

Everyone say hello to our adorkably awesome founder, Chester Gieke! Say hi Chester!

CHESTER - Uh . . . hi.

Wow Chester. Way to ruin an opening. -_- In case you didn't know, Chester is actually a Sims 2 sim who came with the Open for Business expansion pack. I started playing him on a whim and he quickly grew to be one of my all-time favorites. I thought it only fitting that I give him a run here in the Sims 4.

Perhaps the reason for Chester's lack of . . . enthusiasm . . . is due to where he's at. The largest lot in Willow Creek, a huge coat of arms statue in his family inventory and not much else to show for it. But hey! That's how legacies are supposed to work!

So far he's got himself a fridge, a bed and because of his Aspiration a desk, chair and the cheapest computer.

CHESTER - I don't do very well with camping . . . or outdoors . . . in general.

What's his Aspiration? RIGHT. Now would probably be a good time to give you the low-down on our founder.

As one might expect, Chester here is a Genius. He's also a Geek and a bit Clumsy. His Aspiration is to be a Computer Whiz, which makes his bonus trait Quick Learner. Nerd to the bone.

One of the first things Chester does on his lawn is check out the job scene. We've only got 20 simoleons left to the Gieke name, so employment is a must. He quickly (and easily) signs up for the Tech Guru career.

After that it was time to sit down at his machine and get some programming underway. A certain amount of hours needed to be put in on that, both for his job performance as well as his aspiration goals.

What, uh . . . what language are you writing in Chester? Out of curiosity.

CHESTER - P++ . . . not that you'd know it.

Hey now, don't go hipster on me. You're not that kind of geek. -_-

Unfortunately lots of programming can make a sim pretty tense. But luckily for us, Chester just happens to have a computer he can play games on to unwind. Playing video games is also a requirement for his job (wish that was a requirement for MY job . . . ) so a quick change of gears will take care of it in no time.

I had him play Sims Forever, and lo and behold the UI is actually straight from the Sims 1. That's so neat!

Once his fun need was back in the green, I took note of the fact that there are several rocks (and other collectables) along the edge of the property. Makes things very convenient! Being a geeky knowledge sim, Chester likes finding collectables and rolls Whims for it fairly regularly, so I felt no qualms sending him over to check out what these rocks had to offer.

Turns out it was 2 of the collectable statues! The MySims I believe they're called. I know the one on the right is called Buddy, but I can't remember the one on the left . . . fail . . . . If desired, they both can give off the Playful aura, which is nice.

Afterward, with plenty of the day left over, I decided to send Chester out into the world. Both to take care of some of the needs he can't take care of at home as well as to meet some people (and potential wife-material). Our first stop was the gym.

The reason? Chester really had to pee . . . .

CHESTER - Privacy? :(

Not in a legacy, kiddo. Best to get used to that right now.

He also grabbed a quick shower since he had zero plumbing on the home lot. While he did so, I took pity on his shyness and scoped the room for potential mates. Just my luck, 4 out of the 5 females there were all pre-mades. For the Legacy challenge, you can't marry any sims that aren't NPCs or 'townies.' IE they can't actually live on a lot and be playable. So Nancy Landgraab, Bella Goth, Summer Holiday and Liberty Lee were all off limits.

Only one female townie had graced us with her presence, and this was she. A little chunky, but that didn't really bother me.

After his shower I sent Chester over to say hello, and when she spoke it sounded like a MAN. I'm not even kidding. I can't deal with that for my first legacy challenge, sorry lady-man. 

CHESTER - I'll, uh . . . I-I'll just be going now.

LADY-MAN - Okay.

Since the gym was a bust, I sent Chester someplace else. Somewhere that a geek sim would feel much more at home. The library!

CHESTER - I still can't believe how deep that lady-guy's voice was . . .

You and me both, sweetie.

Once inside, we saw this lovely lady, Anabelle. She's pretty, she's currently flirty and doesn't sound like she swallowed a bottle of synthetic testosterone. Quick Chester, MEET HERRRRRR.

Chester did as instructed, and made his introductions.

They hit it off fairly well, especially once we learned that she too was a Geek sim. 

Feeling bolstered by how well the conversation was going, I had the little guy throw out a flirt to test the waters. While pleasantly received, this is where we found out that Anabelle the Deceiver was actually married. -_- POOH!

Our next candidate was this little lady. After introductions I realized there were no romantic options, which means she's actually a teenager. Quick Chester, GET AWAY! Jail bait!

I'd almost given up on finding a potential spouse that night, and was about to send our luck-less founder home. And then we ran across this one on the way out the door. That wolf-shirt says geek-material to me. What about you, Chester?

CHESTER - Ehehehehe . . . 

I'm gonna take that as a yes.

So we spent some time standing out on the sidewalk getting to know her. Turns out her name is Whitley Short, and over the course of a few Discuss Interests and Get to Knows, we discovered that two of her traits are Evil and Slob. Wow. That's . . . quite a combo. But Chester really seems to dig her, so we'll give Whitley a shot.

Back on the home lot Chester got a (semi) good night's sleep, and in that time I decided to do away with the computer and buy a toilet, sink and shower instead. He can go to the library to use the computer for now. I'd rather have need objects on the lot.

Taking the computer's spot on the desk however is yet another MySim statue, and I can't remember the name of this little guy either. But EEEE cute!

Chester actually has today off from work as well, so after a breakfast of fruit loops we have plans of inviting Whitley out about town. Perhaps secure ourselves a spouse post-haste.

We asked Whitley out to the library again and she was happy to appear. Much to Chester's apparent shock and awe.

CHESTER - Boobies!

Way to class it up there, Chester. -_-

It's a good thing that Whitley apparently likes Chester's particular brand of dork.

The friendly interactions were going so well that Chester decided to toss a flirt in there. And Whitley was very receptive! Good sign!

Things were going great, several other romantic interactions were well-received. And then Chester tried to profess his undying love. That . . . didn't work out so well.

CHESTER - Shoot me now.

Alrighty then! *takes picture*

CHESTER - That's . . . not what I had in mind, but okay.

Chester was able to make a smooth recovery from the embarrassing exchange, and went back to other friendly interactions and less psycho-clingy romantic ones.

This eventually led the two lovebirds here, at Magnolia Park! On an official DATE. *throws confetti*

Another cute picture for posterity. I agree with Ashley (A_Niles06), I wish we had access to these pics like in Sims 3. :(

We need 10 social interactions with our Date for it to be considered at least a bronze success. Chester got started on that right away.

Cute hand-holding! Whitley looks like she can't decide if this is adorable or pathetic. Please, for the sake of our founder and my game, side with adorable. Pretty please.

First Kiss!! It's adorable Whitley, not creepy! ADORABLE.

At long last I think Whitley's finally catching up to Chester in the infatuated department. Other than that one awkward exchange, they've been hitting it off very well.

A lovely rose . . .

And she happily accepts Chester's request to be his official girlfriend. Progress!

Chester was . . . excited . . . .

So cute! I love the passionate kiss interaction, lol. And lookit the kids in the background! We're gonna have ourselves some babiez soon! (I hope, please don't let that be a jinx . . .)

Another one of the date objectives was to 'sit down and talk together,' so I had Chester invite Whitley to play a game of chess. Flirts were thrown (and caught) throughout the match on both sides. Audience be-damned.

Afterward Chester wanted to ask her something rather important, but then Whitley refused to get up. At all. For a couple of hours. Trying to interact with her in any way other than talking would cancel, and calling over didn't do anything at all. Wut.

CHESTER - I guess she really likes her chess. *obliviously in love*

Just before I resorted to resetting her through cheats, Whitley finally reset herself. Weird bug. Anyhow, Chester had more important things on his mind! Like PROPOSING! Whitley, I don't like that face you're making . . . .

Or you either, Chester! You see this face? This is the face of a poor sap who just got turned down and crushed for his first marriage proposal. D: !!

Whitley! WHAT GIVES! You love everything he does and your romance bar is almost maxed! Stoopid evil sims . . . I bet you did that on purpose.

Poor Chester wasn't much in the mood to continue the date after that, so we said our goodbyes. 

Poor little guy.

STOP SMILING WHITLEY! I'm on to you . . . *narrow eyes*

Back home Chester took care of his impending hunger with another bowl of fruit loops. This time sprinkled with pain and shame. His little lip wibbled throughout the whole meal, my FEELS! YOU GUISE!

We still managed to get a gold medal for the date itself, despite the awkward ending. Which netted us this bucket of ice and champagne that gives off a Flirty aura. Pretty bawse.

Then Chester went and Hid from the World. Aww bb, it'll be okay!! (If not I'll kill her with fire . . .)

After that was through, he played some Blic-Block on his phone. Nothing a good video-game can't fix. Still, with the pouty lip Chester! You're killing me, here.


The next day was Chester's first day at work. While he was away, Whitley surprised me by coming over for a visit. Yes Whitley, this is our lawn. Welcome to legacy living. 

She left again before Chester got home.

So as soon as he got home, he dialed her up and invited her back. Fresh out of his embarrassed mood and in a Confident state of mind due to a chance card at work, he was ready to seize the day.

Or seize . . . the Whitley . . . as the case may be.

Roses! Everyone loves roses.

And rings! Don't break his heart again, or I'll kill you . . . . 

WHITLEY - Oh yes, this one is much better Chester. Much more to my tastes.


The lighting on this shot really got me. A perfect moment for the legacy founder. :D Especially with the victorious fist-pump it looks like he's doing. :P Keeping it Geeky.

Then she jumped into his arms which I found utterly adorable. Even though he's a string-bean and she's a little chunky and he'd probably drop her in seconds. Still, TRUE LOVE.

We weren't wasting any time (or giving her a chance to change her mind). Straight to an elopement! They started exchanging vows, and I was pleasantly surprised by the length/amount of interaction even with the 'private elopement.'

Everyone officially welcome Whitley Gieke to the legacy! Her stats are as follows : She's Evil, a Slob and also a Goofball who has the Angling Ace nature aspiration. So there's lots and lots of fishing in her future. Or at least what there is of it.

Because it's also here that we learn she's an Adult sim with only 19 days left until elderhood.


So there will have to be babies made POST HASTE, before she turns wrinkly and useless (for child bearing purposes). Dangit. At any rate, that'll have to wait until next installment.

Thanks for reading Chester's questionable beginnings, hopefully we'll see you for the next go 'round. Until then, happy simming!


  1. I love it! Chester always was one of my favs, too. Aren't TS4 social interactions amazing? And poor Chester with his poutiness.

    1. They are indeed! Yeah, Chester became quite the character for me so I was excited to recreate him for TS4. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. This is great! I loved every part of it. Whitley is a great name too. Looking forward to more!

  3. Just starting to read this and LOVING IT!